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Hiring A Freelance Social Media Manager In Dubai Vs Hiring An Agency

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Social media managers are people who are in charge of representing a company or a corporation across several social channels. These people compile campaigns, create content, and respond to comments. These managers are experts who provide organizations with the guidance they need. Such efforts are made in order to enhance their online presence.

freelance social media manager in Dubai is an independent marketing consultant who would most likely have experience working for a big company in the past. And now is providing services on his own. A competent freelancer would help your company fill the gap in staff, workload, and skills that exist within.

Since there are over a billion people on the web providing freelancing services, there is a vast range to choose from. That is why the costs may vary. You can get a freelance social media manager in Dubai for 10 AED, and even 1000 AED. Price ranges more commonly depend on the experience of the freelancer.

The benefits associated with hiring a freelance social media manager in Dubai are such that these people exclusively start providing their services on their own. They have usually worked with big companies in the past. This gives them a broader perspective and a more significant experience when it comes to managing social media.

Secondly, an individual freelancer is more likely to have fewer projects compared to those of a digital agency. So the freelancer would make your assignment a priority. And put in extreme efforts to give the best possible services. Sometimes, when the project is extensive, these people might even work on one project alone. This would be almost like having an in-house marketing professional.

Moreover, the reputation of an individual freelancer is paramount to the business. Since they are working on their own, as a sole service provider, they push for results. Thus they would provide excellent services as they want you to recommend them to other corporations as well. These freelance social media managers in Dubai are excellent communicators. They have experience in explaining everything with considerable methods to small or medium businesses.

However, considering the fact that freelancers work remotely.  Oftentimes they might disappear without any trace. Usually, a freelancer wouldn’t insist on contracts and documentation, which can sometimes give rise to legal issues when they don’t complete the task.

Additionally, since the number of freelance social media managers available is massive. It can be a tough job finding the perfect one. It is challenging to hire a person with a broad range of focused skills, which means you might have to hire more than one person. Plus, explaining your vision and demands to several different people while searching can be time-consuming and exhausting.


Social media managers are people who are responsible for curating a brand’s social platforms. They moderate, track, and respond to the audience in a way that is attractive and courteous. These managers plan and execute successful digital marketing campaigns. Then they analyze the data from those campaigns. And make arrangements for the next campaign accordingly.

Agency – a platform that represents the third option between hiring a full-time employee in the house and depending on a sole freelancer. It is a team of experts who work together under a single supervisor to provide the best services possible.

Freelancing agencies are massive platforms and forums that provide services to businesses around the globe. They ensure high credibility and timely submission of work. But, these agencies are never cheap! It can cost up to thousands of dirhams every year to have a reputable agency work for you.

The benefit of hiring an agency for social media management is that you would get a group of qualified professionals, working for you. They are likely to have a vast range of skills! You wouldn’t even need to repeat your demand or vision. And they’ll be all on the same page as you when it comes to deciding what is best for your business.

Secondly, when working with an agency, there are added levels of professionalism induced, which brings about a level of ease when it comes to trust between both parties. They both know exactly where to find each other and in case of any problems, reaching out is more comfortable. There are firms that you can work with that draw total and reasonable compliance and remain calm in dealings when it comes to possible adverse circumstances.

But, the biggest problem with an agency is that you don’t get to choose who you are working with. The agency would allocate a social media manager for your business, and that is usually picked randomly. If you have a huge business, then you might be given an experienced manager. But if you are a small business, you are likely to be paired up with a marketing rookie.

In addition to that, when a problem arises, the digital agency would care about its reputation and standing in the market. On the contrary, the individuals working for the firm won’t be held accountable in the same way. Thus it would not be their priority to provide you with exceptional services. And you might end up with bugged social media or poor customer care.


Conclusively, the bottom line is that you read and skim the actual reviews from actual customers, who have worked with the desired freelancer or agency. This would offer you insight into working with them. You can always look for answers to the most important and meaningful questions.

Now it depends on your requirements whether you need a skills gap filled or a full team at your disposal. Bawabba is one of the best freelance marketing places in Dubai. It would provide excellent services and help you find people suited right for you.

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