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How to Perfect Your Product Launch on Social Media

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The whole point of creating a new product is to sell it, and that’s why companies are always in search of the best freelance social media managers in Dubai for marketing the product. Marketing a product necessitates you to make it visible to prospective buyers. This information is all in the open; however, knowing how to do so correctly is the tricky bit. 

Use of social media is, without a doubt, one of the best channels to use when you want many people to know about your products. It has access to diverse people with different segments of preference meaning that no matter what niche you are dealing with, you are set to find people who would be interested in what your brand has to offer. 

As overwhelming as it may sound, the use of social media to launch your products comes with its own perks. The best way around it is to have a well-defined strategy that will work, making the launch a success.  One of the reasons the sale of products fails to take off even after launching them is because there was no buzz created before it was put into the market. 

Here is our step-by-step strategy that will help you to launch your product on social media successfully:

1. Identify your goals

While there is some form of a truism to this tip, it remains to be the first thing you should always consider before launching any social media campaigns. When planning on launching your products, you ought to first understand what you wish to achieve from them. 

Do you want to push for brand awareness? Or are you more interested in pushing for the sales? If you want people to purchase your product, also identify how you want them to do so. Is it through your social media pages or your website? All these minor details are crucial when considered before launching a new product. 

2. Pick the social media platforms to focus on

Apart from identifying your goals in the initial stages of a product launch, it is vital to choose a social media platform that you will be using. Depending on your target audience, you may want to prioritize on a single platform that you will channel most of your resources and energy. 

This is all dependent on what your product is, who your target audience is, and where they are most likely to be found. If you approach a freelance social media manager in Dubai with the idea, they will be able to help you identify which social media platforms would be suitable for your business, as they all have different users. 

3. Create a hashtag

One of the best ways to stand out on many social media platforms today is by using branded hashtags. They are not only effective online but offline as well. If you popularize your hashtag, then it will be easy for people to curate conversations about it. Moreover, the users of that particular site can find more information about your product if they search for it through your hashtag.

When you host an event before, during, or even after the launch, it will still be paramount to popularize your hashtag to the attendees. They are most likely to use it when taking action online by sharing their experiences, hence spreading the word about your product even further. 

4. Set up a product launch calendar

This is one of the most integral stages of a product launch. Way before the D-day, ensure that you set up a calendar of the methods you will use to hype the product even before it gets to the market. According to some of the best freelance social media managers in Dubaithe pre-launch calendar should consist of three key things:

  • Giving a sneak peek
    Days or even weeks before the launch of the product, gift your audience with a sneak peek of the product without disclosing so much about it. This is not just pictures of how the product works or how it will help the potential customers, but also show them the behind-the-scenes videos on how the product is made, packaged, etc. Doing so only makes them eagerly wait for the official launch date.
  • Have giveaways
    This is a trick that has been used by many companies for many years as a way of building brand loyalty. This is the perfect way for you to gain more people knowing about your product while still anticipating the launch. You can run several contests, and in doing so, you will be popularizing your yet-to-be-launched product.
  • Have a consistent countdown
    Have you ever seen a major brand post an image with writings such as “5 Days to Go” then the numbers keep decreasing as the days go by? You must have been curious asking yourself why they are counting down the days. That’s exactly what you should do. Have a captivating timer on your social media pages indicating how many days to go for the launch to take place. You will be amazed at the buzz this simple activity creates for your product.

5. Go for paid ads

Paying for ads on your preferred social media platform is always effective in popularizing your company. These ads will target a specific audience based on various demographics. However, if your marketing budget permits, this is not the only route you ought to take. Reach out to influencers in your niche who will talk about the product and market it to their followers, at a fee. 

6. Cover the product launch on social media

During the launch of the product, ensure that you cover the event extensively on all your social media platforms. Certain channels such as Instagram and Facebook have ‘live sessions’ where you can stream the event to your followers as it unfolds. 

7. Populate your account with post-launch content

Once the product has already been launched, the ‘real’ marketing begins. You should populate your feed with as many posts as possible that talk more about the product such as important features. 

Summing it up

You need to create a buzz about a product launch if you want to achieve your revenue and sales targets. These seven points are a great starting point for you as they are easy to implement and will help you create the much-needed hype surrounding your product. 

While this might feel like a daunting experience for many, you can always find some of the best freelance social media managers in Dubai to help you curate your preferred social media strategies. 

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