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Understanding Live Streaming in 2022: A Guide for Freelance Social Media Managers 

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The use of live streaming by freelance social media managers in Dubai has picked up tremendously as more people start this feature from popular social media apps. It is no secret that video has been a dominating factor in marketing for the last couple of years. However, more people have decided to explore the world of live streaming due to the plethora of benefits it comes with. 

Live streaming has become the norm for many, due to the Coronavirus pandemic that has restricted the movement of people. Apart from hosting and having webinars and virtual conferences, companies also use this feature to launch their new products

This is the golden year for live videos and businesses can ‒ and should ‒ leverage the benefits it carries, preferably across multiple platforms. Social media live streaming is engaging, authentic, and dynamic. The best thing is that anything can happen (well, this is also a huge setback). The best way to go about it is to get prepared well before going live. 

Since it can be quite difficult to keep up, this comprehensive guide will take you through all that you need to know for social media live streaming in 2022.

Reasons to go live on social media

1. Live streaming is cost-effective.

When a company needs to showcase a product or have a meeting with stakeholders, a lot of time and resources go into its planning. Using a live stream platform saves both time and resources used.

In other visual marketing strategies, freelance social media managers in the UAE invest a lot in the production and editing of videos, so that they can appear better than the competition. Webcasting on social media does not need (and doesn’t even have the time for) editing. Since the audience also understands the nature of live streaming, they might not expect any sophisticated editing added to it.

2. You create an intimate connection.

A live stream is never polished; people get to see the real you. Anything can go wrong too, and this is exactly what the audience love. It is a chance for them to see your brand on a personal level. 

The interaction is also instant as people can comment on your stream, and you can take that chance to offer shout-outs to them. Won’t that make them come back for more from you? This is because authenticity in social media builds brand loyalty.

Tips for successful social media live to stream

1. Choose a platform

Before making any arrangements of what you will stream about, you have to consider what platforms to use. A lot has to be considered when choosing the right social media platform to go live on. One of them is where many of your followers are found. 

2. Promote your big moment

If you have a live stream session coming up, freelance social media managers in Dubai can help you in getting the word out to both your followers and those that don’t follow you. You can have banners or posters on your pages, while still boosting your posts through sponsored ads. 

Having a countdown on your accounts is another way of getting the audience prepared for the live stream, making them more curious to see what you have in store.

3. Make it timely

The timing of your stream is another crucial aspect to consider. A lot has to be thought over, including which timezone the majority of your followers are in and what time they are more likely to join your live session without distractions. Without picking the best time to start your webcast on social media, your session would flop.

4. Have a roadmap

Anything can go wrong during a live stream. However, while some other things might be unavoidable, you still have to be well-prepared for the session. Having a clear roadmap is the easiest way to go about it. Use this moment as a better way to engage with your followers.

Even if you don’t want a script written beforehand, write down some notes on what you want to be discussed during the stream. We are only human, and we tend to forget sometimes.

5. Have a dream team

Remember the phrase, ‘no man is an island? Well, in this case, it is best to involve some colleagues during the live session. You can subdivide roles among yourselves. While others engage directly with the audience, others can work out something in the background, such as going through comments that the ones in front of the camera might not see. They can help out in many other ways, such as ensuring lighting is okay, camera angles are taken care of, etc. 


It is no brainer that live streaming has taken over the world. Do you have any questions? Get in touch with some of the best freelance social media managers in Dubai for assistance.

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