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Keeping it Real: Transparency in Social Media

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Trends in marketing keep on changing and freelance social media managers in Dubai are always on the lookout for what’s new. Growing up, many of us didn’t know what restaurants put in their food, how it was cooked, where company products came from and most certainly didn’t know the values and beliefs of a company’s CEO. The dawn of the social media era came and changed all this.

Brands are now held in high regard, as people wish to know more than the product or services being sold. With the presence of thousands of forums, social media groups, review sites, etc., being transparent as a business has now become more important than ever before. In this case, transparency is all about being honest, accountable, and open to customers and prospects.

Being transparent is also a way of involving the customer in your company both directly and indirectly. Inaccurate representation and dishonest communication are some of the factors that hurt your business. While transparency is key to building and engaging your audience, some marketers sometimes get it all wrong. 

Here are some of the ways you can show transparency to your audience through social media:

1. Humanize your brand.

There is no better way to induce trust from your audience than showing that there is a human being behind the brand. Well, of course, there has to be someone there, but what sets you apart from others is your ability to bring out your personality. 

Moreover, don’t be afraid to show the behind-the-scenes experiences to your audience. When advertising or promoting a new product, do not just take pictures of it, but also someone using them. Post pictures of the people behind the products too (employees) and everyone else involved in the day-to-day running of the company. This is an excellent way of appealing to the masses that your products can be relatable and used by them. 

2. Own your mistakes.

We all make mistakes, but how we handle them is the difference. On social media, anything can go wrong, especially if more than one person operates the accounts. Your company might make a comment that might be perceived to be insensitive or just a simple typo. While these might not result in a social media crisis, it is still a good idea to own up to your mistakes instead of trying to cover them up. 

The internet never forgets, so you’d rather come out as human, apologize, and move on. People are more likely to associate with you than with a brand that always tries to hit back at critics or covers up their mistakes.

3. Don’t fake it ‒ be truthful.

Transparency is all about being who you are. Only talk about the things that you may know and can do well. You cannot be the best in everything. If you cannot do something, be straightforward about it from the word go. Do not try to beat around the bush, hoping to convince the audience otherwise. Only advertise what you can offer.

Find your niche and stick to it. Try to improve your capacity and skills, but in the same industry. While it is important to be viewed as someone with many talents, it is even better if you’re known as an expert in a particular field. 

4. Have an opinion, but stay open to others.

Having an opinion about something is a human trait, but when it comes to businesses, you ought to tread carefully. Every organization or company has its stand on certain social issues, but when you wish to appeal to your audience, it is best to recognize those that do not agree with your ideas. 

When posting about something, be transparent and let them know why you think that should be the case. However, do not close the discussion at that. Be welcoming to other opinions, and people might associate with you more since you also take their views into perspective. 

5. Share your progress and aspirations.

Regardless of where you are at the moment, chances are you have made a significant improvement from where you were when starting out. Filling people in on your progress is a great way of showing them how transparent you are. 

No matter what industry you’re in, you must have aspirations or goals for the future. People relate to you more if you tell them about your story and vision.


Your audience has also been through what you go through. They have made mistakes. They have had challenges and successes too. Use that to connect with them. These simple tips will help you as a freelance social media manager in Dubai to stay ahead of the competition by appealing to the masses through transparency.

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