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13 effective Linkedin automation tools in 2021

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Are you a social media marketer planning on making the most out of LinkedIn? Here are 13 top LinkedIn automation tools to consider.

Linkedin is a social media platform that is a go-to network for professionals and recruiters. It is a gold mine for freelancers in Dubai looking to find quality clients. All you need is a well-structured profile that helps you stand out and attract potential clients.

Creating a profile that makes you stand out to clients might be a difficult task, especially for beginners. Hence, it is advisable to hire professionals from your area to do the work for you at a small cost.

What is Linkedin automation?

Linkedin automation refers to using a set of tools to automate sending out connection requests, follow-up messages, and any activity you would prefer not to perform manually.

Like most social media platforms, intending to maintain an active presence requires much effort and time. Most marketers do not have the luxury of time hence the Linkedin automation tools.

Why should you consider using Linkedin tools?

  • These tools help save time by automating otherwise manual tasks such as; connecting with your leads.
  • Linkedin automation tools bring personalization to mass outreach. With this, your outreach messages will sound natural despite the number of people being contacted.
  • These tools help to generate reports for your outreach campaigns automatically. You are then in a position to see how many responses from your leads have replied and been converted.
  • They easily integrate with other marketing tools by combining your Linkedin tools with other marketing tools.

Having covered the immense importance of Linkedin automation for lead generation, it only fits to discuss the correct automation tools to use and how to use them; otherwise, you’ll get banned.

Best Linkedin automation tools to begin generating leads in 2021.

  1. Linkedin Helper
  2. Phantom Buster
  5. Linkedin Sales Navigator
  6. TexAu
  7. Crystal
  8. Zopto
  9. MeetAlfred
  10. WeConnect
  11. GrowthLead
  12. Dux-Soup
  13. LeadFuze

Quick caution about using automation tools

Linkedin jail.

Linkedin jail simply means being banned from Linkedin. According to their terms of service, they prohibit the use of automation tools.

Here is what the site says: “We do not permit the use of any third-party software, including “crawlers,” bots, browser plug-ins, or browser extensions (also called “add-ons”), that scrapes, modifies the appearance of, or automates activity on Linkedin’s website.”

It is a little scary, more so if you are a premium member. With proper use of these automation tools, you will garner significant results and ensure making genuine connections.

How to avoid getting banned from Linkedin

  • Never send more connection requests or view more pages than an average professional would.
  • Never send out bulk messages. All your messages should be unique.
  • Don’t use any shady automation tool; kindly use the above-suggested tools as they are professional and carefully selected.

Simply put, do not be a spammer. Instead, send out unique tailor-made messages to people you want to be connected with.

Now let us discuss our 13 Linkedin automation tools.

1. Linkedin Helper

Linkedin Helper is a widespread automation tool with a user base of over 70,000. It is used to help with Linkedin marketing. Linkedhelper is a Chrome-based automation tool that helps find leads without spending too much money or time.

It costs about $15-$99/yr. Making it a very affordable Linkedin marketing tool that is pretty good at bulk outreach, increasing your visibility, and converting more leads. According to LinkedHelper, the device puts your Linkedin lead generation on steroids.

Because of its automated outreach campaigns to your second and third-degree connections, it helps you improve your CSV file of contacts. You could leverage hyperise integration to create well-personalized campaigns.  

Advantages of LinkedHelper

  • It is a very user-friendly automation tool.
  • Linked Helper is easy to customize outreach campaign templates.
  • It has an in-built CRM for managing leads
  • Linked Helper has easy integration capabilities.

Linkedhelper is not very advanced. It, however, has many features that help nearly everyone.

Some of these features include;

  • Message chains for 1st-level connections.
  • Linked Helper has a complex profile tagging system for better personalization.
  • It has incorporated auto visitors and auto followers.
  • Liked Helper auto-endorses connections with personalized messages.

LinkedHelper is a great automation tool for beginners in social media outreach campaigns due to its cost constraint. It is especially great for;

  • Agencies separate potential clients into detailed lists and pitch them into different layers of services according to tags.
  • Recruiters as it helps with more hires when used with accompanying personalized messages in endorsing a targeted skillset.

With all the benefits discussed it has several disadvantages, these are;

  • It is not fast, i.e., the user experience(UX) is not as smooth as its competitors.
  • Has unuseful redundant features

2. Phantom Buster

Phantom buster is a code-free automation tool that helps businesses to generate leads and automate growth. This tool automates most web actions, e.g., task scheduling, chain automation, and more.

Phantom Buster offers workflows for automated messaging, connections, and outreach. It quickly downloads Linkedin profile data, filtered searches, and messages. You can download data and then upload it to a CRM lead management system in a marketing system.

A phantom is a single automation that extracts data for you or performs an action on LinkedIn. The plan you subscribe to gives you a daily limit for Phantom use and a given number of Phantom slots you will have access to. When you subscribe to the $30, you will get five phantom slots and 1 hour of Daily usage.

The main features of Phantom Buster are;

  • Network Boosting – the tool does this by automatically sending invites and connecting to your list of Linkedin users.
  • Message Sender – it automatically sends out personalized messages to your Linkedin connections.
  • Profile Scraper – it collects data from a list of Linkedin Profiles.
  • Auto commenter/liker – this tool automatically engages with individual posts of your connections and other Linkedin users.

Advantages of Phantom Buster

  • Phantom Buster helps scrape Linkedin data and effortlessly export search results.
  • It has a good user experience (UX) and works effectively alongside other automation tools.
  • Its pricing is fair, i.e., starting at $30/mo.
  • Phantom Buster is very versatile, offering a wide range of features and automation.


Bluetree is an automation tool that helps businesses and marketing agencies scale organic growth. Bluetree is a link-building tool that offers high-quality links that are SEO curated to ensure your business ranks without the fear of being penalized.

With its efficient customer service team and great PR, Bluetree assists you to build great relationships with your customers. It improves your business’s reputation and boosts traffic using its great link-building techniques.

How Bluetree works

  • Bluetree first identifies all top-tier content on your site, and then it gives you suggestions on how to create better content.
  • Bluetree then builds a unique target list of publications where they get mentions. A pro on Bluetree is that they only charge for placed mentions.
  • Bluetree then pitches your leads by creating content that mentions your product.

You might wonder why link-building is essential. Bluetree link building plays a precious role in increasing site traffic. As much as links increase, google searches when you lace your site with sub-par links algorithms will penalize you.

Benefits of

  • Content evaluation-  monitors the quality of your impressions and articles and gives suggestions on how to better them.
  • Measuring organic traffic – assists to measure the amount of traffic coming into your site. This way you are able to optimize and create better campaigns and outreach programs.
  • Media impact – when Bluetree mentions you in a post or backlinks to your site, your traffic increases and so do your conversion rates.


Expandi is the fastest automation tool on the web. It is known to mimic human behavior; hence LinkedIn doesn’t raise an eyebrow at the illicit activity.

It does this by mimicking how a human would visit sites, endorsements, and also messaging.

Apart from human mimicry, it comes up with inbuilt growth hacks to expand businesses. Being a cloud-based platform, it incorporates many features making automation easy.

How Expandi works

  • Expandi will randomize delays between actions replicating human behavior.
  • It makes use of intelligent limits a day. You can only send 100 messages or invites.

Advantages of Expandi

  • Expandi uses Webhooks – webhooks aids Expandi links your LinkedIn account to other marketing tools, which creates an entirely good UX.
  • Smart inbox – innovative inbox assists in organizing your inbox, ensuring that your messages are not lost or haphazardly stored. You can easily retrieve any message you need.
  • Ensures Safety – you get your dedicated Ip address with Expandi. This way, anytime you log in, LinkedIn knows you, and your data don’t get lost easily.

Expandi was mainly created for growth hackers and for people who manage multiple LinkedIn accounts. Hence its design assists users to switch between various LinkedIn accounts easily.

The main con of Expandi is that it is pricey at $99/month. Although it has a 7-day trial period, it can be expensive for individual users and small organizations. It is, however, worth every cent.

5. LinkedIn sales navigator

LinkedIn sales navigator is a LinkedIn version that is designed for sales professionals. It helps individuals and businesses easily engage with their prospects.

LinkedIn sales navigator has the following characteristics that make it stand out.

  • It has personalization tools that assist in achieving your sales goals and aid in establishing a good relationship with prospects.
  • It gives you insights into your sales. Generating data ensures you are updated correctly, helping in making better decisions.
  • It has advanced algorithms for prospecting searches. It is helping in quicker lead generation.
  • LinkedIn sales navigator has an unfair advantage as LinkedIn ensures periodic updates on it.
  • LinkedIn sales navigator has advanced filtering, and CRM integration which automatically saves leads and accounts you are reaching out to.

LinkedIn sales navigator is mainly used by people who already use LinkedIn and enjoy more advanced features.

It is recommended that you combine LinkedIn sales navigator with another tool such as Expandi to achieve faster results.

LinkedIn sales navigator offers three pricing options;

  • Professional – $64.99/month
  • Team – $103.33/month
  • Enterprise – custom package

Linkedin sales navigator is expensive, but if your goal is to gain and close leads, the tool is perfect. If you are not sure about paying the price, you can subscribe to a 30-day free trial and cancel once the period is over.

6. TexAu 

TexAu is a growth automation tool that helps you to scale your business quickly by extracting all needed data and automating given tasks to save time.

Automation features that TexAu offers

  • Auto endorse, like, comment, or message – TexAu automates all these activities for the targeted leads.
  • TexAu finds email addresses from specific Linkedin profiles.
  • TexAu extracts profiles from saved sales navigator searches.

TexAu can be independently used or opt to use it to scrape data and then use another LinkedIn automation tool for outreach purposes.

TexAu is mainly used to get you all the data needed for your growth hacks.

Advantages of using TexAu

  • It has an inbuilt email finder and verifier.
  • It is easy to use and automate.
  • It is very versatile – TexAu can be used as a desktop app and a cloud app.
  • Can easily connect to many platforms creating an omnichannel campaign.

TexAu price is $29/month for cloud-based and desktop. While for desktop only it’s $10/month. Purchasing it then becomes very affordable.

7. Crystal

Crystal is a fascinating automation tool, as it predicts the personality of your connections. It helps you understand your customers, why they do something, how they behave, and what motivates them.

Knowing your customer in detail minimizes the chances of making bad decisions. You are then in a position of power because you know how to custom your pitch to specific leads.

Advantages of using Crystal

  • Uses Artificial Intelligence – which generates highly accurate data, predicting behavioral patterns by analyzing text samples, assessment responses, etc.
  • It gives insights Into your connections’ personality profiles and gives you sound suggestions on how to interact with them.

Some drawbacks to expect

  • The free version can only analyze ten people in a month.
  • It can be biased, making some results inaccurate as it depends on answers given by individuals that might be untrue.

8. Zopto

Zopto is a Linkedin automation tool that helps social media marketers and sales personnel improve their lead generation.

Zopto automation features to increase sales and conversion

  • Contact filtering – Zopto does this by filtering by location, industry, company, title, etc.
  • High engagement levels. And accessible data-driven leads – management.

Zopto Is used by startups and sales teams looking to improve lead generation and outreach efforts. For best results, use it in conjunction with sales navigator and LinkedIn Premium.

Advantages of using Zopto

  • It makes it easy to customize your target audience.
  • Zopto always makes constant improvements to the tool.

The main disadvantage of using Zopto is that you cannot stop it once you initiate a campaign until a response from your prospect is received.

Zopto It is pretty pricey in comparison to other automation tools it’s pricing schedules are;

  • Agency – $895/month
  • Personal -$215/month
  • Grow -$395/month

9. MeetAlfred

It was initially called Leonard. MeetAlfred is a Linkedin automation tool that mainly focuses on an end-to-end social selling campaign.

Its most unique feature is its in-built LinkedIn CRM which helps in managing campaigns. By connecting it to Gsuite, you can easily send out your campaigns via email.

MeetAlfred is a cloud-based tool that works around the clock. It customizes and personalizes conversations with prospects in an automated way, sending multiple connection requests in a flash.

Advantages of MeetAlfred

  • MeetAlfred has a compelling integration dashboard.
  • The tool automatically detects Linkedin warnings and autocorrects.
  • MeetAlfre has multiple campaign sequences.
  • It has a great user experience design and is fast and easy to use.

Its main advantage is that it does not accept debit payments. You can only utilize a Mastercard or American Express card to make any purchase. Its buying price is $49/month, making it expensive.

10. WeConnect

WeConnect is a cloud-based automation tool that helps prospect, nurture, and close many leads. It enables you to grow your professional network on Linkedin. It uses the campaign manager feature, innovative reply manager and user management, and advanced reporting.

You have an automation tool that not only creates better campaigns but also helps you close deals.

WeConnect is a powerful tool that is versatile for every individual. As much as it was designed for sales agents, marketing managers, and recruiters. With its clean interface and simple usability, it is being accepted by many.

Advantages of WeConnect

  • With WeConnect, it is easy to remove active campaigns.
  • WeConnect automation tool makes it easy to search for prospective leads.
  • WeConnect has a well-designed user interface.

One of the pain points of using WeConnect is its poor customer support, and you will have to learn how the tool works before using it.

WeConnect costs $49/month, making it pretty affordable for businesses.

11. GrowthLead

GrowthLead is a B2B Linkedin lead automatic lead generation tool.

GrowthLead works in the following ways, which incorporate its inherent features.

  • Identifies and finds prospects – GrowthLead is compatible with sales navigator and Linkedin recruiter. This feature allows it to use advanced filters to find your target audience easily.
  • Automating outreach – GrowthLead efficiently manages multiple LinkedIn accounts enabling it to create numerous outreach campaigns for different markets.
  • Schedule message sequences to get automated responses – GrowthLead helps you set up a nurturing process collecting up-to-date data for your campaigns.

GrowthLead is mainly dedicated to people with a fast-growth strategy since this tool helps you get results fast.

Advantages of GrowthLead

  • GrowthLead manages multiple LinkedIn accounts simultaneously.
  • GrowthLead has compelling lead nurturing sequences.
  • It is very compatible with Sales Navigator and Linkedin Recruiter.

One disadvantage of GrowthLead is that personalization is not as good compared to other tools such as Phantombuster.

GrowthLead has various pricing plans;

  • Basic – $67.35 per user/month.
  • Pro – $101.61 per user/month.
  • Advanced – $147.30 per user/month
  • Done-for-you (dedicated campaign manager) – $489.85 per user/month.

12. Dux-Soup

Dux-Soup is the most popular Linkedin automation tool that is a Chrome extension. Dux-Soup is very easy to use hence its popularity. Newbies to Linkedin marketing have been able to automate profile visits and outreach campaigns, and endorsements easily.

The downside of it is that you will always have to log in to use it. And your Linkedin has to be opened in your browser always, with the tool running in the background.

Features of Dux-Soup

Since Dux-Soup is pretty straightforward, it just focuses on lead generation and outreach programs. Its features include;

  • Outreach automation – Dux-Soup auto-visits profiles sending personalized messages to prospected leads.
  • Downloads prospects profile leads – Dux-Soup automatically finds profiles, downloads their information, and uploads it to your CRM for easy lead management.

Pros of Dux-Soup

  • Dux-Soup has a highly responsive customer service team.
  • Dux-Soup has easy management of prospects.
  • It has effortless integrations.

The main disadvantage is it doesn’t work round the clock.

Dux-Soup pricing strategy is as follows;

  • Free
  • Professional – $11.25/month
  • Turbo – $41.25/month

13. LeadFuze

LeadFuze is an automation tool that builds clean and warm leads based on collected data. It manages this data as granular Adwords spend, job title, and the number of employees.

LeadFuze is a search engine for leads.

LeadFuze specifically targets Salespeople, Marketers, and recruiters as it provides hyper-targeted lead searches and provides actual contacts.

LeadFuze also provides emails for your prospective leads so you can have higher match rates for your audience, ad targeting, and creating outreach programs.

How LeadFuze works

LeadFuze works by carrying out granular searches and gets your perfect customer. For example, say you are looking for a freelance social media manager in Dubai to manage Shopify accounts with a specific marketing strategy LeadFuze scours 2,000 people across 100 Shopify. Accounts as prospects fitting your criteria.

LeaFuze uses artificial intelligence to find the best prospects with the criteria you have set hence building your CRM.

LeadFuze provides information that you can use. This customer information includes; 

  • leads emails, phone numbers, and social profiles.
  • Leads skills background and work history.
  • Company information; the number of employees

LeadFuze has granular search filters which allow you to pinpoint your warmest leads and tailor-made your pitch accordingly. It is pretty expensive, costing $130/month. Though the value it brings forth is immense, you will have to set aside a substantial portion of your budget.

LeadFuze’s most significant disadvantage is that it is pretty complex. You will have to take some time and learn it to optimize it fully.


It does not matter the Linkedin automation tool you choose. You will have to do Linkedin messaging correctly, or you will lose. Ensure you make connections with legitimate contacts who are interested in doing business or value your skills.

To become one of the best freelance social media managers in Dubai, you will need a tool that is optimized for safety and is growth-oriented. Since most tools cost a dime a dozen, you want to make sure you choose the one that delivers.

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