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5 Things to Consider Before Starting a Social Media Campaign

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Do you remember the first stages of social media? When it became popular, the only thing that was useful about it is the platform to meet new people, interact with them, and check out the happenings surrounding your favorite celebrities. Fast forward, the then ‘new media’ has become a fully-fledged platform used by freelance social media marketers in Dubai for branding and advertising

There is no denying the role that social media has played when it comes to brand awareness. The platform is currently one of the best means to drive website traffic, thus boosting business leads. You wouldn’t believe it but close to 90% of young adults (aged 18 to 29) are on social media. 

Out of that, a third of the Millenials are known to engage companies through social media messaging platforms. These statistics point towards having a competitive social media marketing strategy before you begin your campaigns. If you wish to tap the full potential of this platform, here are a few tips concerning the nitty-gritty of social media marketing that you ought to be aware of before starting on your marketing journey.

1. Always have your goals defined

Before you begin working on a social media marketing strategy, you need to clearly define your goals (just as you should before doing anything else). What do you seek to accomplish? Whatever you try to achieve clearly illustrates your next steps throughout the campaign. 

One mistake you should not make is not having specific goals. Figure out how you would treat that strategy as either a success or a fail. Numbers are some of the best ways to measure the success of a social media marketing plan. Are you looking for new subscribers? And if yes, how many? What percentage boost in lead sales are you hoping to get? 

2. Keep social media social

Social media is exactly what it is…social. In most cases, people log into their social media accounts to take a break from the happenings of the day while staying abreast of all that’s trending. You should tailor all your content to reflect the feelings of your followers and what they desire. 

Whenever you are drafting a post, make it as if you are talking to a close friend – make all your posts sound human at all times. Depending on the type of your company niche, as you try to sound as human and engaging as possible, you should not throw away professionalism. Maintain the status of your company while still appealing to the followers that there is a real human behind those posts. 

Furthermore, as some of the best freelance social media marketers in the UAE advise, engage with your followers in conversations, including replying to comments accordingly. Remember to use the language that your followers understand. 

You should try to communicate with them in the simplest language that they associate with. However, if you are communicating with professionals from a specific field, you are free to use jargon as they will understand it.

3. Your work doesn’t end at 5

Being social media marketing is one of the few careers in the world where working from 9 to 5 isn’t the norm. In fact, much of the work is done outside of those hours as the platform is usually at its peak then. This is one major factor that you need to take into consideration as you monitor trends and before you publish your content. 

There are usually more people active during certain hours of the day such as between 7 A.M to 9 A.M (when the majority of people are heading to work or school), over the lunch hour, and between 5 P.M till 7 P.M when they are on their ways back home. 

4. Deal with complaints and negative comments carefully

There is no one size fits all situation when it comes to dealing with complaints and negative comments made on your posts. If complaints are raised against your company or product, the best thing to do is to respond as fast as possible. 

To create brand loyalty, always show your followers that you are on top of the game and that their voices are being heard. If it is a genuine issue, you can promise them that it is being worked on (if at all the problem can’t be resolved there and then). Knowing that their issues are being handled is an assurance to the customers, and once it is sorted out, you can be sure of their continued support.

Another good way to respond to issues that your followers raise is to take them offline as fast as possible. This doesn’t necessarily mean deleting the comment but resorting to resolving the issue with the concerned customer privately. You can ask them to inbox you their number (or offer them yours) so that you can talk to them on a much personal level and sort out the issue.

Trolls will always be there. If your company starts to get negative comments or trolls (of course just one or two of them), sometimes you can simply ignore them. Another way past this is to delete or hide their comments and warn them that they will get banned should they continue posting such comments to your pages.

5. Keep up with the trends

Trends move fast, and you should try to keep up with them. The world of social media has trends changing regularly – even daily. As a social media marketer, you need to stay abreast of all that is happening around your industry and come up with engaging content related to the trends. 

Before you decide to follow a particular trend, you need to be very sure about it. You ought to do your research well as to whether that should be the route for you. Not all trends will work for you; simply because it is new doesn’t mean it is the best to use. Doing so is one of the social media strategies that will only kill your business.

Final Thoughts

Social media has been on a regular rise over the last couple of years and will even become more popular as time goes by. You don’t need to get a college degree to become one of the best freelance social media marketers in Dubai as the important thing is the skills, which we believe this post has done its part to guide you further. 

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