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How to Strengthen Your Branding on Instagram

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With over a billion active monthly users, it is hard to believe that Instagram was once the younger sibling to Facebook, where only teenagers and a few young adults would post their edited photos. Up until a few years ago, Instagram has become one of the leading marketing tools used by businesses to market themselves. There are currently over 2 million active advertisements on the platform, with approximately 25 million business profiles.

Having a cohesive Instagram profile is one of the surest ways of attracting your target audience, hence getting more followers, and ultimately, more conversions. However, without the help of a trained freelance social media manager in Dubai, building your Instagram brand can prove to be a daunting experience. That’s why we have compiled for you a list of five ways you can easily follow to add branding to your Instagram profile.

The Benefits of Instagram Branding

Are you not entirely convinced about why you need to strengthen your Instagram branding? No worries. Here are a few reasons you should add branding to your Instagram if you want to create a cohesive online presence:

Build trust

A professionally designed Instagram feed that relates to your brand voice and guidelines has more potential to make you gain the trust of your followers. You’ll appear as an authority and industry leader in your field, increasing the confidence the audience places in you, and making them choose your products or services if the need arises.

Create brand recognition

Your audience can easily tell whether you’ve put much thought into having a particular look and feel to your social profiles and other media, such as websites. This consistency is appreciated by the audience and can easily identify your brand through your content.

Generate traffic

One of the things that Instagram is infamous for is only allowing a maximum of a single link in one’s bio. However, this doesn’t stop freelance social media managers in the UAE from taking advantage of it. You need to rebrand your profile to include such links to help you get more traffic to your website.

How to Brand Your Instagram

Now that you know why branding can be a powerful tool in your social media marketing strategies, let’s dive into some tips to follow:

1. Understand the basics of profile branding

There are a number of things one has to know in the field of social media branding, but with the basics in mind, you might just get started on your own. The first thing always has to be sorting out the logo and cover photos that best define your brand.

This also sets the tone for your business, enabling people to understand your services, even before going through your content or reading your bio.

2. Create content with a similar look

One other simple way of adding branding to your Instagram feed is by creating and publishing posts with a similar look. Come up with the best strategy that ensures all your content has a similar look and feel across the board. Do not mix up the color pallets, and if you can, try to make them blend in with your logo.

3. Pinpoint your brand tone and voice

What’s your brand’s personality? How do you come off in your posts and captions? How would you like your audience to see you? Is there a tone you use when communicating with your followers or when responding to comments?

Choose one model and stick with it. Do you want to come out as friendly, helpful, or educational? The final decision lies with you. Pick one that best represents your brand without contradicting the services you offer. This should be the same voice and tone used throughout your platforms, even when launching your Instagram ad campaign.

4. Post often and consistently but don’t overpost

One of the ways of remaining relevant is by posting often and consistently to appear in your audience’s feed more. However, you don’t want to overwhelm them all day long by spamming their feed with your content. They’ll eventually get tired of you and might even unfollow you.

Posting consistently is one of the most useful Instagram best practices as you not only share information with your followers but also, you’ll increase your chances of being recognized and trusted.

5. Using branded hashtags

You might be familiar with hashtags, but what’s a branded one? The simple answer, it is your own hashtag. Creating your unique hashtag is a great way of building instant engagement with your followers. People can use your hashtags to get featured by you or gain your attention, more so if you were having a giveaway. It is a simple way of getting exposure and even getting more followers.

Wrapping up

Patience and commitment are the two important virtues you should have if you’re to succeed in branding your Instagram page. Ramp up your Instagram profile today by following these five simple tips. For better results, you can get affordable services from some of the most experienced freelance social media managers in Dubai. They will turn your mere Instagram account into a revenue-generating platform.

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