When To Take Maternity Photos in Dubai

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Sharing the joy of your soon-to-be baby starts during pregnancy. A lot of planning, time, and other resources go into the preparation for the new little one, making this process understandably overwhelming. However, going for a photo shoot with some of the best freelance photographers in Dubai will help to make it all easier for you.

The memories that you’ll create will act as a constant reminder of how beautiful your tummy looks. With the right strategy, you’ll be able to keep good memories of your pregnancy journey, which you can relive years later.

Not so sure about when to schedule your maternity photoshoot? We have compiled a guide you can use to find the best time for a maternity photo session.

When to take the photos

It is a general rule of thumb to have your maternity sessions in the 7th or 8th months of pregnancy. By then, your tummy will have a beautiful round shape making it perfect for taking photos. If you count your pregnancy by weeks, this should be your 30th week.

In most cases, going out for a maternity photo session after the 8th month might strike you as uncomfortable. This is because, at around that time, your belly will feel too heavy.

At other times, you may be searching for maternity photos that you wish to use exclusively on baby showers. If that’s the case, you are free to go for a shoot as early as 28 weeks. Before this time, the baby bump will not be as visible.

You also can’t feel comfortable taking the pictures after week 36. Although the baby bump will be well-visible at such a time, you will have an extremely tiring session, as the baby will have probably started to move downward.

If you’re blessed with multiples, you shouldn’t fret about taking good, quality images. However, you shouldn’t wait too long as the tummy will get bigger much faster, hence adding more weight. Experienced freelance photographers in the UAE often recommend going for a shoot during the second trimester.

Keeping an eye on the baby bump

Even though it is recommended to go for a maternity shoot in the seventh and eighth months, it is prudent to understand that not every woman is the same. You should always keep track of the changes in your body, especially if this is your first pregnancy. Luckily, you only need a smartphone for this without getting any special photography skills.

Maternity photo tips

Once you have the maternity photoshoot day planned for, there are a few tips that you ought to follow that can make your images timeless. Some of them include:

  • Avoid putting on large and distracting patterns.
  • Use natural light instead of a flash.
  • Ensure that your tummy is moisturized.
  • Avoid messy or complicated backgrounds or backdrops.
  • Avoid wearing tight-fitting clothing right before

Bottom line

If you’re still uncertain about when to go for a maternity photo session, ensure you get in touch with your freelance photographer in Dubai for an early shoot. The more advanced your pregnancy, the more discomfort and exhaustion you’ll face. It will be much harder for you to move around, switch outfits, and even positions than when you still have a younger, visible baby bump.

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