Top 10 skills required to be an excellent freelance videographer.

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1- Should have a basic knowledge of equipment.

For a videographer, it is really important to have an understanding of the equipment. Videographers must bring the right kind of equipment for the type of event they are covering.

For example, if a videographer is shooting a movie, it’s necessary to have the perfect lighting and a camera that is suitable for shooting movies. Cameras like Blackmagic URSA, Mini Pro, and Canon EOS C200B are best for shooting films.

Videography as a business is getting popular in Dubai and many people have started studying it too. Moreover, many schools have started offering videography courses to their students. This equips them with the necessary knowledge.

Mostly, freelance videographers in Dubai have a good knowledge of the equipment.

2- Must have good communication skills.

For a videographer, it is necessary to have good communication skills. It will help the videographers to understand the demand of their clients.

It would save time and help avoid future problems. If the videographers have any confusion, they would immediately confirm things from their clients before moving forward.

Bad communication might result in huge blunders as the videographer might not be able to guide his team properly and it will put an adverse effect on the execution.

3. Should easily adapt to any situation and can work in a variety of venues 

videographer has to cover different types of events every day. They have to reach different venues every time. That is why the videographers must inquire about the venue before making commitments.

It will help them choose the types of equipment they need to take with them. Additionally, unprecedented delays could be avoided.

Oftentimes,  the videographers have to cover live events as well. So they need to know every detail of the project. Because in a live event, there’s literally only a single chance to get the right footage.

That is why it is necessary to stay attentive during the shoot because if they miss a shot, they won’t have a chance to get it back.

4- Should know how to set a camera, lighting, and props.

Having the perfect lighting is also important to make a good video. Without lighting, the quality of the video might be ruined.

The minor details of the videos will not be focused without good light. When companies in Dubai hire freelance videographers, they make sure that the videographers are experts in setting the light.

Adjusting a microphone and the props are also included in the job description of a videographer. If the audio is fuzzy, the hard work of the videographer will be unrewarding.

They will have to record the audio all over again. Likewise, if the props won’t placed accurately, the quality of the video will be ruined.

5- Doing small repairs to the equipment.

Sometimes, while shooting the video, the equipment shows a fault and stops functioning. If the videographer doesn’t know how to repair the equipment, his precious time will be lost. Consequently, the cost to the client goes up.

On the other hand, if they are skilled in repairing the equipment, the loss of time would go down dramatically. Therefore, the cost of getting it fixed by a repair shop will be saved.

Nowadays, specific education centers in Dubai also teach the ways to operate and fix the equipment.

6- Videographers should be creative.

A lot of companies hire videographers because of their creativity. These videographers produce great ideas and are experts in making videos more appealing to the audience.

Creativity involves the use of props, light, background, or foreground to deliver results greatly. Utilizing the tools at hand, a creative videographer exploits the perfect angle and records amazing footage.

Such a level of skill in a videographer in Dubai makes him preferable. As a result, more clients start hiring him.

7- Enough patience to wait for the perfect shot.

Oftentimes, the environment is just not right. It may be because the weather is not appropriate or maybe the sun is interfering with the lighting.

This causes a freelance videographer in Dubai to stall the work. Cultivating patience when the client is demanding urgent results could be stressful. But a skilled videographer accepts it as a part of the job.

So, instead of making the footage anyway and sending in poor results, the videographer must wait for the perfect shot.

8- Should be good at teamwork.

Team working is very important in any job. When working at a big event without a team, the videographers might face many issues. A single videographer will not be able to manage the shoot for the whole event alone.

Hence, to divide the burden of the work, it is imperative to have a team.

They must know how to work along with their teammates. They need to listen to and give consideration to their teammates’ opinions and suggestions. Shooting for any event can be strenuous if the team does not cooperate and communicate with each other properly

9- Should be passionate.

Passion drives exemplary results. If a videographer would be passionate, he would want to get a perfect shot. He does so not only for the client but also for his reputation. The videographer will be motivated to work and hence would make amazing videos.

This would be an advantage to the companies too. They will receive high-quality videos if they hire a passionate videographer who loves his work.

10- Must know video editing.

The job of a videographer is to not only capture the videos but to edit them as well. It is a necessary skill that drives the precise output demanded by the client.

Videographers capture tons of random videos out of which they filter out the best ones. After selecting the best shots, it is necessary to edit them individually.

There might be many background noises and the colors might not be perfect. Therefore, to bring out the desired outcome, the video has to be edited.

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