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5 Ways Micro-influencers can increase Instagram engagement.

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What are micro-influencers?

Many websites have different definitions of micro-influencers. Some sites illustrate them as people with more than a thousand followers. Others describe them as people with followers ranging from 1000 to 100,000. But a standard definition would be, influencers are influential but on a small scale.

How to find a perfect micro-influencer for your brand?

As mentioned earlier, micro-influencers are usually specialized in their respective niche. You can find the ideal micro-influencer by surveying Instagram. You can search for hashtags related to your product, and you will be able to find the perfect micro-influencer for your brand.

Micro-influencers make their followers loyal by posting captivating content on their stories. They make interactive stories every day, keeping their followers updated with their specific niche.

Influencers try to make their content engaging for their audience. They seek the following ways to increase engagement on their Instagram.

1. Engaging with the followers and making them feel important.

A lot of influencers are famous because of engaging with their followers. These influencers try their best to be available to them. At certain times, they prefer to go live. Their choices resonate with the interests of their followers.

Answering their messages and replying to their comments can get a little tight since there are thousands of comments. But this is how the influencers make their followers feel valued. They also host meetups to know their followers. They could be over Instagram or at a fan fest that has been independently organized with the help of a freelance social media manager in Dubai.

2. Efficient usage of hashtags

The influencer can use appropriate Hashtags to reach a more significant number of the target audience. They can select long-tail unique hashtags and mix them across the posts. These hashtags are searched in general. But a captivating post could turn that person into a permanent follower.

Most Macro-influencers use common hashtags. So when micro-freelancers use the same hashtags, their post is less likely to reach more people. Therefore, the hashtag must be specific and should have low competition.

3. Being consistent with posting.

Consistent posting is critical for influencers to succeed in their aim of increasing Instagram engagement. New posts and reviews every day will keep the audience hooked.

The most successful influencers have strict post schedules. The lesser boring your feed is, the fewer people unfollow you.

This means that the rate of followers is most likely to rise high if the frequency of posting is maintained.

4. Hosting Giveaways and competitions.

Giveaways do not just boost the engagement of followers but also increase loyalty in them. They entice both the current followers and the new ones.

Most influencers host giveaways to build strong relationships with their followers. These giveaways are very simple.

The followers are usually asked to like, share, and tag friends in the comments to qualify for the giveaway. A lot of influencers kick-start their Instagram journey with the help of giveaways.

5. Live Videos and Q&As

Instagram influencers host different live sessions where they talk to their followers. Live videos are very engaging. People yearn to see a glimpse of what their favorite influencers are doing in their routine lives. They want to know more about the behind-the-scenes.

The influencers also host Q&A sessions during these videos. They answer most of the questions live. This helps the audience be more engaged. We have often seen bloggers reviewing products sent to them. Most of the time, they can catch the audience, but sometimes they fail to do so.

The reason is the brand managers control whatever the influencer says. Most people choose micro-influencers with their brands as they can engage the audience with their original and unique content.

Research says that 77% of the influencers would love to work with the brands if they are allowed to show their creativity. If you want the same engagement about your product too, you will have to trust the influencer. Trusting them with the reviews and the content is essential.

Micro-influencers in Dubai

Dubai is the second-best shopping hub in the world. Understandably, it has many micro-influencers.

Among the top influencer categories are entertainment (94%), food (92%), travel(91%) tech (90%), lifestyle (89%), arts and culture (88%), fashion and beauty (85%). Influencers in Dubai earn a very handsome amount every year.

These social media influencers have tight schedules. With the growth of followers, influencers are unable to manage their social media accounts effectively.

Being consistent, engaging with the audience, hosting competitions, and reviewing products are a bit of a task. These influencers then hire freelance social media managers in Dubai to keep the engagement going.

Freelance Social Media Managers in Dubai

Over time, Dubai has become famous for Business and retail. There are a lot of influencers and businesses running in the city. This has opened up many opportunities for freelance social media managers in Dubai.

Skillful social media managers are hired to run the pages efficiently. They manage the post schedules and the aesthetics of the page. They also reply to the comments and messages to make the followers feel important.

As they are freelancers, they are readily available any time an influencer needs them. Freelancer social media managers usually give 5 to 6 hours per day. The working hours also depend upon the job description. But the average time a social media manager gives is 40 hours a week.

How much do they charge?

Although the charges depend upon the job description, experienced people demand more money. An experienced Social media manager is most likely to charge $100/per hour. But a freelance social media manager in Dubai that is new to the field will cost around $30/per hour.

While experience will allow the work to be completed early, with time a newbie would be able to work efficiently too.

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