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6 Effective Ways Social Media Managers Use To Get More Views On YouTube 

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YouTube is one of the popular sites that attract millions of viewers every day. Businesses are taking advantage of YouTube Live to grow their business by tapping into the already existing large fan base. Youtube has helped push video marketing, making it an essential part of social media marketing in 2020. However, you should not expect to create a video and start earning or getting traffic to your website. The top companies hire the best freelance social media managers in Dubai to help promote and optimize their videos to generate more views on YouTube.

The success of every video on YouTube is based on the number of views. YouTube uses views and other metrics to calculate the payment, which makes it necessary to increase viewership. The payment structure varies based on various parameters, but your chances of earning more increase as you get more views. In this article, we will show you ways that can help you garner more views on YouTube.

6 Practical Ways To Get More Views On YouTube

1. Work on the content and quality of your videos

The content in your video is the most crucial determinant of the number of views it will get. Good content will not only be attractive to viewers, but it will result in better behavioral analytics. YouTube uses algorithms to position videos on the organic search results, especially on customer recommendation results. Contents that work well on YouTube are educative and entertaining videos. Quality, informative or entertaining content will keep viewers returning to your page, increasing the views of your other future video content.

2. Tap into viral content

Most YouTube bloggers use different techniques to create content, but you can increase your chances of getting more views by tapping on viral trends. Instead of creating totally new content, you should tap on the desire and demand to view the content of a viral phenomenon. Although it will not always be easy to tie your video content with ongoing trends, you will boost your views on YouTube if you can find a smart way to tie your video content with the latest viral trends. The best content also features a lot of editing to ensure that it is of the best quality. Always use post-video production tools to create professional videos for YouTube.

3. Optimize your videos for YouTube’s organic search results

YouTube uses algorithms to showcase the best videos that are relevant to user needs. If you do not know how algorithms work, you should seek the assistance of a freelance social media manager in Dubai to help you optimize your videos. YouTube algorithms rely on a wide variety of factors, including descriptive and keyword-rich titles, tags, thumbnail images, and metadata. Optimize your content with the right keywords that are popular in your niche to inform the viewers and algorithm about what your video is about. The thumbnails on your videos should feature high-quality images with engaging fonts.

4. Use Guest YouTubers

Guest posting is not only relevant in blogging, but it is also useful in vlogging. Featuring guest YouTubers, persons of interest, and industry influencers with a large following can help boost your views. Guest YouTubers bring a new perspective to your industry sphere, enabling you to benefit from their large following. However, your goal should be to create a beneficial relationship that is based on reciprocity.

5. Use playlists to keep traffic on your channel

Algorithms are highly beneficial if they work for you. However, since it is impossible to control algorithms, you should bypass them and try to influence your audience’s next choice directly. Creating playlists gives you the power to influence what your viewers will watch next. YouTube recommends videos automatically, which means that your viewers will likely move to another channel unless you can intervene. A playlist ensures that the viewer will move to your next video immediately after the first one ends increasing the viewership of your other videos.

6. Use cards and end screens to direct traffic to your videos

Beyond creating a playlist, you can use cards to bypass algorithms on YouTube. Cards are interactive areas that appear during the video. The cards are practical if your videos are related. Since they are pop-ups that appear as the video plays, you can use them to direct your viewers to click a related video that offers additional information or entertainment. The end screens are visual calls-to-action that you can insert at the end of your videos to help viewers make the next step. The end screens are commonly used to encourage viewers to subscribe to a channel or visit a website, but you can use them to promote your other videos.


YouTube is effective in helping brands, and users interact, and hence, the need to ensure that you are getting the maximum return on your investment. A freelance social media manager in Dubai can help you optimize your videos and build lasting relationships with viewers for more YouTube views.

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