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10 Best Instagram Downloaders in 2021

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If you had the chance to travel back in time to say, ten years ago, your former self would just shrug off the fact that you’re reading this article looking for the best Instagram downloader. Back then, such social media platforms weren’t as popular, and no one ever saw their importance or need. Fast forward to 2021, and Instagram is an unavoidable major social media platform. Both individuals and businesses alike aren’t left behind as they all wish to be part of a platform where ideas and memories are shared.

With over a billion monthly users, Instagram remains one of the top social media platforms that one can join. This means that you’re more likely to stumble upon a post that you like on Instagram and wish that you could save it to your device for future reference. Although there is a feature within the app that lets you save the post, it remains in your account, and you will be unable to share it through other platforms, and it also won’t be downloaded on your device.

The best way around this is to find a good Instagram downloader tool that you can use to download those posts in their original picture quality. This article will take you through all that you need to know about the ten best Instagram downloaders of 2021.

Instagram video downloaders

Instagram is all about sharing photos and videos online. But as mentioned earlier, it has not yet been made possible to download the content from the app itself (and there haven’t been any mentioned plans to enable content downloading straight from the app by Instagram). This means we currently have to rely on Instagram downloaders to get the work done.

These tools may come in the form of a website that can grab the link to the images you wish to download, a browser plugin (such as a Chrome extension) that lets you download images on the go, or it could be a standalone software or app that you can use to download single images or in bulk.

Take a look at the ten best Instagram downloaders to meet your needs in 2021:

Pro-Tip 1: Only go for a tool with a clean and comprehensive user interface.

Pro-Tip 2: If you’re looking only to download images and videos, a free option would suffice. However, you can always have a look at other extra features that some tools provide, such as video editing capabilities, conversion, etc.

Pro-Tip 3: Ensure that the software you use does not compromise the quality of the videos and images you download.

Pro-Tip 4: Finally, always note the pricing if you’re going for the paid versions. Go through the fine print and determine whether the extra paid features would be of value to you, regardless of how enticing they seem.

For instance, some Instagram downloaders will show ads in their interface and will provide you the incentive that if you upgrade to the premium version, they will remove the ads. But do you really need that? If the photos you download are fine and the ads don’t bother you, there is no need to get a premium version of the tool.

As Instagram remains one of the most important social media platforms that businesses should join, it is vital to be ready in case you will need to download content at some point.

With these tips in mind, let’s take a look at the ten best Instagram downloaders:

Comparing our top 5 Instagram downloaders


Best for

Runs on



  • Seamless downloading of Instagram content
  • Downloading bulk Instagram content with one click.

Windows, Mac, iOS, Android

The basic version is free.

You can also pay $9 per month for ten profiles, $49 per month for 100 profiles, or $99 for unlimited profile downloads.

Instagram Downloader

Unlimited downloads

Over the web, Windows, Mac, iOS, Android



Photo and video downloads, exclusive Instagram reels downloads, IGTV downloads

Over the web, Windows, Mac, iOS, Android



Instant video downloads from Instagram

Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, browser extension



Seamless video downloads from Instagram

Windows, Mac, iOS, Android


Let’s now review these tools in detail:

1. Ingramer

Freelancing - Instagram

Ingramer is by far one of the best Instagram downloaders of 2021. It has a clean and simple interface that enables you to maneuver your way around it without getting lost. Ingramer also allows you to download any type of content from Instagram: images, videos, IGTV, or an Instagram story. If you have a fast internet connection, then downloading the content would only take a matter of seconds.

Besides the download process being pretty easy to understand, the tool also supports technically any type of internet-enabled device you use, from whichever part of the world. It is supported on Android, Windows, Mac, and iOS, meaning there are no restrictions whatsoever with its compatibility.

The process of getting a file downloaded on your device is pretty simple. You just have to copy the link to the content and paste it to the interface of Ingramer and click on the ‘download’ button. Your download begins automatically.

Ingramer is partially free, but you may have to part with some extra cash if you wish to unlock various other premium features. Besides being able to download numerous videos and images at once, the premium version enables you to generate hashtags.

2. Instagram downloader

Freelancing - Instagram Downloader

Instagram downloader lives up to its name as a must-have tool for downloading Instagram videos to your device. The software offers an easy and quick medium to get any form of videos off the photo-sharing social media platform.

One doesn’t need to go through many processes to get started, as you only have to go through two key steps. First, you will need to copy the link of the video you want to download and paste it into the intuitive interface of the tool. You will then have to click on the ‘download’ button, and your video gets saved into your device in all its original glory. It doesn’t matter what type of device you use as Instagram downloader supports most, if not all, major brands and devices.

3. DownloadGram

Freelancing - Downloadgram

Here is yet another popular tool used by many people for downloading literally any type of content from Instagram. It can download all types of images while maintaining the original quality, IGTV videos, Instagram reels, etc.

The website itself greets you with a simplistic design, with not much placed on the landing page. All you see is a text box asking you to paste the link of the content you wish to download, and it will take care of the rest.

Unlike some other Instagram downloaders, DownloadGram will go ahead and ask you about the preferred storage location, which you can easily choose. Another good thing about DownloadGram that’s worth mentioning is the fact that you can download all the content you want without being assaulted with annoying ads.

4. InstaDownload


The fact that this tool is actually available freely makes InstaDownload a major player in the Instagram downloaders industry. This software is run using very powerful servers that enable users to download the images or videos they like on the social media platform. You simply paste the link of the file to the text box, which you can easily see, and click on the download button.

The super intuitive interface allows you to toggle between the options easily and indicate the type of file you wish to download. The fast servers also ensure that you get the content on your preferred device within seconds.

5. DownloadInstagramVideo

Download Instagram Video

Although it might strike you to be equal to the other tools on this list, DownloadInstagramVideo separates itself from other tools due to its unique ability to enable users to download private videos from Instagram to their devices. Most other tools only allow the users to download public content, but not those on private mode.

The tool also goes further to provide you with a simple and agile downloading process by simply copy-pasting the link to the provided text bar. However, we still recommend confirming the privacy of the profile that you wish to get the images or videos from before actually downloading them.

Apart from offering this unique feature to you, this tool is like any other generic Instagram downloader that won’t let you down, regardless of the device or brand you’re using, from any part of the world. Furthermore, you will not get compelled to fill in your details for registration purposes, and better still, there are no restrictions on the number of videos you get to download.

6. Image Downloader for Instagram

Image Downloader For Instagram

Although Instagram is a mobile-based application, not everyone accesses the platform through mobile phones. Other people prefer to check their Instagram feeds using their laptops and desktops. In some cases, you will find that these people tend to use these devices to access their business accounts and not their personal profiles.

So what’s the easiest way for them to save the images that they like while surfing through the platform?

Having a browser extension sounds like a fantastic option, and that’s what Image Downloader for Instagram is all about. If you tend to download many images at a go, then having a browser extension would save you the trouble of copying and pasting the individual links to the downloader.

With this extension, you will be able to see a download button on every image you see on your computer while on Instagram. You simply click on the download button, and the file gets saved to your preferred location instantly.

While this tool is incredible, it is quite simplistic in its operations. It is only able to download one image at a time and doesn’t support bulk downloads. Furthermore, you can only save the photos you like from Instagram, but not the videos. However, for those that are okay with these basic features, this is the go-to Instagram downloader.

7. 4K Stogram

4K Stogram

As we move away from basic Instagram downloaders, you may want to explore other tools that come to you with great features. 4K Stogram is yet another amazing tool that any person who has invested a lot in their Instagram live should have. For starters, this software allows for bulk downloads of images and even stories. It also acts as a storage – or as the developers like to call it, a backup for your own Instagram profile.

Unlike other tools, 4K Stogram doesn’t only just rely on the user to download content, but you can set it up in a way that it automatically picks up on any new content that you follow and automatically downloads it. This comes in handy for those that would like to have a backup of their own Instagram images.

The tool works by allowing the user to ‘subscribe’ to an account, location, or hashtag. This is a crucial monitoring element of a downloader as you get notified of any new updates regarding your brand.

Although there is a free version, it can only enable you to conduct only two searches at a go. However, you can always upgrade your subscription for about %9.99 and get a whole load of extra capabilities.

8. Free Instagram Downloader

Free Instagram Downloader

Just as the name suggests, this is a free downloader for Instagram images that you can use to get several of them saved to your device at a go. This tool, however, doesn’t have a browser extension, meaning that you will have to do all the work manually. But this is just a small price to pay, more so since the software is freely available.

This tool works a little differently from the other Instagram downloaders mentioned here before. Instead of going to the target profile, and copying the file link before pasting it on the website, this one allows you to insert the username of the target profile. Once you do this, you will see all the images posted by the said profile and you can select which ones you wish to download.

To make your work much easier, you have the option to download them as individual images, several photos at once, or you can download everything as a zip file. This is a pretty simple tool, offering you premium services that you would have paid for elsewhere at absolutely no charge.

9. Repost For Instagram – Regrann

Freelancing - Repost For Instagram – Regrann

Regrann is by far one of the best mobile phone apps that you can use to repost Instagram images to your profile. Without having to download the images and taking up too much storage space on your device, Regrann allows you to repost someone else’s images without even having to follow them.

What sets this tool apart from others is that you can easily schedule your posts, posting them to your profile at your most convenient time. Another cool and interesting feature is its ability to let users add their own signatures on the reposted images.

10. InsTake Downloader

Freelancing - Instake Downloader

This can easily pass as the best mobile phone Instagram downloader in 2021. InsTake downloader is quite popular, boasting over 10 million downloads on the Playstore. InsTake downloader provides you with a holistic approach with a simple and versatile interface, providing you with almost all features at no cost.

The tool is packed with all the latest features, including the ability to download all Instagram content, including IGTV, reels, videos, pictures, stories, etc. Apart from downloading them, this tool also acts like a reposting app, enabling you to repost images directly from your account without having to download the file.

Some notable features of InsTake Downloader are:

  • The ability to download literally anything from Instagram (including profile pictures) at no cost
  • Simple and super-intuitive user interface
  • The download process is pretty simple; simply paste the link to the content and press download.
  • Downloads all content in high quality
  • Has the ability to repost to Instagram directly from the app
  • There is an offline player that allows users to preview the files before downloading them.
  • You can also set the app into the dark mode to help reduce strain on your eyes.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Are Instagram video downloaders legal?
The only time it might become illegal to download someone else’s content without letting them know is when the content has been copyrighted. Ensure to confirm whether the image you wish to download is copyright protected before downloading them. Other than that, there have been no issues with one being able to download the content of Instagram using the downloaders. However, we would recommend that you only download content from other people’s profiles for personal use only as using the material without permission for commercial purposes might just land you in legal trouble.

Q: Can you use Instagram downloaders to download content from other social media platforms?
Depending on the tool you’re using, you may be able to download content from other social media platforms. Ensure to go through the features of every tool before settling for one.

Q: Will people know that I downloaded their Instagram content without their permission?
No. If you use an Instagram downloader to save content from someone else’s profile, they will not be notified of the same.

Q: Which is the best Instagram downloader for photos?
Depending on the device you’re using, both Ingramer and DownloadGram are the best options when using a computer. InsTake Downloader is hands down the best Instagram image downloader on mobile phones.

Q: Which is the best Instagram downloader for videos?
InsTake Downloader is the best mobile phone app for downloading videos from Instagram. DownloadInstagramVideos has made a name for itself as one of the best web-based versions for downloading Instagram videos.


These are some of the leading Instagram downloaders in 2021. Our list includes the tools you can use via the web, phone applications, browser extensions, and online software. Some of them are most popular for those downloading videos, while some are only suitable for downloading images. Others will come in handy if you want to combine all those features.

Instagram is a continually growing platform. With billions of people active on it, you will get various reasons as to why you need to download media content that’s regularly posted on the platform. With the information you get from this article, you are more than ready to start saving your favorite content.

Depending on your specific needs, you can get a tool that helps you achieve all your goals. For bulk downloads over the web, you can use Ingramer when using a computer. InsTake downloader is a number one contender for mobile applications, thanks to its vast plethora of features that you would find helpful.

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