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How to Build a Successful Instagram Ad Campaign

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Since it was launched in May 2010, Instagram has been one of the best platforms used by freelance social media managers in Dubai to market thousands of businesses worldwide. What began as a simple photo-sharing app, is now home to almost half a billion daily users who interact on various levels. 

Thanks to the high number of users, Instagram offers an excellent platform for companies to market their products to a larger audience while still engaging with them in a personal way. This channel has numerous options for marketing your products, including photo ads, carousel ads, and promotions on Instastories. 

The last two options are diverse, and you can include videos not only to provide sight and sound but also to add motion to your marketing campaign. Here are the 6 Ways to Incorporate a Visual Marketing Strategy into your marketing campaign. And we all know how powerful videos are in today’s marketing world. 

Before launching your social media campaigns, the first thing you ought to do is choose the right platform to use. Well, while Instagram would be an excellent choice, it is best to find out whether it is right for you. If it works out for you, then you ought to take advantage of the most effective ad tactics that will not only increase engagement but also maximize your ROI. 

Here are some of the best steps to follow to ensure that you create high-quality Instagram ads:

1. Maximize your customer’s interests

Before you launch your social media campaign, it is paramount to research your customer interests first. Doing so will enable you to create content that will resonate with them. You have to come up with ad materials that show you have the same interests as them and care about the same things. 

2. Make the first seconds count

Instagram users tend to scroll through their feeds quite fast, and if you’re sponsoring a post, it better be good enough to make them stop and examine what it is all about. In a nutshell, you have less than a second to capture their attention. The best freelance social media marketers in Dubai recommend that for you to succeed in doing so, the post ought to be bright enough with your key message being the first noticeable thing. 

If you use a video, then forget about being too arty and avoid slow openers. Before the user scrolls past the ad, thinking it is a still image, ensure that you have already captured their attention with a good blend of sound and motion.

3. Include native-looking visuals

We have all interacted with ads ever since the moment we learned how to use social media. By now, it is quite obvious to tell which post is an ad and which one isn’t. How many times have you ever seen an advertisement and gone right ahead to skip it or scroll past it without even taking a moment to see what it is all about? Well, that’s the same situation your target audience might experience. 

However, since Instagram ads are targeted to people with specific interests, you can use that chance to tailor the content you sponsor. If someone sees that the post is native to the platform and looks like content from the accounts they follow, they might take a second to check what it’s all about. Doing so enables you to create organic and fewer sales ads. 

4. Unlock the power of the Instagram Carousel

Let’s face it; sometimes, it might be hard to tell the whole story on only one image. To make matters worse, having too much text in ad images can get you penalized. This is freelance social media managers in Dubai use the amazing Instagram Carousel feature, which allows one to attach up to 10 images and videos in one post. This is a great feature as it helps you to share all the relevant photos in one go without saturating your feed with promotional images. 

5. Use the right hashtags

The use of hashtags is now a game-changer in the world of social media. When you come up with branded hashtags, other people will be able to find you even if they don’t follow your account. They can easily search for the hashtags and will quickly engage with your posts. Apart from using popular hashtags in your community, you can always start your own branded hashtags and work extra harder to popularize them. 

6. Understand your CTA

Before launching any social media campaigns, always know what your goals are. After seeing your ad, what action do you expect your audience to take? Is it to get you more page followers or to drive more traffic to your website? Ensure that these actions are easy to be taken by the audience; otherwise, you risk ending with a failed social media ad campaign.

Wrapping it up

If Instagram ads are right for your company, now is the time to go for them. Remember that to maximize your ROI, you don’t really need millions of followers ‒ the right strategies will do. Get in touch with professional freelance social media managers in Dubai to help you get the most out of Instagram ads.

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