Everything You Need To Know When Setting Up a Home Photography Studio 

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If you are always taking photographs of your loved ones, friends, and your surroundings, you should consider setting up a home photography studio. A correctly set up home studio can help your photography business thrive and take your photography shoots to a new height. A studio will introduce new possibilities to your shooting. You will find shooting portraits and headshots easier in a studio. With a studio, you will be capable of delivering professionally-looking images, which will help you establish yourself as one of the best freelance photographers in Dubai. As your portfolio grows, you will find it easier to get higher-paying gigs in Dubai. Setting up a home photography studio is not complicated. Although you will have to purchase some items, you can set up your studio on almost any budget, thanks to the endless choices of pieces of equipment and accessories.

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Tips on How to Set Up a Functional Home Studio

1. Understand your photography needs

Before you begin purchasing and setting up your home studio, you will need to have a clear idea of what you want to achieve in your photography. In the back of your mind, you should have an idea of the types of gigs you would like to get as well as the goals for your photography portfolio. Your goals and intentions will determine what kind of studio you should set up. For example, if you like taking group photos and family photos, you will need to set up a big home studio. If you will be taking product photography, a small and medium-sized studio can be adequate. 

2. Choose your Space

Whatever you purchase will be based on how it will fit in your studio and hence, you should put more thought into choosing your dedicated studio space. A more natural way to find the perfect spot for your studio is by visiting every room and imagining how the studio will look like once it is complete. The best place for your studio should be away from daily living activities. It is a place where you can leave your pieces of equipment without interfering with the lives of your loved ones. It can be hectic having to set up your studio every time you want to take a photo. The place should also make you and your client comfortable during a photo session. It is best to choose a bigger space as it brings flexibility to your photography. Bigger space also lets you easily upgrade your studio as your photography business grows. To find the perfect space for your studio, you should answer the following questions:

  • Will you use the zoom feature?
  • Will you be taking full-body shots in the studio?
  • Will you be taking family or product photos?

If it is possible, you should go for the biggest space you can find. A bigger space offers better control over your lighting as the lights will not bounce off the walls as much as it does in small spaces.

3. Equip your Studio

Once you have made up your mind on the best space to set up your studio, you can now start looking for types of equipment that will fit your space and your photography business needs. The good thing about photography equipment is that you can start with the bare minimum you need and stock up as your business grows. 

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The Essential Tools you will find in Studios of the Best Freelance Photographers in Dubai

1. Backgrounds

When starting, you should purchase a collapsible background that gives you the options of black and white. Although you will have to buy additional background options to add versatility to your photography, you will find yourself using white and black backgrounds for most of your gigs. You should also add support for a collapsible background and a few other seamless rolls for a start.

2. Modifiers

Modifiers will help take your images to the next level. They modify the light generated by your camera to create an exceptional mood. The ideal modifier will depend on what kind of project you are undertaking. The popular options with most freelance photographers in Dubai include:

  • White or metallic reflects: The metallic or white reflects can help you create an effect of another light source in your studio. The gold metallic reflectors will help create a sunlight effect while white reflects will provide a cool grow.
  • Gels: Using colorful gel sheets can change the color setting of your light source. A red or orange gel will create a warm glow while a green or a blue gel will give you a cool cast. Since they are not expensive, you should stock up colorful gels that you can play around with to give your photos cool, artistic effects.
  • Softboxes: Softboxes can remove the studio effect from your images. They diffuse your lights, ensuring that it falls evenly on your subject for an attractive, even look.
  • Umbrellas: You will need umbrellas in your home studio if you only have ample space. Umbrellas will diffuse and soften hard light to give your photos an eye-catching, even appearance.

3. Props

Props can be anything from accessories to clothes, furniture, and backgrounds. The use of props helps to enhance the emotions behind a photo, but you should be careful with props as they can make your studio look chaotic.

4. Lightings

The quality and beauty of your photos will be determined by how you use the lights. It is always nice to use natural light as much as possible, but you will need to add a few lights to your studio. The lighting options are versatile, but it is helpful to start with one light and continuously assemble your lighting. How well the light will illuminate your subject will depend on its intensity and placement. Your first set of home studio lights should be continuous lights. They are friendly to use as you get what you see, which makes it easy to adjust your studio lighting. The continuous lights that you should purchase include:

  • Tungsten lights
  • Fluorescent lights
  • LED lights

Wrap Up

When setting up your home photo studio, you should not let the wide options of equipment confuse your decision-making. There is no need to purchase equipment that you will not be using while you could have used the money to buy something that adds value to your photography. You can get inspiration on how to set up your home studio by looking at the studios created by the best freelance photographers in Dubai. This will save you money and time as you will not need to keep trying different equipment settings.

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