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LinkedIn for Business: The Ultimate Guide for Freelance Social Media Marketers

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With over 630 million registered professionals, LinkedIn has been one of the most important resources for B2B freelance social media managers in Dubai to tap into. This means that if you have not yet started using the platform, or not using it to its full potential, now is your chance. 

LinkedIn isn’t just for job seekers and industry professionals; it can also be used as a tool to grow your business. It offers a plethora of services to make this a reality from building new connections, establishing partnerships, creating brand awareness, and also generating new leads. So when trying to figure out which social platforms to use for your business, it is advisable to include LinkedIn as it is an invaluable addition to your digital marketing strategies. 

To help you to navigate through LinkedIn as a marketing platform, here are five proven strategies that will help you not only to create new connections but also to get new customers and ultimately grow your business.

1. Optimize your profile

While this might sound a little too simple, it is the most crucial step to realizing the full benefits of LinkedIn as a marketing platform. Before you start to shift your focus to more advanced marketing strategies, the first thing that you should do is to fully optimize your profile, whether it is your private or business accounts. 

Did you know that complete profiles receive twice as many visitors compared to incomplete ones? There are several simple steps that you ought to follow when optimizing your profile. However, there is some vital information that should not be missing, such as:

  • Company logo or profile picture
  • Full company description
  • Website URL
  • Industry and company type
  • Business location, etc.

2. Have a consistent posting schedule

Your audience will associate with you more if you post more often. In fact, apart from better engagement, you are likely to get 6x more followers when you show consistency in your activities.

The best way to go around it is to run your social media campaigns on autopilot. Ensure that each post you make is of high quality and can speak on behalf of your brand wholly, while still passing the correct message. Have good, descriptive captions, accompanied by eye-catching images. 

When you hire some of the best freelance social media managers in the UAE, they will be able to curate some relevant hashtags to use in your posts. Doing so will help people to find you easily.

3. Engage your colleagues and employees

Very few people know this, but your colleagues and employees are the best people you can use for the success of your LinkedIn marketing. Having them involved in your general digital marketing strategies not only boosts the content but also increases the visibility of your company’s page.

There are several ways to have them involved, but these two methods are proven to work better than others:

  • Encourage them to engage with your content. By commenting and sharing your posts, they not only help in spreading them but your posts are regarded as relevant to be seen by other users, even if they are not your followers.
  • Have them fill out their profiles. If each one of them fills out their profiles, noting down their positions with a quick link to your company profile or website will increase your site visibility. Furthermore, it becomes easier for people to search for your company both online and offline.

4. Develop relationships, not just add more connections

There is no point in having a million connections, but the engagement on your posts only comes from a hundred people. Once you get connections, try to cultivate your relationship with them by actively them in your posts. Only post what they relate to. Once in a while, you can even tag them and ask them their personal opinions on something. 

After you tag them, even if they haven’t been online for long, they will get a notification, and at times, this gives them a sense of belonging. Be careful though, not to spam them with too many notifications. Have your freelance social media marketers in Dubai devise a program that can be followed. Make sure that your social media marketer understands the Best Social Media Marketing Trends and Best Practices.

5. Take advantage of LinkedIn groups

Being actively present in a LinkedIn group related to your industry enables you to interact with other professionals in your niche, and you are likely to get better tips there. Furthermore, you will be able to engage with people that may not necessarily be in your circle.

Apart from joining groups created for people in your industry, if you belong to an association, you can check that out too. Some have a members’ only group which you can join.


LinkedIn is an invaluable asset for your business, only if you use it correctly. Use these simple hacks to master the platform. For maximum gain, be sure to get the services of some of the most experienced freelance social media managers in DubaiThey will not only curate the content to be posted but also track the performance of your content using the analytics tools.

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