Should You Take Your Maternity Photoshoots Outdoors or in the Studio? 

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Every expectant woman looks forward to holding their newborn baby in their arms. This is an experience that you would forever cherish, as it brings forth substantial changes in your life. The pregnancy process provides its own experiences, and you’d be wrong not to create memories out of it. This is why it is important to organize a maternity shoot with some of the best freelance photographers in Dubai.

In most cases, pregnant women are recommended to go for photo sessions between 28 and 30 weeks. By this time, the baby bump will have created a visible, beautiful curve on your belly. Furthermore, one shouldn’t wait any longer since one might encounter lots of exhaustion and discomfort.

With that in check, where should you go for your maternity photoshoots? Are outdoor pictures better than in-house (studio) photos? This article will take you through the nitty-gritty of both, and from there, you can decide which one works best for you.

Outdoor Maternity Photography Tips

Going for maternity photoshoots outdoors sounds like a daunting experience at first, with all the glaring eyes around you and the feeling that you don’t have enough privacy. Well, there are a number of amazing outdoor photography places in Dubai that will provide you with the freedom you need, apart from the beautiful background scenery.

If you opt for outdoor photography, you may need to watch what you wear, as more revealing dresses might not be ideal. The beauty of doing your shoots outdoors is that you won’t run out of options for the location. Moreover, you get to experience how your pictures will come out with different backgrounds in place, e.g., rocks, trees, flowers, grass, etc.

Since you’ll solely depend on the sun for lighting, your freelance photographer in the UAE will guide you on the best time to go for outdoor photography. 

Even though you shouldn’t wear more revealing clothes, it is prudent to go for outfits that aren’t too baggy as the baby bum might disappear, and yet it is the most important part of the pictures. If you’ll be having your kids or pets in the shoot, it is recommended that you bring in an extra person to watch over them. Failure to do so, you might be overwhelmed trying to control them (as they can get overly excited).

Pros of Outdoor Maternity Photoshoots

  • Outdoor shoots offer a more bespoke service that can easily incorporate an individual’s style. You can choose the location you want, be it urban or country, casual or formal.
  • It is the best type of photography for couples that just want to relax, and can even assume the camera isn’t there capturing the moments. The pictures will appear more organic as there are not so many rules regarding poses, etc. This gives forth a romantic feel.
  • It is easy to capture precious moments as they unfold.
  • Pregnancy is a natural event. What compliments it better than having your maternity photoshoot in a natural environment?


  • There are very many things that are considered during a location shoot. Apart from focusing on the mother-to-be, the photographers will have a hard time getting the best positions determined by the sun, the weather can be a nuisance at times, and there will be far too many distractions if you go to a public space.
  • What about the many glaring eyes? Are you comfortable with everyone else looking at you during your photoshoot session? It’s not creepy though, as “everyone loves someone who’s pregnant.”

In-house Maternity Photography Tips

The most significant thing about taking maternity shots in a studio is that it is a controlled environment, with very few things to be concerned about. Freelance photographers in Dubai will have everything under control – from the props, the lighting, and vast knowledge of the best poses to take.

Here, you will have all the privacy you need, and you can easily change your outfits, unlike during an outdoor session. Take a look at some of the benefits and drawbacks of in-house maternity photography:

Pros of In-house Maternity Photography

  • This is a controlled environment — no sun or weather to fight with.
  • There’s more privacy, hence more comfort.
  • The photographer has full attention focused on the mum-n-bump and the family. They won’t worry about location changes or any other distractions.


  • In-house shots can feel ‘samey,’ more so if you don’t have brilliant and creative ideas to spice things up. Try to shake things up, or else your shoots and millions of others will all look alike.
  • Studio shots are only ideal when you only want to focus on the bump. Trying to catch emotions during the session might be hard, unlike in an outdoor environment. Those relaxed faces and timeless smiles might be hard to capture, as many people don’t know how to ‘act natural’ by being told to.

The Bottom Line

There is no harm in going for both experiences, taking pictures outdoors and in the studio. Outdoor photography is ideal for capturing precious moments and creating timeless experiences. On the other hand, studio photos are great for their controlled nature, and the pictures will mainly focus on the bump.

Regardless of the choice you make, none of them will matter if you don’t have a trained professional to capture those moments. Having an experienced freelance photographer in Dubai by your side will ensure you get to create great memories at affordable rates.

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