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7 Proven Methods to Promote Your Business

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If you have ever come up with a new product or service which you wish to sell to the world, you must have experienced how hard it is to get the word out. Convincing people to purchase it is a whole different situation that requires one to devise creative strategies. The last decade has seen the eruption of digital marketing as a more preferred method of promoting goods and services. 

The dawn of technological enhancements has also seen the rise of talented freelance digital marketers in Dubai who have helped thousands of companies around the globe to promote their brands. This work is not always a walk in the park. You might be having the best product in the market, or offer the best services. 

However, if you lack the right marketing skills, it is no brainer that you may end up losing money and other resources along the way. To avoid all these, here are 7 of the most brilliant ways to promote your business. 

1. Make use of social media

The use of social media as a marketing tool has been one of the best and most reliable strategies to employ. Social media marketing has also been proven to be one of the most cost-effective methods to get out the word about your products. You can showcase your goods through sponsored ads to a bigger multitude and not just to your followers. 

Moreover, with your business account, you can get the analytics tools to see how well your ads perform and also get to have the first-hand experience of how people have perceived your brand. With this data, you can tweak your marketing formulas and employ one that works best for you depending on the niche of the product, the target audience, and how you wish them to see your message.

While at it, you should be wary about some of the social media marketing strategies that would drive your business into the ground. This is why if you are unable to handle the work by yourself, it is recommended to look for an experienced social media marketer in the UAE who will work out the magic of marketing your company through popular social media platforms.

2. Have a great website

If there is one thing that will take your business down is having a poorly designed website or worse still, having no website at all. If you have one, a site that is not well-designed will ultimately chase away potential customers for your new products. 

Come to think about it, you have spent a lot of resources, energy, and time to get those clicks to your site but they end up not converting those leads into sales. The biggest reason for this is a poorly built website. A good freelance web developer in Dubai can help you to double your profits, just by applying some genius design tricks. 

After getting a good website, you should also not forget the value of search engine optimization (SEO). Always have your content optimized before having it published as this enables it to be easily found on Google and other search engines. Having your site show up on the first page of Google ultimately increases your brand awareness, and within no time, your products or services become the popular ones. 

Applying all these should be affordable, as the cost of creating an optimized site shouldn’t run you bankrupt.

3. Get Your Business Listed

There are many ways to make your business stand out through listings. The easiest to do this is, if you have a physical location for your company, have it listed through Google Places or Yahoo Business Directory. Whenever people search for the services or products which you offer, your company will show up. 

Another genius way to have more people know more about your business is to have it listed on local directories and websites. This way, your products gain more sales as your business benefits from having better credibility.

4. Invest in ads

There are many ways one can carry out adverts by the use of traditional and digital means. The conventional approaches include the use of mainstream media such as newspapers, radio, and television to make your message reach a multitude. Digital marketing does not just entail social media marketing, as there are many other platforms available to promote your ads. 

One of these methods is the use of services from Google, such as Google My Business and Google AdWords. The use of popular streaming sites such as YouTube has also been common to get out your word about your new products or services.

5. Don’t forget the e-mail

The use of e-mail as a marketing tool has been one of the most reliable, low-cost methods to provide instantaneous communication to subscribers. It is very easy to automate it and allows you to communicate with many people at once concerning your new products. 

E-mail marketing continues to provide one of the best lead conversion rates, only when done correctly. Avoid spamming your e-mailing list with spam messages, and make sure that whatever you send them is appealing and convincing enough to them.

6. Participate in relevant online communities

Every industry niche has a community of people who share their ideas, complaints and seek answers to their questions on one platform. Take your time to research the popular online communities that people in your niche have joined and actively participate in the discussions. 

Once you become an active member, these people will continue to associate more with you, eventually making your new product or services more popular.

7. Host an event

Another effective way to push for your new products and services is to organize an event where much about the product will be discussed. The event doesn’t have to be fancy or super-organized, but at least, people will still attend it and increase their chances of being turned into customers. 

All that you need to do, is to ensure that the event has been well advertised, telling people how they will benefit from attending it, and once they are there, work out your magic to wow them into purchasing your product.


You shouldn’t get scared when about to introduce your new products and services to the market. You only need to be creative in how you market it, and you will be reaping profits within no time. To get better returns, it would be best if you could reach out to some of the best freelance social media strategists in the UAE to guide you on which social marketing strategy works well for your business.

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