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Best Automated Social Media Marketing Tools in 2021 – Run your Social Media Marketing on Autopilot

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Social media is a powerful tool that you can leverage to boost your business. Questioning the importance of social media as a marketing tool is just like asking about the importance of sunlight on earth. It is no longer a want, but a necessity for every business out there – whether big or small. Freelance social media marketers in Dubai use such platforms to drive traffic to your website, which eventually converts into sales. 

Furthermore, it is an effective way to keep your followers in the loop, engaging them, and informing them of your offers or new products. It is still, up to date, the fastest means of communicating to a multitude considering that not many people, especially the Millenials, take their time to follow other forms. 

While social media is increasingly becoming a need for every business, effective management of your pages and accounts becomes crucial. If you are really inclined to get the most out of the social web, you cannot simply log into your accounts and post whatever you want, whenever. 

Why use social media management tools?

Social media marketing generally entails understanding your audience before knowing what to post and when to post it and where to post it. You must also be aware of the Best Social Media Marketing Trends and Best Practices and where to post them. However, in the marketing industry, the updates on these sites have to be consistent and on-brand across all platforms. 

This is where social media management tools come in. They were made specifically to save one the time and energy they would have taken to run their platforms manually. In a nutshell, they help you to streamline your posting process.

Social media management tools enable one to take control of their social media presence from one single interface. The services are simplified from every aspect, including scheduling updates, generating reports, and also how to interact with your audience. With such tools, you can keep tabs on competing brands while still getting full analytics of your campaigns.

You are able to stay on top of your customer service inquiries with the help of these management tools. Research has it that 90% of businesses use social media as a tool for customer service in 2020. 

It is also important to note that up to 80% of customers anticipate a reply to a query they made over your social media handle within 24 hours. If this doesn’t happen within such stipulated time, brand loyalty is damaged, and they might opt for services from another brand. With all these in mind, therefore, you need to find a way to keep up.

How to Choose the Best Social Media Management Tools

There are lots of tools one can use out there, but it all draws one back to what their needs are. However, here are the key features that you should look for before settling on a particular tool:

Analytics and Reporting

The best tools should be able to collect data and enable you to collect and export them whenever needed. Look for one that has quick reporting and analytics which you can share with your clients or team for further action.


The tool you settle on should enable social network integration. It should connect all your major platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.


The engagement between you and your followers is vital for the success of your business. The management tool should make it easy on your side to identify which posts or messages require your attention (among other opportunities) and enable you to respond quickly. 

Post scheduling

Social post scheduling is now a must for every business operating a social media platform. Instead of posting content manually, you can have the tools doing all that work for you, as long as you have identified the correct things to post and the time to be published.


You may not have your ears all over social media, but these tools can identify for you where your attention is needed. Such cases include an influx in the number of mentions or posts that require you to respond within a short period.

Quick Guide on How to Run your Social Media on Autopilot

It is crucial to have an in-depth understanding of the various factors to consider before running a social media campaign. With the tips mentioned above in mind, here are other vital things to consider when you wish to run your social media campaigns on autopilot.

1. Organize and make plans in advance

The failure to prepare well before publishing your content is a tedious process, not to mention that you may have to do this manually. Have a content calendar where all your future posts are planned for, including the words, images, or videos to be used.

2. Post on optimum times

Each industry and platform has a specific audience which you should take your time to identify and understand better. You should know about the best times to post on social media before you have your posts scheduled. Many freelance social media marketers in the UAE believe that the best times to schedule a post are:

  • Between 6 A.M and 9 A.M when the majority of users are getting ready, or on their way to work or school.
  • Between 12 noon and 2 P.M when they are on lunch break.
  • Between 5 P.M and 7 P.M when they leave back home.
  • And lastly at about 10 P.M when many people take a quick look on their phones for that ‘final scroll’ before retiring to bed.

3. Schedule an interaction with your audience

Have an estimated time that you may need to engage with your audience. You can post a question that requires them to give feedback and respond to as many as possible. Furthermore, if you had previous mentions, this is the time to have a look at them and act accordingly.


Running your social media campaigns on autopilot is a rewarding step, but it is also one that can create a mess without proper planning. Our tips are used by the best freelance social media marketers in Dubai to push for brand visibility on their clients’ pages.

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