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Track Your Client’s Calls To Measure The True Performance Of Your Social Media Campaign – A Must Step For A Freelance In Dubai 

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Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are the best places to market your business as they offer a greater return on investment. When it is appropriately done, social media marketing will not only help you sell your products but can also help you build your brand. Small businesses with little capital have been able to overcome capital barriers to become leaders in their niche by hiring the best freelance social media marketer in Dubai. On the contrary, some big companies have made mistakes resulting in few or no gains at all from their social media marketing.

If you are planning to start a social media campaign, you must first familiarize yourself with bad social media campaigns that will drive your business to the ground. You must also learn how to measure performance to ensure that you can keep track of your marketing campaign progress. Keeping track of your campaign performance will help create a robust strategy that will keep your message clear among the noise. As a social media manager, you should never rely on a set-it-and-forget-it approach. You must give special attention and care as well as tweak your strategy to reach the right audience. For successful freelance social media marketing, you must learn how to track your client’s call to measure the performance of your campaign. Your call tracking results will give you insight into the keywords that are generating calls as well as digital advertising channels that are worth the investment.

6 Call Tracking Metrics Every Social Media Marketer Should Use In 2020 To Track Marketing Performance

1. Call Source

Your first objective for social media marketing should be to know the campaigns and ads that drive most calls. Call tracking metrics matter to your marketing efforts as they help you gather critical information regarding your marketing channels. The information will help you focus your efforts and budgets on the right channels in the future. You should avoid using the same phone number for all your marketing campaigns. Instead, you should use dynamic phone numbers to keep track of different campaigns. Opting for Dynamic Number Insertion as opposed to the use of ordinary static phone numbers offers several benefits that include:

  • Ability to separately track the performance of each marketing campaign
  • Manage phone numbers effectively
  • Keep things simple for clients

2. Call Volume

Collecting call volume is as essential for your marketing as collecting website visits. Call volume data is beneficial as it lets you know the things that are working and those that are not working. It is also a useful metric for tracking the success of your recent marketing updates. For example, if you have recently updated your Facebook page, you will notice increased online activities as well as call volume. If you do not see an increased volume of calls, you should review your strategy as it is a sign that your efforts are not working.

3. Duration of conversation

Longer calls are valuable in marketing. You are more likely to convert a lead during a longer conversation, which means that longer calls have greater value. Customers will not talk longer with your staff unless they are interested in your products. However, it is necessary to remember that conversation that is longer and more meaningful come about due to the entirety of your marketing efforts. A customer could be interested in your products, but if your team does not know how to hold a marketing conversation, the results could be disappointing. Your objective as a freelance social media manager in Dubai should be to note the length of each call and determine the most effective campaigns in driving valuable calls.

4. Calling Time

Call tracking can tell you the time of the day your marketing efforts drive a lot of traffic. The data is beneficial in helping you plan your marketing efforts effectively. You should leverage the information to position your marketing ads more efficiently. For example, if your client owns a restaurant and you notice an increase in calls on Fridays and weekends and a low call rate during weekdays, you should adjust your marketing campaign to increase its effectiveness. A good way should be to reduce the number of ads that run from Monday to Thursday and increase the number of ads that run from Thursday evening to the weekend. Another option would be to change the message and include special offers on the ads that run on low-traffic days.

5. Monitor the performance of your landing page

Customers are usually given several options that they can use to contact the business, depending on their preference and convenience. On most occasions, customers are asked to fill out a form, make a call, or start an online conversation. If you fail to track all your channels, your campaign conversion rate will be lower than the actual data.

6. Potential new customers

Repeat customers are critical in the survival of the business. However, new customers are beneficial for your business as they are a sign of business growth. While tracking the calls, you should look out for the first-time callers and gather as much information as possible. You should analyze the behavior of first-time callers to see the pages they visited before calling to help you determine the pages that are doing well and those that need improvement. The data will further give you insights into the success of your marketing strategy. You should also compare the number of new contacts with data from previous months to see whether you are on track to achieve your goal.

Wrap Up

Although a good number of individuals opt for a convenient online chat as opposed to other traditional means of communication, you cannot fail to track calls as a measure of your performance. Tracking conversation helps ensure the efficiency and effectiveness of your campaigns. Without the information, you will not be able to improve the performance of your campaigns. Nevertheless, it is necessary to note that the metrics that you choose depend on your business size and marketing goals. As a  freelance social media manager in Dubai for a small business, you will usually have to track three to five dynamic phone numbers for Google Ads, social networks, and organic traffic. You can use a special plugin to help change the dynamic numbers or connect to more complicated CRMs with the capability to track calls.

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