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How to Advertise Your Event on Social Media 

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One of the most efficient ways to promote the buzz surrounding an event is through social media marketing. There are various platforms a freelance event manager can leverage to easily get the word out about your event to different people within a short period. Event organizers often plan for everything until their guests walk through the door, then that’s it. There is not much planned afterward. 

The story is a bit different for social media marketing. A good event marketing strategy on social media involves connecting with the followers before, during, and even after the function.

For you to be reading this article, you already know that the attendees to your next event are actually hanging around platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or Snapchat. But if you think that constant posting about it will pull them towards your event, then your strategy is falling short.

You have to understand that there are hundreds of others who are using the same media to push for their events. So how will you conduct a social media campaign that will grab the attention of many people, and even woo them into attending the function?

There are many ways to boost your event’s visibility on social media. In this post, we will take you through five of the proven ways to promote your event on social media.

1. Choose your social networks

There are several platforms you can use to push for your event. Depending on the field you operate in, some social media platforms are much better than others when you want to advertise on something. Here is a quick breakdown of the most common social media platforms and how they are best used for marketing:

  • Facebook – one can create an event through their page or even create a new page solely for the event. They can share event updates with their followers while engaging them throughout the period before and after the event. Moreover, you can use paid promotions to target specific groups of people.
  • Instagram – if you have a well-laid-out strategy to use videos and pictures to promote the event, then Instagram is for you.
  • LinkedIn – LinkedIn is an ideal industry and B2B networking. It is pretty good if you are announcing a corporate event or any other company news you might have.
  • Twitter – Twitter uses a different algorithm that you can take full advantage of if you are well-conversant with it. Freelance event planners in Dubai make use of hashtags on Twitter to create and build excitement towards the event, as they are shown on the trending list.
  • Snapchat – Snapchat is a social media platform that appeals mainly to the young audience. This is the right tool to use if your upcoming event has the young ones as the primary target audience.

You are allowed to utilize all the platforms mentioned above; however, it is paramount to pick at least one that most of your energy and financing go towards.

2. Promote the event by using ads

Although this will cost you a little extra, it is a decision that is worth it by every means. Using this feature helps you to reach followers whom you may have not yet connected.

Using ads such as for Facebook or Instagram, you have the opportunity to target your audience through their demographics; hence, a higher conversion rate. Furthermore, reaching out to the target audience using their location, age, gender, etc., can also help to gain more followers as long as you create an excellent first impression.

Sponsored ads work the same way for all social media platforms. However, sites such as LinkedIn have advanced algorithms to ensure that your event reaches your target audience through features such as LinkedIn Sponsored Updates. Bear in mind that this feature is a little different from LinkedIn ads, which are often glossed over, and is much more efficient to get more clicks on your ad.

Promoting ads on this and other social media platforms requires one to learn a few essential tricks. Some of them include:

  • Using a catchy call-to-action (CTA)
  • Using targeting to focus on specific audiences. Using broad demographics will put the word out to many people, but this rarely results in higher conversion rates.
  • Splitting your campaign into at least two or three parts. This helps you to figure out which ones become successful and why.

Before starting on any promotions, it is crucial first to understand the cost implications they bring and plan yourself accordingly. Apart from budgeting for the ads alone, and you plan on outsourcing the work, it is also important to find out the pricing for freelance social media marketers in Dubai who will do the entire job for you.

3. A picture is worth a thousand words

People interact with pictures more than they do with text-only messages. They can attract people’s attention. Always try to come up with exciting photos, videos, or gifs to back up your message, even if it is a sponsored post.

However, you should also know that not all images can be used to promote your event. For starters, avoid stock photos. This is because the competition also uses them, and they seem too generic. Such pictures might not fully attract the attention of your audience, so the best way out is to create your own, unique images.

4. Timing matters

Social media is no longer used to post for fun alone but also for business purposes. This is why you ought to know the right time to post to social media when trying to promote your upcoming events.

If you want to receive maximum engagement on your posts, then you should know when your audience is most likely to be online and can react to your posts. In most cases, the best time is when people are on their way to and from work (or school) and during their lunch breaks. The time right before going to sleep is also another perfect time to promote your event on social media.

5. Organize giveaways 

The best (and proven) way to promote your event on social media is to organize giveaways. This can be done through the organization of contests, which are done in numerous ways.

You can announce free tickets (or goodies) to anyone who shares your post to most people, or a comment that receives the highest engagement. People love free things, giving out a few of such won’t cost you much, but you will reap big.


Social media is, without a doubt, a great tool to market your events. Having the right strategy will improve your chances of getting more followers and attendees for your event.

Getting a freelance event manager in Dubai has also become easier for you so you can let them handle the heavy lifting of the work, as you focus on other important matters.  

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