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10 Fantastic Tips on How to Choose the Best Social Media Marketing Agency

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Digital marketing generally entails knowing where your target audience is and posting your content there. Back in the day, this was pretty simple as there were only three major types of advertisement platforms; TV, radio, and print media. All one had to do was to place an ad there, and a great multitude could be easily reached.

Today, you have access to millions of people but reaching your target audience is a little bit more complicated. This is attributed to the fact that people’s attention has now been split across different platforms. With billions of users daily, social media is the surest way of reaching a more significant portion of your target audience.

Every business, regardless of its niche, ought to have a vibrant online presence. Anything that goes viral does so through social media. And that is precisely what all companies are looking forward to. However, there is a significant challenge that comes with it.

Growing a robust online presence requires skills, experience, and the necessary knowledge on how to maneuver the system. Social media marketing companies are well versed in creating awareness for your brand through various platforms. Picking the right one might be unnerving; however, we have prepared the best methods for you.

Follow These Tips From Experts:

1. What do you seek to achieve?

Before setting out to seek the services of a social media marketing company in the UAE, you should first analyze your intentions. What results will count as success to you? There are different metrics one can use to determine success. These include;

Social media reach: This is the brand visibility created by the company. How many people were reached?

  • Social media growth: How many fans, subscribers, and followers did you get during the campaigns? 
  • Social media engagement: How was the engagement with followers? Did the comments, likes, etc. increase?
  • Website traffic: How much website traffic did you get as a result of social media?
  • Lead generation: How many leads were generated during social media campaigns?

Have your checklist ready before approaching the right agency. They would, therefore, guide you further on the relevant strategies and initiatives to follow. 

2. Ask for referrals

It is always recommended to seek referrals from peers on which agency is the best to work on your social media. By doing this, you will find a reliable company, with efficient strategies, and is reasonably priced. No one will want to refer you to a company that does not do an impressive job or has an impressive reputation.

3. Do your homework

Apart from relying on referrals, do your own research. Check out on the internet what people say concerning the company. Check customer reviews on their platforms, etc. 

4. Is their social media presence impressive?

If you have been in the industry of internet marketing for a while, you must have been approached countless times by SEO agencies. These companies will often tell you that they can help your website to rank at the top of Google search results. The first thing one usually checks is if their website ranks at the top (or anywhere near it). If at all, their website does not rank among the top, what assurance will they give that yours will?

This is the same case for social media platforms. If the agency’s social media sites are not very impressive or receiving a good reaction from their followers, then why would you get into business with them?

5. Does the agency serve your niche?

There are social media marketing agencies in Dubai that focus on specific industries. Does the company you are looking for focus on a business like yours? The type of digital marketing agency you pick should be well versed with how to target your audience. Furthermore, they should know what tactics to employ to achieve the results which you seek. 

Otherwise, they will be learning how to get desired results at your expense. Every business is different, and the services should be tailor-made to cater to all of your needs. Engaging with potential prospects on social media is different from running targeted ad campaigns to generate leads. Be sure to find out whether the agency you are after has the expertise to accomplish your goals.

6. The company’s portfolio

Apart from understanding whether or not the agency can cater to your needs, how is their portfolio like? How did they handle previous projects undertaken? This can help you to scope for a suitable social media marketing company. Knowing the companies the agency has worked with is not enough. 

You should find out the impact their campaigns had. Were they successful? Do they successfully track and convert leads? Do not only rely on the information provided by the agency itself. Do your research too.

7. How easy is it to communicate with them?

The best social media marketing agencies typically reply as fast as possible. How long did it take them before they responded to you when you first reached out to them? See for yourself how accessible the company is and check whether or not you can live with their speed of response.

8. Do they outsource their work?

You should find out how the company carries out its operations daily. Do they have in-house employees or do they outsource their work? If the latter is the case, then you should be concerned as the agency will be acting as ‘middlemen.’ Besides, there might be a communication barrier as the things you communicate with them might not be the ones passed to the third party.

9. How much work do their employees have?

Social media marketing agencies in the UAE assign their in-house employees to take care of several client accounts. On average, for better results, each employee should have a maximum of 6 accounts at a time. The agency might promise you quality work but yet overwork their employees. You should know that an overworked employee will never generate excellent results.

10. Their pricing

This is a pretty standard consideration. You also have to spend money on other marketing strategies. A social media marketing agency should not drain you of your finances. 

Consider a better option

As a company, you are always looking at saving money while still having a strong online presence. Picking the best social media marketing company in Dubai has never been easier. Use our comprehensive guide to give you further insight. 

However, if you do not want to go through the trouble of searching for one, freelance social media marketers in Dubai are available. Apart from being experienced, they are way less costly than hiring an agency. Getting a talented individual is easier, making picking a freelancer the better option.

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