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Top 5 platforms to grow your business with social media marketing

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1. Facebook

Social media is one of the cheapest forms of marketing. Using Facebook has become common these days. People prefer Facebook because it has 2.41 billion daily active users.

One can imagine the audience he can interact with on Facebook when he tries to market the product there. Facebook is the most used platform as 7.77 million people in Dubai use Facebook daily.

Facebook has a huge amount of users and it won’t be a problem for businesses to find their target audience there. Despite the type of your business, Facebook would help you in achieving your aims.

You can find your target audience through Facebook advertisements.

Facebook’s advertising platform is the best when compared to all other social media platforms. It is more developed and gives more options to reach the target audience.

You can approach your target audience by age, gender, purchasing behavior, and relationship status. After setting the target. The audience will automatically see your posts while scrolling through their news feed.

Usually, Facebook is the best platform for social media marketing but for some businesses like tobacco and alcohol, Facebook doesn’t allow them to market their products.

However, Facebook is the best option if you want to increase brand awareness, online conversions, and website traffic.

But marketing on Facebook can be expensive sometimes. And many businesses might not have enough budget to go for marketing on Facebook.

You can take a good marketing plan from any freelance social media marketer in Dubai. They will help you and your brand get better engagement.

You can find an expert freelance social media marketer in Dubai can be found on Bawabba.

2. Instagram

Instagram is second on the list as Instagram and Facebook both have great numbers of audiences. Instagram has 500 million daily users. And 6.68 million users belong to Dubai.

Facebook and Instagram have many similar features. Instagram’s marketing features are mostly similar to Facebook’s. Although, it has some other special features too.

While businesses will have to pay a hefty amount for Facebook, marketing with Instagram can be economical. There is even a technique by which businesses can do it for free.

They can perform this action by increasing the number of followers they have and their products will get more views automatically. Any business with a small budget can easily carry out marketing on Instagram.

The second best thing about Instagram is that you can only post pictures and videos there which is beneficial for any company as the audience is most likely to remember what they saw compared to what they read.

Businesses all around the world have also started to hire marketing managers who help them with marketing their products.

Firms with a low budget are also hiring freelance social media marketing managers in Dubai as they are affordable and easily available.

3. YouTube

YouTube is an application in which you can upload videos of your business.

Around 2 billion people watch YouTube every day across the world. YouTube is also the most used application in Dubai since 8.65 million people use it.

A freelance social media marketer in Dubai would probably advise businesses to use YouTube for their social media marketing because of its immense reach in Dubai.

YouTube is extremely beneficial for social media marketing. Viewership has increased dramatically on this platform. And the advertisements for your company will be shown before a video.

One of the benefits of marketing on YouTube is that it is owned by Google and it has access to Google’s advertising tools as well.

You can guarantee more viewers on your YouTube video by adding a good title and video description. A small amount of effort will certainly be rewarding.

4. Pinterest

Pinterest has 335 million users worldwide and 2.46 million users in Dubai.  As per research, 81% of women use Pinterest.

So, businesses that have a target audience of women can easily market their products on Pinterest.

Generally, businesses that have creative industries like providing food recipes, makeup tutorials, and designing clothes are the ones who must market their products on Pinterest.

97% of people say that they use Pinterest to plan their future purchases. And 87% of the audience say that they were so attracted to the products on Pinterest that they were forced to buy it.

Pinterest is not perfect like Facebook but it is a much cheaper option for those who have a low social media marketing budget. Businesses can even market their products for free by adding optimized keywords to their pins to rank them higher. This way the post will get more viewers without a cost.

Businesses with a high social media marketing budget can use paid advertisements to boost the reach of their posts. They can then also track the number of visitors on their board through Pinterest ads.

5. Linkedin

Linkedin is a social network that focuses on professional networking and career development. If your work is ‘business to business’, then Linkedin is perfect for your social media marketing.

Around 305 million people use LinkedIn worldwide. And around 4.42 million people use it in Dubai.

On Linkedin, the owners can easily hire employees for their work. Using Linkedin for hiring employees is time-saving as all the information about the workers is already available and it’s convenient for the businesses to choose.

Adding job proposals on Linkedin will also promote your business in an incredible way. A lot of people who use Linkedin will get to know about your business. If they find your advertising appealing, they might end up making a purchase from you.

Often firms in Dubai have trouble deciding which platform is the best for social media marketing. But with the help of a freelance social media marketer in Dubai, the firms can easily decide which platform is suitable for their company.

Businesses can find an experienced freelance social media marketer in Dubai on Bawabba.

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