Top 10 Maternity Photographers in Dubai

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1. Carrie Howes

Carrie Howes is a very specialized maternity photographer in Dubai. She shoots for Rayleighlight Photography. Carrie’s works have been praised multiple times in the industry. She has converted her hobby into her passion.

Carrie specializes in outdoor shoots. She captures the surrounding beauty of the landscape quite elegantly. But more importantly, she captures the family shoot as a part of nature. Her photographs range from bumps to infants, families to grandparents. And all of it in various scenes.

Since photography is her passion, she is quite affordable. She charges AED 800 if the shoot is in Dubai. If it is a desert shoot, she charges AED 950.

But the best thing about her is that she is also a mother of four. So she has experience with the kids and knows how to handle difficult situations. The ones where the kids particularly do not feel like standing still.

2. Branka

Branka is also the best maternity photographer in Dubai. She works with Baby Angels Photography. She is also a highly recommended photographer by tons of families for her excellent work.

Branka specializes in underwater photography for kids. She loves it when kids show off their aquatic skillset. All she needs is a private pool somewhere to work her magic with the camera.

She chooses such a scene because when kids are left in the water, they do not shy away. They are playful and more willing to have their pictures taken. This gives Branka a considerable advantage to take amazing photographs.

3. Claire Barlow

Clair Barlow is the proud owner of Claire Barlow Photography where she takes natural light portraits of families and newborns. She prefers relaxed and playful pictures so as to provide comfort for the family.

She was a small child when her interest in photography spiked. She has the talent for finding cut moments and framing them. She also has kids so she knows how to handle a tantrum. She was also a stylist and writer for interior magazines.

4. Lidya Baltova-Kalichuk Photography

Lidya is a prominent maternity photographer in Dubai. She plays around with natural light to create amazing shots and pictures for her clients. People have left very positive reviews about her.

She specializes in taking pictures of newborns, children, and family lifestyles. Her images are very beautiful, natural, and enigmatic. She tries to capture the love a newborn baby brings into the family. The ingenuity in her pictures is quite fascinating.

5. Jodi Sweetman

The master of cozy and calm atmospheric pictures, Jodi Sweetman has created a name for herself in the photographer’s community. She masters the ways of taking happy and relaxed pictures of newborns.

She likes to take bubble bath images and doe not use a zooming lens. Oftentimes, she has to bend or move closer to have a zoomed-in picture. It takes a bit of effort but the results are stunning.

But the more interesting thing about her is her use of props. She asks the kids to put them on. Most of the time, the kids enjoy it and have fun in the process. It all turns out to be very adorable.

6. Louise Shrigley

Let us talk about a very passionate photographer. Someone who is not seen without her camera. She is Louise Shirgley and an amazing maternity photographer in Dubai. She has interests in food, weddings, and portrait photography. She is also a videographer.

She has two girls and she is a former graphic designer. She is very passionate about communicating a message through visual aid. In that aspect, she is considered very creative.

Apparently, she also works great with animals and cooking. If you are in the midst of making some delicious pasta, she can work with the whole family in a cute photograph.

However, such photographers are also working as a freelancer. If you are looking for a maternity photographer in Dubai, make sure to check out Bawabba.

7. Monica Chindalia

Monica lives with her family in Dubai. It consists of her husband and two children. She has a keen interest in capturing portraits. It does not matter whether it is a portrait or lifestyle glamour shot, her work is outstanding,

She tries to find that connection between individuals and displays that through her photography. She guarantees natural smiles and genuine reactions in her pictures. She has been a family photographer now for 4 years.

It is her creativity that brings life to these photographs. For that, she charges AED 1,800.

8. Natalie Robinson

Natalie is a complete expert in maternity photography. She has an amazing way to create soft and hazy images. She tries to capture the relationship in a raw, more natural way than most photographers do.

She captures her clients in a subtle yet dramatic way. It really brings out the fullness of life. She can certainly give you snapshots for life.

Another amazing thing about Natalie Robinson is her black and white pictures. Somehow, she finds the perfect balance and texture in her images and wows the world.

9. Rene Gard

Rene is a specialist in the fine art of posed newborn photography. She is such an amazing maternity photographer in Dubai. She can capture all those amazing moments or milestones in the life of a baby.

She also shoots the maternity person so fabulously that it all seems like a story. She photographs from bumps to 15 months old in a studio setting. She plans her sessions very carefully so as to provide comfort and safety for the child. This quality makes her stand out amongst other maternity photographers in Dubai.

10. Stephanie Hamilton 

Stephanie Hamilton, a soulful photographer, is very passionate about photographic nature in its raw and unedited form. She likes to take very vibrant and colorful pictures.

She has a casual approach to photography which really brings out the pure essence of her subject. Her clients adore her attention to detail and the ability to capture every subtle moment.

She tries to have as many smiles as she could in her photograph since it makes it beautiful. Her charges range from AED 1,300 to AED 2, 400.

Besides, there are so many quality maternity photographers waiting for you on Bawabba. Go and have a look there now!

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