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Looking To Save On Your Advertising Costs? Social Media Marketing May Be The Solution For You

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Social Media Marketing has emerged as one of the most effective marketing methods of the 21st century. By giving you direct access to your customers, social media allows you to find out what they seek in products and services. You can see their immediate reaction to your new product releases, promotions and brand-pushing campaigns. This can save you mounds of money on advertising costs. 

By hiring a social media marketing expert, you can gain a huge insight into your customers’ thoughts without funding extensive surveys and research. This will improve the quality of your advertising while slashing your expenses. 

Here’s every way in which an expert in social media marketing in the UAE can shrink your advertising expenditure: 

1. Quantitative Research And Infographics

The use of audience insights provided by social media platforms such as FacebookYoutube and Instagram Business can provide you with free quantitative research. Quantitative research is an essential part of company R&D (Research and Development). It provides information in the form of statistics about visitor demographics and behaviour. This information is presented in the form of raw data or Infographics. 

Creating your own Infographic will be relatively expensive; you will have to hire an expert to carry out a large survey and then turn the received information into graphs. The use of social media platforms will save you a lot of money and time by providing you with relevant infographics directly. These infographics will give you the essential information you can base the majority of your marketing strategy on. 

2. Qualitative Research And Testimonials

Social media is undeniably the widest channel of customer experience depiction in the world. You can often see colleagues and relatives on Facebook and Instagram recounting their time at a restaurant, or warning against an unpleasant experience with a retailer. This is because social media has infiltrated the lives of the majority of the world; therefore it provides the perfect stage for honest, reliable customer expression. 

You will need to hire an expert in social media marketing in Dubai to get the best audience “brand mention” analysis. This will allow you to source real testimonials from users of your service or product for useful information on your company’s performance. It will also allow you to have quotable material you can post on your website to increase your brand credibility. 

3. Giveaways And Promo Codes

Social media is the perfect place to organize competitions because it provides you quick access to your customer base. Sites like Facebook and Twitter all publicize user behaviour automatically. This allows information about promotions to spread. This fast-spreading of your most user-engaging information will exponentiate your social media presence and ultimately, sales returns. 

Promotions have been deemed some of the most effective means of expanding customer bases. This will save you immense funds on adverts, sponsorship payments and promotional events. 

4. User Profile Creation

The creation of a user profile is one of the most expensive parts of advertising research. When hiring one of the many social media marketing companies in Dubai,  you will have to fund field research and analysis hours to develop a “standard user” profile. This profile will be used to decide on the advertising content best suited to your customer base. 

The use of social media as a marketing tool allows you to literally navigate through the profiles of your users. This will help you pick out customer behaviour patterns and trends you can mimic in your advertising messaging. This will provide you with more effective advertising than traditional user profile creation, at a fraction of the price. 

5. Free Airing

You can air direct transmission of your promotional events and live user testimonials through your brand’s social media page. This allows your business direct exposure to your audience in your most memorable moments. This helps to create brand recognition in your industry and allows your audience to feel involved in your business’s every exciting venture. 

6. Market Presence

Having a solid market presence over the years will require either steady advertising or dynamic social media marketing. By having an engaging, informative brand page on platforms such as Facebook, you can be in constant contact with your customers. This enables them to remember you, your logo and your basic brand message without investing in an infomercial. 

Infomercials are almost outdated in the majority of the world. Instead, people have been opting for more authentic testimonials – such as YouTube reviews – to source information on a product. The creation of briefing videos through Youtube and other platforms is generally relatively cheaper than the creation of infomercials and flyers. 

7. Direct Communication 

The direct communication you may have with your clients on your social media page allows for constant contact with your pool of buyers and possible sponsors. You can reply to reviews, comments and direct messages to inform individual clients of information they may find interesting. This adds a personal touch to your client communication which is entirely unachievable with traditional advertising methods. 

Hiring A Social Media Marketing Expert Who Will Cut Down Your Costs 

You will need an expert in social media marketing in the UAE who will know how to cut down your advertising costs even with the completion of simple tasks. They will need branding expertise to create a strong message consistent with your marque with every post, campaign or live transmission. Therefore, you will need to check the areas of expertise of your prospective freelancers in social media marketing before you choose your profession. 

You should look for the following skills: 

  • Market Research Analysis 
  • Basic Graphic Design Aptitude 
  • Branding

A Concluding Note 

Freelance social media marketing companies in Dubai requires a keen knowledge of the UAE’s social media scene. They will have to know how to analyse page visits and audience behaviour information. This will allow them to establish a clear strategy on how to best market your products or services online. It will also allow you to gauge the standard profile of your customer base, which will make research for advertisement much less expensive. 

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