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7 Bad Social Media Campaigns That Will Drive Your Business into the Ground

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If social media marketing doesn’t work for your company, then you are probably doing it wrong. This is one of the best solutions for marketing your products, brand, and services without having to go through the old manual word of mouth marketing such as roadshows. It is also way cheaper than getting your message advertised on the dailies or other mass media platforms.

Social media campaigns, however, are quite challenging to stick out the message for your company. The best freelance social media marketers in Dubai had to come up with certain strategies to ensure that a well-planned strategy doesn’t just go down the drain with all the effort used.

If you feel the campaigns no longer work for you, do not fret. All you need is a strategy makeover. In this post, we will take you through social media campaigns that flop, and how you should avoid them.

Through these examples, you will learn how to create eye-popping and engaging content without losing your brand’s credibility. So what are the social media marketing mistakes to avoid?

1. Not having any marketing strategy

The biggest mistake companies make when they want to use social media as a marketing platform, is not having any strategies laid out. Some of these institutions just post things at random without having a well-laid out plan on how this should be handled.

Social media marketing strategy doesn’t only mean how many posts you make a day but goes way beyond that. It entails an action plan and goals that have been clearly defined. The types of posts made, such as the images, tweets & retweets, hashtags, videos, etc. help in identifying the tone of voice of your brand.

For any successful campaigns, you have to take time to analyze the market and figure out what type of strategy will work best for your company.

2. Not tracking the results of your campaigns

Social media marketing is a powerful tool that can be used not only to put out your message, but one can also to track the performance of their strategy in real-time. This allows you to stop any ads that are not performing and take them back to the ‘lab’ for better optimization.

According to some of the best freelance social media marketers in the UAE, one should not be too optimistic about their first post doing well. They require numerous tweaks and testing to finally put out a good campaign that will attract engagement from many of your targeted audiences.

3. Thinking that every social media network is the same

There are many social media platforms that companies use to push for the visibility of their brands. The biggest problem, however, is that they think that all these sites are equal, and they will end up using the same strategies across all their social media platforms.

You should understand that every platform is unique in its own way with different features, strengths, audiences with varying interests & demographics, and marketing tools.

The best thing to do when coming up with a social media campaign is to understand that every platform is unique, and you should come up with unique and tailor-made content for the specific platform and audience.

4. Not engaging with followers/customers

Today, engaging with customers on the company’s pages is one of the most important KPIs for any social media marketing strategy. Brands that do not engage with their followers often give the impression that they do not wish to instigate a conversation with their community.

When someone comments on your post, have someone from the team respond to as many of them as possible. It is all in psychology. Replying to or liking a follower’s comment, encourages them to engage even more, on future posts.

This also shows a good sign for your business since more comments insinuate better engagement with the target audience.

5. Avoiding and Counterattacking negative comments

In every business, there always has to be negative feedback. After all, we can’t satisfy everybody. However, in the spirit of running a business, these negative comments often make you realize your weaknesses and help you to improve your services. Running a page means you have full control of whatever is seen in the comments section by your followers.

Sometimes, you might get dissatisfied customers commenting negatively about your product. First things first, not unless the language used was obscene, do not delete it. You should instead reply to it with the utmost respect, acknowledging the problems the customer went through and promising to have it taken care of.

You can still reach out to the customer via private messaging to follow up on their issues. This can be used as a perfect opportunity to turn a complainant into a loyal customer.

Furthermore, never reply to a negative comment harshly. Two wrongs don’t make a right. Even if it hits you hard, compose yourself, and answer in the friendliest tone you can get.

6. Not targeting your audience

The good thing about social media is that you can easily choose who your posts should target. If you don’t understand who your audience is, then the results from your campaigns will be disappointing, regardless of the effort you put into your social media marketing. A generic, all-inclusive target audience is like shooting in the dark – no point whatsoever.

You first need to identify the buyer persona before you can target your posts to people based on various demographics such as age, gender, location, etc.

7. Not using paid promotional tools

Each social media platform provides a premium channel where you can have your ads sponsored and shared with a multitude, depending on their interests and preferences. Using the paid advertising tools of these social media platforms, you can reach out to potential clients and appeal to them.

Doing so also boosts your ROI. As you consider the pricing of freelance social media marketers, you also need to incorporate a promotional budget in your next campaigns.

Bottom line 

There is no one thing that you have to do to make your social media marketing strategies excellent. There are a lot of things that you ought to do to streamline and align your goals. There are many freelance social media marketers in Dubai who will help you achieve your marketing dreams and take your brand to the next level. 

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