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How to Get More People Sharing Your Content on Social Media

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Social media is a significant player when it comes to communication and assists many businesses to connect with their target market while promoting their brands. According to the 2019 Global Digital report, there are about 3.48 billion internet users in the world. This means that you have the potential to share your product online and reach people all over the world.

Businesses willing to reap great results from such platforms seek the services of trained freelance social media managers in DubaiThese professionals help companies reach their target market quickly and flawlessly.

The best way for your business to attain its goal in social media is by having more people share your content online. But how do you achieve such in a market that is saturated with similar products? These simple steps will ensure that your products and services rank high on social media platforms.

Being relevant

In general, social media is a changing beast that can move you and your product to irrelevancy with even a single negative comment. Trends are constantly changing, and you should desist from posting things that are outdated or do not appeal to the general audience.

The work of a freelance social media manager in the UAE is to keep track of the ever-changing trends by:

Posting authentic content

Authentic content will ensure your brand is displayed in a manner that shows its benefits to the target customers.


As a brand, it’s essential to understand why consumers are following you. Understanding why your followers value your presence in their feeds allows you to capitalize on it. Social media managers will understand what your target market wants, what your customer expects, and what you as a business desire. They combine all these to give you a social presence that will allow consumers to follow you, which in turn, you can capitalize on.

Striking emotions

Most people respond well to positive emotions. Ensure that your content touches your consumers and leaves them with happy feelings. When your content connects with your customers emotionally, you have almost won the battle of social media supremacy.

Embracing change

Social media changes frequently, and your presence should be made in a way that changes with the trends. Change a post (or repurpose it) if it is outdated and does not reflect or move with the current trends. When done correctly, this will ensure your products remain relevant in social media.

Use Visuals

Currently, the use of visuals in social media has become an essential avenue in conveying information to your targeted audience. With platforms like Instagram and Pinterest, gathering a huge following, having to market your products and services has been made easier. You can have images of your products, or even an idea that you know will interest your customers.

Ensure that your images have a share button so that customers can share them with their loved ones. In social media, the more your content is shared, the higher your chances of having potential buyers or even actual buyers.

Visual branding ensures that you attract more people that will buy your product. Most people can bypass some content, but when you put an image, it attracts them to read your content.

Have a Personality

In general, social media is all about connecting with different people from different backgrounds who have a common interest in what you provide. You will need to have a personality that they can relate to, something that makes you stick out, and makes you memorable when they come across you or your content online.

Most readers have a short concentration span; this means that you must have unique content that will not only draw them in but also ensure they read till the end of your post. There are several ways that you can give your content a personality. Examples of such methods include:

  • Give your personal opinion ‒ your subjective opinion will sway some people. Give it in a manner that respects other ideas as well.
  • Make it emotional ‒ striking emotions ensures there is a connection with your audience.
  • Make it readable ‒ most people don’t read the whole post; therefore, make your content readable in the few seconds they scan it so that you can interest them in reading more.
  • Be helpful identify the pain point that connects you and your followers. This will help you curate content that’s helpful to them, providing them with the solutions they need. 


These are some of the ways that you can make your content reach your audience online. Having a freelance social media manager in Dubai will help you remain at the top of your game and attain your online goals.

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