10 Must have Baby Photography Props for Professional Baby Photographers

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When it comes to baby photography, the reasons why there should be photo props for photographers are nearly endless. When choosing these props, you do not want to end up with boring, unoriginal photography techniques. Even with the best camera gear, lighting, and photographic knowledge, the proper choice of props is advisable for your end outlook to be natural. As a professional photographer, that is how you want your work to come out, right?

With that in mind, a lot of creativity is needed so that your work does not look just like any other baby photography. This post will take you through the 10 must-have baby photography props for professional baby photographers.

1. Blankets

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A newborn baby has very soft and delicate skin which requires to be kept warm at all times, even during the shoot. What better way to keep the baby from cold, than the use of a nice, smooth, and cute blanket? Some babies might have rashes or skin discolorings (birthmarks) which can easily and quickly be covered by a blanket. For parents that do not want nude baby photos, blankets are used to cover their private parts. Blankets also ensure the comfortability of the baby while the shoot goes on. It helps the baby be in a relaxed state and still to allows the photographer to take shots without much struggle.

2. Baskets

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Newborn babies usually weigh less, probably less than 7 kilograms. To give the viewer the perspective that the baby is actually tiny, the baby can be put in a basket. Parents of the baby will want to remind themselves of that period of time when they nurtured the newborn. This type of memory is one that a parent would want to remember for a lifetime. It is even more adorable when other details are put in the basket, such as flowers.

3. Wraps

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Wraps much like blankets are particularly useful because they allow you to cover the newborn’s private parts, skin discoloration, or rashes easily and quickly. With diaper covers, you can actually leave the diaper on, paving way for a much easier and cleaner shoot. A snug (but not too tight) swaddle will also help keep the baby in a pose, limiting them from too much movement.

Apart from keeping the baby happy, baby wraps can be used in different ways to achieve different poses. Newborns can be comfortably wrapped in a number of different ways, from a traditional swaddle to an open eggshell. At this point, your creativity should be at its peak.

4. Wooden Props

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Similar to baskets, boxes, and crates, wooden props can also make excellent newborn props if they are strong, well built, low to the ground, and well-sized enough for the baby. Placing the baby on top of a blanket in a wooden crate is an easy and very original pose. Ensure to never place the baby directly on the wood because it may cause a lot of discomfort. It is important to use a blanket between the baby and the box.

5. Stork Sacks

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These are props you may want to use your creativity to make, as it may be hard getting them ready-made. These sacks can be used for unique newborn photo props. Even without the help of the parent, the baby can be way comfortable in this sack giving you the perfect opportunity for the perfect shot. Be sure, however, to take proper safety measures for the baby. After all, the baby is the star.

6. Hammocks

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Just as grown-ups can relax and rest on a hammock, the same goes for newborns. Newborn baby hammocks are, however, a bit different. They are made of softer fabric or netting so as not to injure the baby during a pose. Hanging a baby from a hammock or balancing a newborn in a fireman’s hat isn’t actually safe. Not without someone holding the baby in place. It is much safe that way and even more efficient.

7. Hats and Headbands

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It is easier to switch hats and headbands without waking the baby up too much. This makes these types of props great for adding variety to the same pose as it is not always a simple task to repose newborns to get them back to sleep.

In choosing the hats and headbands, finding the correct size is very crucial and important. The hat or headband should be able to perfectly fit the newborn. It becomes a great hustle and uncomfortable to find ways in which oversized or undersized hats and headbands fit the baby. Of great importance is to Look for headbands that are proportionate to the baby. You do not want a headband or hat which is larger or smaller than the baby’s head.

8. Seasonal Props

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Seasonal props can be used with other props to create a colorful image. Take into consideration baskets with apples, for example, it works great for a fall baby. Here the inspiration is found in the time of the year the baby is born, as well as any holidays near the newborn’s birth. Seasonal flowers, foliage, and produce work well. To add some more ideas, tulips can be used when it’s springtime, greenery during summertime, and pumpkins in the falls.

9. Flowers

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Flowers are one of the simplest newborn picture ideas! It can even be much easier for you as during some times of the year, mostly during spring and summer, there are a lot of flower choices for you to get. For best results, you combine different kinds of flowers together with leaves and twigs. Spring or summer seasonal flowers, foliage, and produce work well.

10. Parental Inspiration

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The parents of the newborn can identify hobbies which they like such as; fishing, reading, or music can very well serve as inspiration. In addition to that, careers can also be just as inspiring, especially for men and women in uniform. Take, for example, those who serve in the military or work as firefighters or policemen. The baby may wear smaller versions of the uniforms or just have something related to the parent’s inspiration.

Moreover, props inspired by the parents are often items to which they already have a hands-on reach. This allows you to add to your newborn prop options without much struggle or hustle.


Baby props should always be smooth and very comfortable to the baby. Babies have very delicate skins which might be damaged or hurt by direct contact with wood and other hard surfaces. Do not spend a lot of your money on props as most are pretty inexpensive some can be made by yourself while others are even offered for free! You work as a photographer is to ensure you get the best quality photos in the most creative manner possible. Always ask the parents if they are okay with your suggestions first before getting on with the shoot.

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