Video Editing Jobs: Trending Jobs in Video Editing 2021

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Do you love movies, animations, Tv shows, and YouTube videos?

Do you dream of being part of the creation of this moving medium working as a freelancer? Maybe you want to specialize in video editing, but the number of video editing career paths is broad. So, you have no idea where to start or which course and training to undertake.

It’s the reason we are here.

We have compiled everything you need to know about video editing and the most trending jobs in video editing available here in Dubai.

Getting to know the most popular video editing jobs will help you set your focus and pursue opportunities that will take you there.

This is because;

When it comes to video editing, breaking from one field to another is usually challenging. So, it’s best if you figure out where you want to end up and then take steps that will lead you in that direction.

If you are a beginner or looking to advance in video editing, this is for you.

What is video editing?

Video editing is the process of choosing the best raw footage for weddings, commercials, TV shows, and films. This includes removing the unusable footage and stringing together the usable video parts into the best sequence possible.

The unusable footage may include footage where actors made mistakes, the camera angles weren’t right, or it doesn’t flow with the storyline. Additionally, video editing includes adding sound effects such as explosions or footsteps to make them appear as part of the original video.

Who is a video editor?

A video editor is a professional responsible for editing the raw footage shot by videographers. Video editing is typically done with computers and digital footage.

The role of a video editor is to work with videographers and clients to decide the scenes that should be kept and the ones that should be deleted.

Trending jobs in video editing in 2021

Many people are making millions working as video editors. With this in mind, you can do different types of jobs as a freelance video editor.

Here are trending video editing jobs found on recruiting sites in Dubai:

  • Music video editing jobs.
  • Wedding video editing.
  • Sports video editing.
  • Assistant film video editing.
  • TV video editing jobs.
  • Scripted TV video editing
  • Corporate video editing.
  • Film video editing.
  • Animator video editing.
  • Web video editing.

1. Music video editing jobs

Music video editors perform an essential role in the music industry. As a freelance music video editor, you are required to edit a draft of a music film using specialized equipment till it’s ready for viewing. It’s the responsibility of the video editor to create the most effective product that reflects the artist’s intentions.

The duties of a music video editor include cutting, reassembling, and condensing film shot around a song into an ideal length as required by the client. You are required to be creative to mesh storylines and songs. The focus of the job is on the song and the intention of the artist.

To attain top-notch success in music video editing, you need to be keen and adept at splicing elements together so that their work is invisible. This takes technological skills and artistic ability. Also, you need to be fluent in editing software.

But note, you don’t need a college degree to qualify as a music video editor. You can take online courses such as scripting for electronic media, video production, and film art.

2. Freelance wedding video editing

Weddings take place each day. This means wedding video editors have tons of jobs to choose from.

Wedding video editors work closely with videographers who videotape the wedding.

You have to take the raw footage produced by videographers and edit them as per the client’s specifications. You will need to work with the client to make sure different aspects of the event come together. This may include footage of guests, the reception, the ceremony itself, the couple’s dances, and speeches from family and friends.

To start a career as a wedding video editor, you may need advanced training in video editing tools such as Final Cut Pro and Adobe premiere.

You don’t need a college degree to do this job.  However, it’s recommended to take online courses on videography and digital photography so that you can take both roles of videography and video editing. In addition to this, you need to have good interpersonal skills and collaborate with videographers and clients.

3. Freelance sports video editing

Sports video editing is broad. You can choose to edit football, basketball, athletics, Paralympics, and many others.

A sports video editor is responsible for editing and evaluating sports footage from a variety of sports. You are required to work with the client to produce videos that surpass the client’s expectations.

Some of the roles of a sports video editor may include:

  •   Evaluating, reordering, and trimming spotlight team members or athletes using the HudI platform and Final Cut Pro X.
  •   Processing videos while interacting with the client’s website.
  •   Communicating with the client on the requirements.
  •    Essential Functions:

To be a sports video editor, you need to have experience using HudI, which is preferred for sports as it evaluates and orders highlights well.

You should be able to multitask and be available whenever needed.

So, if you have the above skills and love sports, try sports video editing.

4. Assistant film video editing

Assistant film editors provide support during film production. They work with filmmakers and film video editors to ensure a smooth editing process. But, before starting as a freelance assistant film editor, you need solid computer skills and the ability to conform to the changing technologies.

This kind of job centers on creativity because you need to create a productive environment for the editors and ensure fluid filming and a smooth editing process.

There is no standard educational requirement for assistant film video editors. As long as you have editing techniques and digital editing software skills, you are good to go. You can acquire such skills through online training, college programs, and apprenticing with seasoned video editors. It would help if you also were adept in camera operations and video editing software.

An assistant video filming job can provide a decent income if done consistently.

5. Tv video editing jobs

I know you are thinking of those in-house Tv editors. But then, Tv video editing is also a freelance job.  There is a wide range of outlets that employ Tv editors. Advertising agencies and television stations can hire you to edit their videos.

To qualify for this kind of job, you have to be tech-savvy and a quick learner since technology keeps changing.

Some of the typical duties of Tv editors include;

  •  Reviewing and editing the film to make sure it’s a high-quality viewing experience for targeted audiences. They must ensure the footage is accurate and exciting.
  •  Tv editors oversee the camera lighting, design, and sound crew team to produce polished and high-quality videos.
  • They ensure the program meets the deadline and are responsible for providing daily production deadlines.
  • They are tasked with making improvements such as adding music, sound effects, audio, graphics, and unique video footage to increase satisfaction and retention.
  • Suggest new ideas such as new programs the station can produce.

 For you to venture into Tv video editing, you need the following skills.

  • Knowledge of editing software
  • Interpersonal skills to interact with publicists and develop relationships.
  • Problem-solving skills to solve technical difficulties when they occur.

6. Scripted TV video editing jobs

Scripted videos are made each day. And all of this video needs editors to build powerful performances, emphasizing comedy and making the story flow.

Scripted TV videos can range from dramas with long seasons and a large audience to cable dramas with shorter seasons. Thus, to get started as a scripted TV editor, you can start as an assistant editor as you go up.

Also, you need skills such as computer skills, good interpersonal skills, and problem-solving skills.

7. Corporate video editing

Corporate video editing has a vast market. And the good thing is, you can work from anywhere. Your duty is to edit raw footage taken by freelance videographers and edit them according to the corporate specification.

You will need to work with the company to make sure different aspects of the video come out well. Such may include footage of guests during corporate events and speeches from guests and the company officials.

To get started, you may need advanced training in video editing tools such as Adobe Premiere.

8. Film video editing jobs

Are you creative and passionate about technology? You can make film video editing a perfect career for you.

Video editors use creative and technical skills to edit the footage into a suitable product.

The significant roles will include managing materials such as camera footage, dialogue, doubt effects, graphics, and special effects.

To work as a film video editor, you will need to work closely with the client to achieve the desired results.

The good thing is, employment tends to be on a freelance basis. So, you can choose your own schedule.

The role of a film video editor will include;

  •   Receiving footage and assembling camera shots into videotape in preparation for inputting into the computer.
  •    Inputting uncut rushes, and sound and storing them into computer files.
  •    Creating a rough cut of the program and determining the exact cutting fit in the next and final stages.
  •    Reordering and fine-tuning the content to ensure logical sequencing as the smooth running of the film.
  •    Overseeing the quality and progress of the video.

9. Animator video editing jobs

An animator creates an extensive series of images that form the animation seen in movies, commercials, television programs, and video games. They typically specialize in one of these media and may further concentrate on a specific area, such as characters, scenery, or background design. Animators usually use computer software to do their work. They are members of a team that consists of other animators and artists who collaborate on projects.

Roles of animation video editor may include;

  •    Create expressive character animation portraying a wide range of emotions.
  •    Recommend the best approaches to integrate 3-D components into final commercial quality products.
  •    Create high-quality animations by utilizing both hand key animation and motion capture data
  •    Give and receive constructive, creative feedback across teams.
  •    Collaborate with other animators, clients, and producers.
  •    Create prototypes and mock-ups of new types of products.
  •    Brainstorm and conceptualize ideas, with the ability to produce concept sketches and quick concept edits.
  •    Comprehend and execute directions from the lead animator or animation supervisor.

While most animators don’t have a college degree, clients prefer to hire candidates with a bachelor’s degree in animation, computer graphics, fine arts, or any other related course.

 You can hone your skills through self-study, tutorials, and animator guide workshop offers.

10.  Web video editing jobs

Every company needs an online presence. A website acts as a powerful marketing tool for business. And this is where web video editors come in handy.

As a website video editor, you must edit marketing videos to be published on the website. You will need to work with the company, videographers, and marketers to ensure the tape meets the company’s requirements.

You don’t need a college degree to work as a web video editor since they are not complex. You can hone your skills through online courses, training, and apprenticing with seasoned video editors.

How to sell your services as a video editor

Now you know the video editing jobs you can handle in the course of your career.

If you want to land these jobs, you have to showcase the services you can offer. You can do this by;

1. Knowing your clients

The most important thing is to know your most ideal clients. What type of videos do you want to edit? Who produces such videos? What makes your clients happy? What stresses your clients the most, and what challenges do they face? Above all, what are your client’s goals, and how can you use your video editing skills to help them achieve those goals? To get started on the journey of promoting yourself, think about your clients and how you can help them.

2. Offering freebies

Everybody likes free things as long as they are valuable. So, instead of moving from a sales pitch straight to the signed contract, give clients something free. This will earn you the confidence of your clients and enable you to find your ideal match clients. Therefore, offer a trial run, free, or even a video sample. This will allow you to know prospects better and accept them if they are ideal for you.

Summing up

Video editing has tons of opportunities. And with the flexibility and income potential of freelance video editing, many people are opting to join the video editing industry.

If you want to actualize your dream as a freelance video editor, join the best freelancing site today and start earning. If you are a client with video editing projects, Bawabba has top-notch video editors who can deliver quality work.

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