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How to Grow Your Business on Social Media in 2020// Social Media Marketing in Dubai

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As the internet is gaining more coverage around the globe, there is an influx of social media sites. Many companies are striving to place an advertisement on leading social media sites. Celebrities and companies are equally launching products on these platforms. Social media is thus slowly becoming an integral part of our society. Social media marketing in Dubai and across the globe has enabled businesses to drive sales and improve their products and services through customer experience feedback gathered from these sites.

Social media is an excellent way of increasing brand awareness online. Most internet users have discovered some brands online when visiting social media sites. As accustomed, once people spot a brand, they dive deeper to seek out more information relating thereby directing traffic to the brand. As a result, the products are ranked among the top searches, thus making them more discoverable on the internet. Any search for a related item will automatically land you on the product. It implies that, once you click on the search button for the product, the cluster under which it belongs, or a related item, the result will land you at that product. It applies to all internet users, even the ones without the intention of looking up the product or who are also not aware of it will stumble upon it in their attempt to choose what to go for. Social media can, therefore, play a pivotal role to influence consumer trends. There are several ways to grow a business through brand awareness on social media. They are discussed below.

12 Best Ways to Increase Brand Awareness Through Social Media

Brand awareness through social media is critical for the growth of any business. The more people know and share about you, the more you are likely to gain market. Continue reading to find out how best to increase or boost awareness of a brand on social media.

1. Share great content to increase brand awareness

When creating content, seek to add value to the audience by publishing information that leads to more discovery of the product. Remember to share solutions by answering their questions consistently and promptly. Keep up with the current trends and avoid duplicating or repeating previous posts.

2. Follow influencers

Social media is all about influence no one does it better than industry influencers. Follow them and engage them on social. Use any possible chance you have to network with their followers through commentaries or answering queries.

3. Use visual content 

Visual content is considered more appealing to social media users than text-only posts. Express your brand through graphics and pictures. Posts containing images draw more attention than just plain text. Remember to create content that the audience craves.

4. Apply different tones for different platforms

Different social media sites call for different tones when connecting with users. It is because the audience varies depending on the business that primarily goes on the website. You can be more playful on Twitter than on LinkedIn because, unlike Twitter, LinkedIn is more of a professional social site and thus a bit serious. 

5. Avoid posting similar content on all channels

It is not advisable to make similar posts across social channels. If you want to share a similar piece of information on many channels, write a unique message along with the information that you seek to post. Do not copy and paste one post all over the social media platforms.

6. Consistent branding across channels same as the website

Establish a branding style to guide you. Stick to company colors and themes. Make a business logo and use it always. Maintain a vibrant brand across all channels, websites, and blogs. It will enable people to recognize you, thereby increasing awareness of the brand quickly.

7. Start a blog

Use the blog to inform your audience on new trends and create posts that offer solutions to common problems. Share the content throughout your channels. Remember, good quality content will be cross shared by many of your readers. Use tested and proven methods to promote your blog spot. However, when engaging the audience, it is essential to note that social media marketing in Dubai is subject to the set regulations that govern social media in general.

8. Ask questions to instigate conversations

Share items in your channels that can start conversations around a specific topic. It is a great way to keep your audience engaged and learning something new. Choose a trending or a very engaging subject. If you can tackle it well, then non-followers may start joining your conversations. Keep doing what you do best, and they are likely not just to follow you henceforth but also tap in more followers to your channels.

9. Boost successful posts

Fund the social accounts and boost your posts to reach a wider audience. There are high chances to grow your audience when many people see your posts. It is an excellent way of making people aware of the brand.

10. Use social listening tools

When someone mentions your brand, these tools give you an alert that enables you to engage with the person right away. Social listening tools will let you monitor your platforms for direct mention of your brand, customer feedback, and any discussions related to topics, competitors, industry, or keywords. The data is then analyzed, and the results are shared. Based on the results, you can see insights and missed opportunities and formulate a strategy for your campaign. HubSpot, Hootsuite, and Buffer are some of the leading social listening tools.

11. Share your CSR activities

When you have a community social responsibility program in action, then share everything about it. People have shown increasingly lean toward brands that give back to the community. Organize activities and post each with compelling captions on social media for everyone to see.

12. Use of GIFs

GIFs make rounds on social media platforms. They are shared and re-shared many times over and are simple to make. Record funny videos relating to the brand then convert them into a GIF. It can go viral before you know it, and the whole world will be knocking at your door.

How to choose the right social media platform for your company may be an uphill task. However, when conducting social media marketing in Dubai, approach various social media channels differently so that you can gain a wider following. 


Brand awareness plays a crucial role in growing your business. It has enabled many companies to identify and set new marketing campaign strategies that have yielded positive results. Companies have been allowed to engage with consumers through feedback directly. Apply the points above as a guide to succeed in your campaign.

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