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Why Authenticity in Social Media is Important & How Freelance Social Media Managers Do It

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As the internet continues to get stuffed with all sorts of content, freelance social media managers in Dubai have been on the frontline to ensure that they can break through the clutter and connect with people. 

There are many ways to use such platforms to get to the relevant audience. These include targeting marketing, sponsored campaigns, influencer marketing, boosted posts, etc. But once the message gets to these people, will it have the impact you expected? How will the people process your posts?

One of the least explored factors that can build or break your social media marketing strategies is authenticity. 

So what exactly is authenticity?

By definition, authenticity is being genuine, showing the real side of you. If you delve deeper, it also means how trustworthy your posts are and whether or not people can relate to them. There are too many fake and deceptive factors that defined social media marketing over the last couple of years. 

However, consumers have begun embracing authentic content that they can relate to, meaning the days of perfectly curated content are over. These not only include trusted & believable posts but also something that shows the real you ‒ what your beliefs and opinions are on various matters. 

Over 86% of consumers claim that the authenticity of a brand is what pushes them to make a sale from them. Luckily, with the services of the right freelance social media managers in the UAE, companies have been able to build a recognizable face and voice on social media. Many of them have been able to appeal to their audience without rubbing many feathers. 

How Brands Can Be More Authentic on Social Media

Content marketing is a long game, as it is focused on building trust and a good relationship between brands and consumers. Companies are unlike individuals who can post just about anything, share whatever opinions they have, or rant against anything they don’t agree with. 

Having such freedom is not available in the corporate world as not everyone will agree with your sentiments. This is why everything you post has to be well thought about, as rubbing shoulders with the audience will have detrimental impacts on the business. But still, being authentic is one of the most critical parts of a social media campaign strategy.

Interacting with the followers on a personal level shows transparency and the human side of the brand. So how can companies showcase authenticity without negatively impacting their business? 

1. Being honest and transparent

Although it might sound a bit cliche, you should distance yourself from fake news and don’t make the mistake of sharing unverified ones. Fake news spreads like wildfire on social media. If you fall prey and jump on the bandwagon, people will start to lose trust in you. However, if you stick to only sharing verified news, the audience will always trust you, and this usually is directly proportional to increased sales.

Let’s face it; some companies will say anything just to have their products bought. But for how long will the lies last? Don’t be trapped into such doings as they are some of the most common social media mistakes that people make. Be honest about your products and even go further and be more transparent about your products.

You can show your followers some behind-the-scenes clips, a close-up look at your company, etc. 

2. Don’t be too salesy

You should skip calling people to action at some point. While the main purpose of the brand’s social media presence is to enhance sales, strike a balance between that and connecting with the audience. This is called playing the long ball. 

When you interact with your followers, trust is built, and they are more likely to be purchasing your products because you’ll have struck them as an authentic brand that cares about them. While avoiding being promotional at all times, it is good to also think about how to create content that your audience craves.

3. If you mess up, own it.

Mistakes do happen every time. A freelance social media manager in Dubai might post something that might not go well with a section of your followers, or worse still, you might have offended your followers because of your posts. Sometimes, this can be classified as a social media crisis, but you can still handle all that. 

If you wish to avoid your company going down the drain, you better own up to your mistakes and apologize accordingly. Ignoring such mistakes might show how insensitive your company is, but when you own up to them, it shows that there are real people behind the brand, making people trust you even more. 


Every social media post and activity is deeply ingrained in your overall brand, so ensure that everything you do resonates well with your audience. Freelance social media managers in Dubai are perfectly fit for such tasks, ensuring that both your followers and other potentials, view your brand as authentic.

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