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5 Social Media and Digital Marketing Myths Debunked

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Digital marketing has been changed to just ‘marketing’ as traditional methods take the back seat. It is the most widely used form of marketing for every business out there. Without a digital presence, the chances of a company’s survival are relatively low.

While you may need some training and experience to launch successful campaigns like freelance social media managers in Dubai, you still have to learn the basics of marketing to enable you to run your businesses on your own. If you’re still new to the game and still haven’t figured out the path to success (yet), you might find yourself hopping from one source to another, sucking up all the information.

Conducting research before launching your digital marketing strategy is good, but how reliable are your sources? Some of the sources out there offer horrible advice with outdated practices. You wouldn’t wish to waste your energy and money on something that might not yield any results in the current market.

If you’re looking for the best digital and social media marketing strategies to implement, you’re better off learning what not to waste your time doing. Here are the top five myths about digital and social media marketing to be aware of:

Myth 1: Anyone can do it

While anyone can easily join social media, don’t be fooled to believe that anyone can successfully manage a digital or social media marketing campaign. Although you may learn a few basic skills in marketing, it won’t really give you a true advantage over the competition that might have invested a lot in its marketing campaigns.

Moreover, there are various skills that social media marketers must possess, such as interpersonal and copywriting techniques, which not everyone has. You should also understand that social media marketing isn’t just about replying to comments and chatting with people – it also involves other business-related responsibilities such as data analysis, record keeping, etc.

If you do not possess these skills, you can always learn the basics, but to be on the safe side, for now, ensure you get the services from one of the best freelance social media managers in the UAE. 

Myth 2: If your competition isn’t online, you don’t have to either

It is a brainer that no serious business can survive without having a bit of online presence. As of now, going without social media presence or having a website is like committing corporate suicide. These are essentials regardless of the industry you’re in.

A few years back, one could get away with not having an online presence because the competition didn’t. However, in today’s world, customers would expect a website and an active social media account as the bare minimum before transacting with any company.

Myth 3: You should get immediate results from it

If this were over ten years ago, this would be an okay assumption, but things have rapidly changed, making the marketing scene a whole different thing. Long ago, there weren’t so many websites in the world. Whenever someone searched for a product or service that you offer, the chances of appearing on the search engine results were higher than today. Right now, you must be a pro in search engine optimization (SEO) if you want to have any visibility on search engine result pages (SERPs).

SEO, for instance, takes time to build, and it can even take you up to a year before your website ranks on the SERPs. Sponsoring ads on social media isn’t also a guarantee that you’ll get immediate buyers. Whenever a modern buyer searches for something, they might not settle on the first option they get and might end up scouting for better offers from other vendors.

With over 60 million active business pages on Facebook alone, it is without a doubt that they will take a lot more time before they make a purchase. The only way of attracting them is by using a creative freelance social media manager in Dubai to curate highly-converting content. When using any form of digital marketing, you have to learn to be patient and not expect instant results at all times.

Myth 4: You can run a campaign fully on autopilot

No, you can’t run a digital marketing campaign solely on autopilot. The reason is simple, those you’re advertising to are humans, and if you wish to connect with them, you must become personal and show your human side to them.

With advanced technologies, you can find many automation tools and software at your disposal for whichever campaigns you go for. However, your audience will quickly know that you might be using chatbots and other automated tools, and they won’t like it. If you must use any automation tools, do so in moderation and know where the human bit comes in.

If you use chatbots for your websites or planning software to upload content to your social platforms, ensure that you personally make a follow-up to give your followers the human touch.

Myth 5: Creating a website is enough for digital marketing

Many business owners believe that setting up a website for their brand is the only important factor in digital marketing. Others believe that once they have a website running, potential customers and followers will begin flocking to their site in no time. This is absolutely false.

For starters, there are many other digital strategies that complement the use of websites such as email marketing, search engine advertising, content marketing, etc. Moreover, you ought to get a responsive website for you to make your traffic convert. And for you to even get the traffic there in the first place, your website must be well-optimized for search engines. Having an active social media platform is also another great way of attracting customers.

What Next?

These five practices are still used by many marketers and business owners. Little do they know that they’re just wasting their energy and resources with the hopes of getting minimal returns. Be wise and avoid them. Get in touch with some of the best freelance social media managers in Dubai and learn of modern-day techniques that you can use to market your brand effectively.

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