Tired of The Same Family Photo Poses? Try These Family Portrait Pictures Ideas

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If you’re a freelance photographer in Dubai, chances are you’ve been tasked with taking family photos before. If you aren’t creative enough, you’ll just end up with the same, stale family poses. With limited creativity, you might even lose out on your portfolio whenever you’re trying to impress new clients.

However, if you Googled ‘family photos’ today, you’ll just be met with pictures of sun-kissed couples strolling through parks, and kids enjoying unmeltable ice cream as their pets act as though they’ve been training for the photo their entire life.

The reality of family photography is way less magical and quite the opposite of what you see in such images. When executing it, it might become much more stressful –  parents becoming high-strung, the children becoming whiny or nap-deprived, and even the family pet might not appear so determined to be in that photo.

Trying to recreate such images might be a recipe for disaster, especially if the original photo was done by another professional. Not to mention legal copyright battles that might come forth. To avoid all that, here are five family portrait ideas you can make your own. You can also incorporate them into your own style of photography.

Group the subjects into triangles

When taking photos of players, it is always recommended that they stay in a straight line, so as to make the image easier for captioning. Family photography need not be like that. Instead of having your subjects in rows, try having them in diagonal lines or triangles.

This is a classic family photo idea that you can recreate with a family of any size. You just have to consider each member’s height, and you can improvise by using chairs or have others kneeling and others standing.

Include the family pets

Including the family’s four-legged or feathery friend is a great way of making the portraits more interesting and away from the traditional, boring sets. However, photographing pets can be a bit challenging, more so if they also have an active toddler around.

For you to get a good caption of the family pet and include them in the picture, try to shoot in a location that’s familiar to them. This will reduce their chances of getting fidgety or distracted during the shoot. Having treats for the dog is also recommended to help keep them in check, but ensure to check this with the owner first.

Encourage interaction and play

The ultimate dream for any freelance photographer in the UAE is to help their subjects create unforgettable memories. Family portraits while seated are okay, but if you’re looking for more interesting and dynamic portrait ideas, get candid. There are many ways you can get creative with such an idea in mind.

You can have the family casually walk down a path together, play a sport or a musical instrument, etc. Try to get them to bring out natural, timeless smiles as one can always tell a genuine one from a scripted one. Encourage them to connect and ignore their surroundings and only focus on having a great time as a family – and you can take your chances at capturing such moments.

Be creative with props

Props add some spark to the family portraits. It can be something as simple as holding individual letters, such as L – O – V – E, or letters that spell out the family’s last name. Seasonal props such as Christmas trees and pumpkins are a great idea. Just remember not to overdo them as the main attraction of the photo should be the family and not the additives.

Be creative but go natural

We can never stress enough how important being natural is when you’re a family freelance photographer in the UAEEven though you may need to be creative with the props and a few poses, don’t overdo them. Family photography is not like fashion photography, where the model has to learn how to pose.

Here, you need to create memories by letting the family be, and you can only provide minimal, basic guidelines. You see, even when the child starts crying, that’s still a good moment that can be captured and they will relive it years later. There is no point in you canceling the entire shoot just because one or two things don’t go according to plan.


As a freelance photographer in Dubaiyou ought to understand that the days of stiff studio family portraits are gone. They have been replaced by images that are more natural and express genuine expressions. These ideas focus on capturing the family’s personality, which is not something you can copy off an image you get online. Instead, try these five simple ideas which will help you create images and styles that will forever be treasured.

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