Tell Your Story With Free Stock Footage For An Insane Engagement On Social Media

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As video has become the most effective form of content. Everybody is investing more and more in video production and post-production. However, it is not possible for every company to have a large budget for hiring video directors, buying sophisticated shooting equipment. Therefore, many advertisers are now using free stock footage in their ads. If you are a freelance social media marketer or a business owner, you need to create highly engaging content for your audience. 

These videos are absolutely free to download. Then you can use any video editing software, MacBook users can use iMovie, if you have a small budget for buying a video editing tool with more features, then go for Fimora. You can become a PRO at editing videos after editing 4 to 5 videos. Both software is easy to use. 

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How to choose the right free stock footage for your video?

You can choose video clips based on the following criteria for best results:

  • High-quality Videos (preferably 4K)
  • Video clips in slow-motion/time-lapse (if possible).
  • Video clips with the same actors/actresses (if possible)
  • Video clips with a similar color grading & quality

How to use free stock footage in social media marketing?

Social Media Posts

If you are a freelance social media marketer in the UAE. you must be well-aware of the high cost of video production and editing in this region. You can make good money by creating video ads for your clients using free stock footage. These videos do not cost anything. You will just need to master the skill of joining different clips to deliver your message.

Turn blogs into engaging videos

As videos are becoming the preferred form of content, you can convert all your posts into videos with the help of free stock footage.

Tips for editing Free Stock footage 


You could add transitions between the clips to make your video look more professional and make the transition from one clip to the other smooth. There are many options available in all the video editing tools. Here are the 20 most popular transition effects you can use. We highly recommend using fade to white or dissolve for a neat and modern look. 

Text overlay

This is where you will relate the video to your client’s products and services. You can create a story by adding a few words to each clip, maybe just a sentence. Do not add too much text to your videos. It will make your video look very unprofessional. There are animated titles and subtitles in the video editing tools that you can use to bring life to your plain text. Do not use too many different types of titles. Stick to one or a maximum of two types of font style.

Plain Slides

If you want to include a sentence or a message in your video, but you are unable to find a relevant clip to convey the message effectively then you can simply insert a plain background, add your message to the slide and you are done. If you want to make your video look even more professional, then hire a freelance videographer in Dubai to record clips that you could not find elsewhere. You can also hire a freelance videographer to record a bunch of high-resolution videos, then sell those clips on paid royalty-free footage websites. You can even sell the videos on freelancing platforms like Bawabba.

Font color

If you want to create modern videos, avoid using the colorful font. If your clip or plain slide uses dark colors then use white font color. On the other hand, if your background color is light, then use the black font color. This is a great tip for creating neat videos. 

Brand your videos

After you have joined the clips and added the text overlay to convey your message, you can change the background color of the plain slides (no video clip) to your client’s corporate colors. 

Add your client’s logo to the timeline. We recommend using a logo with a transparent background. Images with transparent backgrounds are in the .png format. You can request your client to send you the .png format with a transparent background. If he does not have a logo with a transparent background then you can hire a freelance graphic designer to do the job for you. You can also charge your client for this additional service. You do not need a paid tool to remove the background. If you are a Macbook user, you can use “Preview” for removing the background from any image. Otherwise, you can use free online tools like Lunapic.

Add music

There are many websites with royalty-free music that you can use in your videos. Please understand your client’s business, values, products/services, and the seriousness of the message when choosing the right track for your video. Do not make the music too loud, you can control the volume of the music. If you cannot find a track that matches the length of your video, then simply add the same track again or use another track after the first one ends.

Step By Step Guide: How To Create Your Video Add With Free Stock Footage

1. Come up with a story for the video

a. First of all, write your story

b. A 1-minute video should not have more than 100 words

c. Use a separate clip for each sentence

2. Find videos that you can use for each sentence in your story

3. Import videos into your video editing tool

4. Arrange videos in the right order, in the timeline

5. Insert a plain background if you do not have a suitable clip for any point that you want to include in your video.

6. Add animated titles and subtitles for text overlay

7. Use black or white font colors for a modern look

8. Use minimalist font style for a more modern look.

9. Brand your videos with corporate colors and the logo of your client.

10. Add a decent track to your video for a greater impact on your audience.


If you are too shy to be in the camera or do not have the budget to invest in high-quality equipment, then use free stock footage from any of the websites above.  Then use free or paid video editing tools to tell your story. There are different elements you can add to the video to make it look professional.

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