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Monetization of Instagram Posts Made Easier Using Facebook’s Creator Studio

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Scheduling and managing content on Instagram has been a pretty daunting task for social media marketers. Initially, the company had given API (Application Programming Interface) access to third-party platforms to help content creators schedule content on the platform. 

However, this capability was not as useful as a freelance social media marketer in Dubai could only schedule notifications to remind them to post content on Instagram. Additionally, Instagram APIs have restrictions as to what third-party tools can access and how to post content.

Facebook recently launched an Instagram Creator Studio to enable users to manage their Instagram posts, monetize content, and upload images from a desktop. The feature which was only available on Facebook pages allows creators to access lots of new tools, including scheduling IGTV videos. 

So how can you use Instagram’s Creator Studio to post content on Instagram and IGTV from your desktop?

What is Instagram Creator Studio?

Instagram Creator Studio is a tool that allows users to post, measure, and manage content across their Instagram and Facebook accounts. It is among some of the important tools used by freelance social media marketers in the UAE to run their campaigns on autopilot

Facebook developed the tool to help creators earn cash from content created, including brand collaborations, ad revenue, and support from fans.

The feature is only available on Instagram’s creator accounts, which were developed as a result of the increasing demand for more features and easy content management. As such, Instagram’s Creator Studio is designed for users who create and share original content, bloggers, and influencers. 

Does it mean a social media manager is not entitled to use Instagram’s Creator Studio? This is not the case; Creator Studio is still useful to users who want to schedule IGTV videos for social media marketing in Dubai.

Having the necessary tools is one of the tips for a successful freelance career in social media marketing. However, the tool is relatively limited when it comes to specific features like team collaboration, analytics, and visual planning. 

As such, a freelance social media manager looking for a tool to optimize their Instagram strategy, attribute revenue to specific posts on Instagram, or schedule content visually may find Instagram’s Creator Studio a bit restrictive. 

How to Use Instagram’s Creator Studio

Connecting your account to Instagram Studio:

  1. Ensure you have a Facebook page and an Instagram account. The Instagram account should be connected to the Facebook page you want to manage
  2. Ensure your Instagram account is a Creator account or a business profile
  3. Then open the Creator Studio icon on the desktop and select the Instagram feature at the top page
  4. The next step depends on the relationship between your Facebook page and Instagram account:
  5. social media manager handling a Facebook Page that’s connected to the Instagram account should click on the Creator Studio icon to connect to that page
  6. If the Facebook Page is not connected to the Instagram account, connect and follow the instructions to sign in to the account 
  7. If handling a Facebook page that’s not connected to an Instagram account click on the connect icon to connect to another Instagram account
  8. If managing multiple Instagram accounts linked to your Facebook Page and wish to control them using Creator Studio, select the ‘Continue with Connected Accounts’ icon
  9. Once the Instagram account is connected to the Creator Studio, anybody managing the Facebook Page automatically gets access to the page in the new platform.

What Can You Do with Instagram’s Creator Studio?

This tool provides a range of capabilities to content creators. Once you have connected it to your Instagram account, you can write captions, crop images, and schedule the time you wish for the content to be published. 

So what else does the Instagram Creator Studio do for you? 

  • Post Instagram & IGTV Content
    Once your Instagram account is connected to Creator Studio, it’s easy to manage all your Instagram posts, monitor activity and get audience insights. These metrics are critical to evaluating the success of a social media campaign. What’s more, you can manage all inbound and outbound links from a desktop.
    Instagram Creator Studio also provides publishing tools for IGTV and Instagram feed posts which create a common platform for creators to manage content. Here are some steps to follow:1. Select the icon ‘Create Post’ at the top-left of the page
    2. Then choose, the icon Instagram Feed and upload an image, write a caption and add a location
    3. Tag people on the photo and activate the ‘tag’ icon below the post
    4. Click any place on the image and tag an account
    5. Then click the ‘schedule’ button and add the day and time you wish the post to go live
    6. Creator Studio will publish the post on your feed on the set date
  • Schedule IGTV Videos
    With Creator Studio, a freelance social media manager in the UAE can schedule IGTV videos from a desktop in a matter of minutes. Here’s a quick walk around on how this is possible:

1. Connect Instagram Account to Facebook Creator Studio

  • Connect the Instagram Account to Facebook Creator Studio
  •  Log into the Creator Studio dashboard and click on the Instagram icon
  • You will receive a command to connect to your Instagram account and log in
  • Follow the steps to add your account to Creator Studio 
  • Once the Instagram account is connected, a dashboard appears displaying previous posts, Instagram stories, and videos you have ever posted

2. Schedule the Videos

  • Click on the ‘create’ button on the dashboard and select ‘IGTV’.
  • If you have multiple Instagram accounts choose the one you want to schedule the video to
  • Upload the video, add captions and titles, and set the time you want it to go live. When selecting a video, you can choose one from your computer or an existing one from your Instagram profile. Be sure to upload MP4 files. Other types of video files (.mov file) cause problems when saving the Instagram Stories to the camera roll and want to schedule them as IGTV videos later
  • Choose a cover image. You can upload a custom image or choose a frame from the show-reel that appears.

3. Choose Scheduling Settings

  • Set your preferred publishing settings. The video should not be too long or too short. A one-minute preview, for example, boosts engagement, and drive more traffic to your channel
  • Schedule the video for live coverage. Tap the arrow beside the publish button and click on the ‘schedule’ button. A calendar and time-setting box appears to allow you to choose when the video goes live
  • Then click on the ‘Schedule’ button 
  • Content creators can also check on the scheduled IGTV videos by clicking on the IGTV tab on the Instagram Creator Studio home page


With content creators looking for ways to monetize content on Instagram and IGTV videos, Instagram’s Creator Studio is truly heaven-sent. The ability to schedule the time Instagram posts and videos can go live is one handy feature any marketer would love to have. 

While it is readily available for use, you can consult some experienced freelance social media marketers in Dubai for better tips on how to use these platforms for marketing your brand.

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