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Top 5 Steps For Effective Social Media Marketing 

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Social media plays a very significant role in the 21st century. It has continuously evolved, and it’s hard to gain popularity on its platforms. Having a strong social media strategy would help navigate your business towards its goals.

Aside from being concise, clear, and accurate, a freelance social media marketer would also need to outline his goals. A set of clearly defined objectives would help him achieve them and attain success!

The very first step towards creating a successful and effective social media strategy is to understand what ‘success’ is for your business. It is to know what your end goals are. Thus, it is essential to set realistic goals. The targets are challenging yet achievable.

These goals massively depend on the industry your company belongs to. You need to account for the size of your business, your competitors, and also your audience. A common goal set by a freelance social media marketer in Dubai is increasing brand awareness.

This gives your business the good publicity that it needs and reaches out to people who are unaware of its presence. Brand awareness would help give your business a strong standing in the market.

Some social media marketers’ goals might also include driving traffic to their websites. It would increase engagement on the web. Moreover, they could also aim to boost sales in the case of an e-commerce business. Or they could also work to create an interactive and diversified community on social media.

Inclusively, a social media marketer should break down all his goals. This means documenting everything they aim to achieve. This would give them measurable and attainable objectives to work towards. During the process, key metrics should be used to note the progress of those goals.


Knowing your audience is the key to any business. Despite the type of your business, your audience would be made up of different groups. It is crucial that you break down the data to find out your real customers.

There are a few ways in which a freelance social media marketer in Dubai can identify his audience. They could first survey their current customer base. Then they would design demographic personas based on the needs and the spending of your business.

Some of the popular tools used by professionals to know their audience include Google Analytics. It has some fantastic applications to help understand the location, demographics, and interests of the consumers. It is a great way to dial into the desired audience’s behavior.

Facebook insights provide a wealth of information regarding the users who are connected to your page. Installing Facebook pixels would help unlock this valuable data. It can also be done by uploading an email list.

Instagram Analytics is relatively a new set of data that allows users to check insights. It covers a vast array of demographics and content consumption. Moreover, it also displays information about the prime locations of your customers.

The insights gained from the audience should be used to tailor the marketing strategy. These personas would help create content, marketing campaigns, and ads.


The amount of content created compared to the amount consumed daily is widening. Social media is becoming incredibly popular. That is the reason why a diversified content strategy would help your business succeed. For this approach to be effective, you need to engage the viewers as well as entertain them.

It should be implemented while keeping the brand message upfront. Start by identifying what you want to say. Then find a fun way to give away the message that would be ideal for your customers. It also paints your brand as a hero. It ultimately presents so many ways to listen, watch, and read.

Micro-blogging is extremely helpful as people often seek out information in digestible volumes. Having blogs and articles on your website could help suffice that. Writing the content and controlling the messages would give your business an upfront approach.

90% of the information passed down to the customers is visual. Human brains process visual information 60,000 times faster than text. In order to gain attention, freelance social media marketer in Dubai must create compelling graphics. They can represent their brand and tell their story simultaneously.

Podcasts have been widely popular since 2016. Statistics suggest that they are expected to grow rapidly. An opportunity like this could be yet another exciting and healthy way to promote the brand. It will inculcate a sense of personal engagement and reach.

Plan your content wisely, and you’ll watch it gain popularity instantly.


A social media marketer must identify the important distribution channels. He must also investigate strategies for each particular channel. A bit of research would show you the social media platform where your audience is the most active.

This would encourage you to focus your resources and time on that particular platform. Your social media strategy must advertise your brand’s purpose on each platform. You can adapt and change accordingly.

For example, Facebook sends out a lot of traffic. It reaches more people than any other network. Since it is geared towards entertainment and news, you might plan to keep your content light and fun. Statistics suggest that video contents perform the best here.

Twitter is a news platform. Retweeting and curations are encouraged. You would be able to target more people through the accurate use of hashtags in your particular niche.

This information can help create a perfect social media marketing strategy. It will also assist in creating an accurate and successful posting schedule.


It has been estimated that people check their phones an average of 150 times a day. Since the addiction is so deep, it could be exploited in a strategy. Freelance social media marketers in Dubai could benefit from this engagement. The use of bite-sized information might turn out to be fruitful here.

It is smart to make the content and advertisements more mobile-friendly. Not optimizing social media strategy for mobiles could lead to lower levels of customer satisfaction. For example, (check out insights about Gen Z and their mobile consumption here ).

These steps, if followed correctly, could help achieve the perfect social media popularity that your business needs!

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