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Facebook Messenger Etiquette for Freelance Social Media Managers

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Freelance social media managers in Dubai have been in high demand over the last couple of years. This is because companies have realized that two-thirds of consumers prefer to use social media messaging apps to connect with them. 

Given that Facebook has over 2.6 billion monthly users, your presence as a brand should be felt not only on the page but through its messaging app Facebook messenger. 

Many brands are using Facebook messenger not only to drive up sales but also to boost loyalty. Getting people to love and trust your brand needs more than basic tips to run a social media campaign. You need to be a friend to them, interacting with them in the most humane way possible.

When using the Facebook messenger app to communicate with customers and prospects, understand that you can never get a second chance to make a first impression. While still focusing on sincerity, care, and respect, you still have to pay attention to etiquette. 

Here are 5 Facebook messenger etiquette tips for brands and freelance social media managers in the UAE:

1. Have an automatic greeting or response.

You might not be online or in a position to respond to all the messages sent to you immediately. Brand loyalty is perceived to decrease if the sender doesn’t get a reply from you within the shortest time possible. 

The best remedy for this is to enable an automatic response. Whenever the customer sends you a message, they will get an instant reply, which can be customized to your liking. However, it is always good to thank them for contacting you and let them know how soon they can expect feedback from you.

2. Taking too long to reply (or not replying at all).

Getting no reply from a brand is a dealbreaker for the consumer, and they will reach out to your competitor without thinking twice. Another way you can lose out on customers is by taking too long to address their concerns shared via messenger. On average, the longest acceptable time taken before responding to a message should be 24 hours. 

However, Facebook has a feature that displays how long you typically take to respond to messages. If you consistently reply to messages within a few minutes, you can earn the prestigious “very responsive” badge added to your page. Not only does this show how authentic you are, but it also attracts more prospects to using the messenger app to reach out to you. 

3. Avoid “I” statements.

Unless you are the business, speak to your audience in plural first person form (we). This is one of the biggest social media mistakes some brands make. Even if you run the company all by yourself, and it is under a different identity other than your name, you should still use “we.” For instance, instead of writing, “I will look into the matter,” make it sound like it is the whole company involved by writing, “we will look into the matter.”

4. Avoid sarcasm or irony.

Avoid responding to messages using irony or a sarcastic tone. Many businesses have failed, and others have been exposed as ‘insensitive’ simply because they responded sarcastically to a message. 

Even though you had a good motive behind it, it is best to avoid all that and resort to a professional tone while responding to all your messages. This is not to be taken lightly as it has resorted in a social media crisis for some brands before. Some people might take offense at a tongue-in-cheek response, bringing up unprecedented consequences.

5. Keep it concise … but not too concise.

Always keep your responses as short as possible, while still having handled the matter exhaustively. Long messages are overwhelming, and you might bore the recipient. Instead of having to write long paragraphs on messenger, you may request to speak directly to the customer via phone or any other means.

However, you shouldn’t be too concise in your responses. Sometimes, this might be perceived by the clients as if you are not interested in them, and you don’t want to accord them the necessary attention. Go straight to the point with your messages, but still maintain a human tone in them.


Every exchange must have closure. A simple goodbye goes a long way toward building brand loyalty by the customer. Before the closure, it is always good, to begin with, a “is there anything else I can help you with?” 

These five tips will help your company to have a successful online presence. However, there are many other ways that a qualified freelance social media manager can help you to grow your business. 

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