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Want To Be a Successful Freelance Social Media Marketer? Follow These Magic Tips!

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The rise of social media usage across the world has made it an essential marketing tool. All companies, big or small, make use of this powerful tool, to create a name for themselves. Digital marketers in Dubai have embraced the use of social media as one of the main tools used to create brand visibility for their clients. This career path is a lot more fun and can also act as a very profitable side hustle. 

You can do it anywhere and at any time, so long as you have an internet connection. One of the main perks of such marketing is that you do not need to have a college degree in marketing for you to get started – well, not really. All social media platforms (at least the more popular ones) are straightforward to use. Regardless of age, one can make a significant impact on digital marketing platforms.   

Getting Started with Social Media Marketing

So you have decided to kick start your career as a social media marketer. You have taken a bold move to join a pool of thousands and even millions of other like-minded individuals. Let us just let you know from the beginning that it is not going to be a comfortable journey.

There will be a lot of roadblocks you will hit, and at times, you may not even see your hard work bearing any fruits. You might find some clients who do not appreciate the time it takes you to get a solid strategy for their campaigns. Furthermore, competition is fierce.

Other than that, there are many reasons why getting into this path is beneficial. Some of the perks of being a social media marketer include;

  • The ability to work from wherever you are
  • You can create your own schedule and be your boss
  • You will save a lot of time and the money spent on daily commuting 
  • You have the opportunity to choose which clients you want to work with
  • Social media marketing is easy, all you need is internet connectivity and an internet-enabled device

The Roles of a Social Media Marketer

Posting and replying to customer messages isn’t the only task of a social media marketer; there are tons of other tasks they perform. Depending on the project or client they are working with, social media marketers;

  • Improve conversions and CTAs
  • Increase the follower base for the company
  • Create social media calendars
  • Make and follow up on social media platform ads
  • Help to build backlinks for the company website and many other functions.

Tips for a Successful Social Media Marketer

Businesses in Dubai are continually looking forward to hiring freelance social media marketers in the UAE. When picked, you ought to possess the necessary skills to;

  • Grab the attention of social media users
  • Drive potential clients to a website or business
  • Convince them to purchase the said product

No matter your situation, we will help you with the necessary skills you will need to become a successful freelance social media marketer in Dubai. 

Personality Characteristics 

All successful freelance social media marketers share certain character traits. Here are a few which can get you moving;

  • Flexibility

This is not your average 9 to 5 job. You can be required to work at any time of the day, including evenings and weekends. Furthermore, clients can change their needs and requirements midway, so you have to be very flexible to embrace change.

  • Confidence

Clients do not pay you to offer vague generalities and insights on a particular project. Be confident in yourself and provide solid advice to your clients on what you think should be the right path to be followed.

  • Remain assiduous

You will fail at some tasks, and some clients might not be happy with your work. It should not be the end of the fight for you. Learn from your mistakes and come back stronger. Do not fear trying out new things.

Character traits are not enough for a successful career path. Here are a few more things you need to do for you to make it.

  • Be organized

You will be juggling with different projects and several clients at a given time. Therefore, you need to get organized and have your work in order. Know exactly what needs to be done and at what particular time, and for whom. You should set aside time for some ‘me time.’ Do not let other distractions such as the Wi-Fi, Netflix, etc. drift your time.

  • Strong communication skills

There is no room for misunderstandings in this business as one simple mistake can make the entire thing flop. You should know how the clients need their projects to be handled and understand them thoroughly. You should also know how to competitively convey your client’s message through the various social media platforms.

  • Have a substantial social media presence

If you want to get started as a social media marketer, you should have a solid presence yourself. This will help you, especially when you are vouching for yourself on a client. Your own presence should signify stability and competence.

Tips for Succeeding as a Freelance Social Media Marketer

  • Don’t work for free

You are a professional, and professionals get paid. Know how you charge for your social media marketing services in the UAE.

  • Only bite off what you can chew

As much as having many clients looks excellent, only take up projects, you know you can complete in time. Working under pressure will only reduce the quality of work done and destroy your reputation. In some cases, the clients ultimately leave you.  

  • Have the necessary tools

As a freelancer in Dubai, you will be competing with thousands of others to build a name for yourself. You will need the right tools to help you with that. The major tools you will need will help you in the planning, execution, and post-execution phases. 

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