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5 Proven Ways to Create Shareable Content in 2021

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Let’s start off with facts: Content can either make or break a brand. With the rise in internet use and billions of social media users worldwide, the slightest move made on your social platforms has a huge impact on your general image. Out-of-touch or offensive content can give your company a bad name and even scare off customers, while great content helps attract new clients while maintaining a strong, loyal follower base.

It is not news that bad or failed marketing stunts usually spread like wildfire, unlike positive content. This means, if you wish to have everyone talking about your latest post, you may have to put in the extra effort or get the services from an experienced freelance social media manager in Dubai. 

By now, you understand that content creation is a crucial part of modern marketing strategies. However, while close to 90% of all businesses have their content marketing campaigns rolled out, only a handful can produce contagious content that can appeal to their audience to share it.

So how do you inspire your followers to share your content? What will make those that have never heard about you before want to share your posts with their network? Fortunately, there are several methods you can follow to create insanely shareable social media content. But first, let’s look at what transpires behind the scenes of a successful social media post.

What Motivates People to Share Social Media Posts?

There are many reasons that act as motivators for people to share digital content. However, scientists have discovered numerous psychological triggers that might make people want to engage in online activities, including the mass sharing of content. Some of them include:

  • To seek social approval – sharing something is a way of expressing your personality. When expressing your attitude to others, you’d love to receive affirmative feedback in return; hence, sharing awesome content is basically a way to seek social approval.
  • Communication – humans are social beings, and just like memes, great posts get shared as they help nurture relationships with others.
  • Entertainment – at the end of the day, most of us are on social media for entertainment. If your post provides entertainment for us, we’ll most certainly share it with our circle.

These are only a few psychological factors that might interest people to share your content. It might be a little challenging to segment how people perceive your content as it solely depends on how they interact.

However, knowing about these basic motivations gives you a head start in developing the right content that will get your audience motivated to share. That said, here are our top five ways of creating insanely shareable social media content as recommended by freelance social media managers in the UAE:

1. Do competitive research

The simplest way of creating highly shareable content is by trying to emulate what others have done before. Figure out how your competition has managed to create viral content in the past and see where you can improve on it. Moreover, it is only in the marketing world that creeping on your competition to figure out what they’re doing and how they’re doing it is acceptable.

If it was a campaign, was it successful? Did it go viral? If it was just a simple posting, look for the competitor’s post with the highest engagement, and see how their followers reacted to it. Can you emulate it? Can you do a better one? If yes, then go for it.

2. Create content that sparks emotion

Although the ways we share content have tremendously changed over the years, there’s one thing that remains constant: how we feel toward the post. Whenever freelance social media managers in the UAE want to create content that your people will love, go for their emotions. Ask yourself what emotions you think your post will strike once it has been posted.

An amusing or humorous post will most definitely get shared by many, so it is upon you to conduct market research and identify what your target market likes the most. Also, beware that it is not only the positive news that spreads but also the negative ones.

You wouldn’t even need to promote a post that has received bad reviews as such news often spread like wildfire. You just have to make yourself prepared to handle such a crisis whenever it happens.

3. Validate the opinions of your audience

One other way of creating highly shareable content is by understanding what their opinions are toward something. A post that accentuates the opinions of your audience is likely to be shared, especially now that they have proof of source. To find such information, you need to:

  • Think about the demographics
  • Identify what they care most about
  • Know what things or topics they mostly differentiate about
  • Identify some other opinions that those in your niche have posted about before

4. Capitalize on trending topics

If you’re struggling to develop a unique topic for your brand, do not worry, as you can always find refuge in trending topics and discussions, both online and offline. Look for an appropriate trending topic and personalize it before sharing out.

The search has even been made easier for you through platforms such as Google trends. This tool will show you all the popular topics of the day, and you can choose the one to use for your campaigns.

5. Use rich graphics

The human brain processes an image 60,000 times faster than it does text. You need to grab the attention of people before they can even read what the post is all about. Moreover, you don’t really need too much text on your post as some visual representations just speak for themselves. Invest in using better images and videos for your campaigns as these can easily get shared by those that find them amusing.

Take away

While the road to success won’t be easy, you’re now equipped with the necessary skills that can help you create content that’s optimized for sharing. Freelance social media managers in Dubai bring you more creativity that would help make content that would encourage people to share.

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