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A Social Media Marketing Guide On FaceBook Dynamic Ads To Help You Increase Results in 2020

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Social media is one of the proven methods you can use to promote your business. Facebook has helped businesses increase their brand awareness and push their products and services in the market. Unlike the traditional means of marketing, the use of Facebook as the marketing platform offers all businesses irrespective of their budget, an equal chance to reach out to their clients more effectively and efficiently thanks to its scalability. Companies with small budgets can grow their business by being innovative and responsive on their channels. A freelance social media marketing expert can help businesses with small budgets increase their return on investments(ROI) by assisting them to discover the most effective channels. A freelance social media marketer understands and implements the Best Social Media Marketing Trends and Best Practices.

The social media marketer will also help businesses optimize their ads to ensure they capture the attention of many potential clients with strategies that are proven over the years. Nevertheless, if you are ready to try Facebook marketing, you should make sure that you understand the things you should consider before starting a social media campaign. It will help you avoid making common mistakes that prevent businesses from harnessing the power of social media. Facebook offers many marketing opportunities for small and medium businesses. Facebook Dynamic Ads have been gaining popularity over the last few years and the ads are expected to skyrocket even further in 2020.

What you should know about Facebook Dynamic Ads

Dynamic ads are not different from any other ads you see on Messenger, Facebook, and Instagram. However, they are more effective as they use images and details from your feeds to reach people who have already shown interest in your products. Unlike other ads that show randomly, the Dynamic ads use pixel and SDK to ensure that they are only visible to people who have already viewed your product.

Although they offer some of the best returns on investment, there are some situations when you should avoid using Facebook Dynamic ads. Dynamic ads are not effective if you have less than ten products. A standard carousel is the best option for businesses with less than ten products as it allows the display of up to ten products. The use of Dynamic Ads is also not effective if you have less than 20 products that are similar. A freelance social media marketing expert should use Facebook Dynamic Ads if you have more than ten products or 20 products if they are similar.

How to set up Dynamic Products Ads

1. Install Facebook pixel or SDK

You will need to first add the pixel on your website or SDK for mobile apps. The pixel can be populated by most shopping carts ensuring that you are able to get the right data for your ads. The process makes it possible to correct data of those who have viewed the product, added the product to the cart, and those who have purchased the product. The data allows a freelance social media marketing expert to create an audience that is highly relevant to your campaign. For example, you can set your ads to ensure that they will display to individuals who have viewed the product but have not purchased it.

2. Create the catalog of your products

The best way to create your products catalog is to use a plugin to link your Facebook account to your eCommerce store. Most eCommerce stores allow seamless exporting of products and their essential information like product name, brand, and price. If you would like to go the traditional way, you will have to manually export the XML or CSV file that contains your main product attributes. If you have hosted your store on WooCommerce, you will only need to use Facebook WooCommerce Pixel Caffeine. Once you have set up your product catalog, you should regularly monitor it to ensure that everything is working well. You should keep an eye on the diagnostics, product data sources, and event data sources to ensure that there is no error.

3. Create product sets

It is good to create product sets if you have a diverse product range as it allows you to display specific products to a target market. You should make sure that each set of products is targeted to the right individuals. Facebook Dynamic Ads offers you four types of audiences that you should target.

  • Broad: Those who have not viewed your products yet
  • Viewed but not purchased: Those who have interacted with the products but are yet to purchase
  • Up-sell: Those who have seen different products
  • Cross-sell: Display of relevant products to those who have already purchased

4. Create the Ad

Creating the ad is more straightforward as you already have all the details in the product catalog. You will need to choose the catalog and specify the target audience. You will also need to choose the duration your ad will run, which could be a couple of days, a week, or a month. Since the catalog will do most of the setup, your only work will be to customize the ad. You can use the “+” buttons to customize text, link description, and headline. It is possible to customize the images, but you will have to select customize images options when setting up the ad. The customization allows you to add overlays to images like prices and brand names.

Wrap Up

Anyone can set up Facebook Dynamic ads as it is not complicated, and it does not require any coding. As long as you have followed the above guide, you can be sure that your Dynamic Ads will be effective in selling your products. Nevertheless, hiring a freelance social media marketing professional will help take your Facebook Dynamic Ads to the next stage. An experienced social media freelancer can help tweak and optimize your Ads to increase the overall campaign success. Monitoring and tweaking the Ad will ensure that your Ads remain fresh in the eyes of your audience, resulting in improved conversion rates. The freelancer will further help entice your audience by ensuring that your images are on point.

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