What to wear for a family photo shoot – A Guideline by professional photographers in Dubai

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Family is one of the major, if not the most important asset in someone’s life. Every moment shared is worth being captured. Those memories will be re-lived years later as one enjoys time with their children, grandchildren, other family members, and friends. For a perfect family photo, the location matters a lot. Studio and outdoor locations for the family photoshoot are both acceptable, only that one needs to do a bit of homework on the perfect outdoor site.

Dubai offers a sublime environment, great for such photoshoots. The only gap which many people have ignored for a long time is on the outfits. What are you supposed to wear to family photoshoots? This post will take you through the top ten tips of what to wear to family photo sessions as advocated by professional photographers in Dubai.

1. Always plan ahead 

This sounds like a cliché tip but the professionals never cease to put more emphasis on it. Do not wait until the 11th hour in order for you to start running around organizing the clothes.

Sometimes things might not go as planned; what if the outfit you plan to wear does not fit correctly? What if your kids dislike their clothes? What if you cannot find the correct shoes or other clothes to compliment your look in time? Always plan well in advance and try out the outfit. Should it not fit or requires some changes, you will have enough time to make amends.

2. Matching colors are not necessary


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Back in the day, whenever there was a family photoshoot being planned, matching outfits were the trend. Today much has improved and professional photographers claim that matching outfits are not really necessary. Instead, get outfits that have a coordinated color scheme and all fit and blend in well.

3. Your home décor determines the color of the outfits

The way your home’s interior décor is, has a great impact on what type of clothes you should wear. In most cases, family photos are meant to hang on the walls. If at all your home’s interior has bright colors, you would better wear bright colored clothes. Always take into consideration of the home décor before choosing the clothes. Moreover, the color of your home’s interior greatly determines the color of clothes to wear.

4. Have the location in mind

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A studio picture might not have too many demands. If you are planning for an outdoor photoshoot, the location of the session greatly determines the type of clothing. For instance, you cannot take family photos along the beach while putting on ties and suits!

5. You may need to avoid being seasonal

The fact is, many family photos are taken during the holidays. This is probably the time of the year when the whole family is together and not held up by jobs, school, etc. Seasons such as Christmas have their own trademark outfits such as Santa hats. Family photos are hanging all year long and having Christmas-themed outfits hanging on the wall mid-year might not be quite captivating.

6. Have everyone’s comfort in mind

Family pictures are adorable, needless to say, we all love admiring them every now and then. The outfit worn by family members, especially kids, have a great impact on how good your photos will be. If they are not comfortable, then the pictures will show it. Get everyone nice fitting clothes which they all love. If they are all comfortable with them, prepare yourself for the best photo sessions ever.

7. Forget the Characters


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For a family photo, it might be best to just forget some characters, at least in the main pictures. If your kids love their toys or whichever other characters they might be having printed on their outfits, it is best they do not carry them to the photoshoot. It might be a fight because some children do not wish to be separated from their best characters. You can always offer them alternative outfits which are also appealing to them.

8. Think Timeless

One of the main issues which arise from family photos is the fact that some put on trendy clothes for that time. However, few actually notice that trends come and go, making their photos not very appealing; a couple of years later. You may opt for a more classic look that would still look fashionable several years after the photoshoot.

9. Limit Patterns

Coordinating clothes can sometimes have several patterns on them. However, it is not quite a good idea when you fail to limit the patterns. At least one person, in a group of four maybe, can have a patterned outfit. Too many patterns end up distracting the image and might not be enchanting.

10. Accessories are great – Use them wisely


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Having proper accessories can really tie up your photos well. Accessories such as scarves, sweaters, ties, hats, etc. are really nice when they do not clash with your outfits. In other words, these accessories should not overpower your main outfits. Using accessories wisely means that, they should not distract the attention of the individual. Having a bright-colored bowtie for your child is entrancing, however, it can easily take away the attention from the child.

11. Never forget the Footwear

You have the perfect outfit, perfect location, but have you checked whether your choice of shoes is also perfect? While getting the clothes, plan for what shoes you will be having on during the photoshoot. Not only does the choice of clothes influence what type of shoes to wear, but the location also matters. Imagine putting on heels on the beach! You would even rather go ahead barefoot! Nonetheless, it is a good idea to always consult your photographer beforehand while picking out the shoes.


The memories made with family are priceless. These memories ought to remain with you for years to come. What better way to do so than have them captured? We hope these tips will help you pick the right outfit for your next photoshoot session with your family. Above all, have fun!

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