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How to create User Generated Content From Social Media Platforms in 2021

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In today’s complicated world, content is the king for individuals looking to grow their business and brand. Whether a business uses a website or social media platforms as its main marketing platform, what is common is that you must have good content to attract traffic. Unfortunately, despite investing heavily in producing content, most businesses struggle to get the attention they need from consumers and potential clients. Content teams are working tirelessly to create infographics, blog posts, videos, and whitepapers that users can use to connect on the major social media platforms. Businesses have realized that content should be relevant to the audience and have an engaging storyline to trigger a high response. It is increasingly becoming common for businesses to hire freelance social media marketers in Dubai experts to help in the gathering of user-generated content that gives a better return on investment(ROI).

Investing in user-generated content is beneficial for both the brand and the audience. It increases the interaction allowing the audience and business to share ideas and speak directly on their challenges, interests, needs, and wants. It also helps the business to mobilize the audience using interactive campaigns where users are able to tell their stories resulting in increased traffic and better SEO rankings. Business is further able to learn about the challenges users experience when using their products or services, providing the business with the ideas on where it should focus its resources. With the right content, social media marketing can help businesses save money as it offers the best return on investment. 

5 Tips on How to Get User-Generated Content for Your Marketing Campaigns

Understand what your audience wants

The days when businesses would force audiences on what they want are long gone. If your content does not align with your audience’s needs and wants, they will skip it on the feeds and look for something interesting. It is priceless to focus your marketing efforts on the needs of your audiences with custom content that addresses their current needs in their best format. Your first initiative should be to learn about what your customers share organically. Simple research on social media can give you insights into what your customers are willing to share with their friends as well as the pages and content they find helpful. Your content will get the attention, likes, and get shared on your customer’s timelines if it tells their story or if they can associate with it. You should conduct thorough research on social media to know what customers are talking about in relation to your business. You can expand your scope to include things that relate to your industry, goods, and services.

Keep an eye on consumer trends

Consumer trends keep changing with people finding more attractive and better ways to express their feelings and intentions. Your social media campaigns should look for ways to take advantage of the consumer trends to grow your brand and interact with current and potential customers. For example, by exploring different ways to incorporate a Visual Marketing Strategy into your Campaign, you can keep track of the changing consumer trends by analyzing how people continuously interact with your content. You should understand who is more likely to share your content as well as what they are interested in sharing. You should also tell where and when your customers share your content. For example, you should tell whether most of your customers share content while in the store or at home. Your goal should be to learn the motives that make your customers share your products or content.

Take advantage of customer surveys

Customer surveys can help generate insightful information about how customers view your business. The data from customer surveys are unique, allowing your business to get mentions and links that help in growing your brand and improve your SEO ranking. Customer surveys can be scaled to meet your business capability. If you do not have the resources to conduct full-on reports, you can opt for smaller surveys like Facebook and Twitter polls. You can also customize your customer service and sales team to collect specific data from customers during their interactions. You can also partner with a freelance social media marketer in Dubai expert who will help add value to the data by turning it into infographics and other formats that are easy to consume.

Expert question and answers

The use of expert questions and answers is a meaningful way to gather user-generated content that can help push your products and build your brand. Carrying out expert interviews enables you to educate your customers, expand your knowledge, and build lasting relationships based on the parties involved. Most businesses that use expert questions and answers allow customers to ask the experts questions they would like answered. The event can happen in a studio or a hall where you invite participants to sit down and talk about the different things that affect your line of business and industry. You can also take advantage of other convenient ways of engagement like live Facebook events and recording a podcast.


Your business can significantly benefit from holding regular contests on social media. Although most forms of online business contests ask customers to share or like a product or page to win something, you can go one step further and ask your customers to contribute in a unique and creative way. Involving your customers in critical business decisions can help to strengthen a customer-business relationship. For example, if you are looking to improve your branding, you can ask your customers to vote for new designs or even submit their creative logos. You should look for ways that you can connect on an emotional level with your customers on different platforms, including Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

Wrap Up

If you are not already using user-generated content as part of your market strategy, you are losing a chance to build your brand and create a relationship with your customers. User-generated content is seen as more authentic than any other form of content. When properly used, the content can help create credibility, trust, and even drive purchasing decisions. You should note that people are more likely to visit a store or a place if they hear good testimonies from other customers. A freelance social media marketer In Dubai expert can help turn your user-generated content into useful materials for your marketing campaigns. You should also note that the process of collecting user-generated content should be continuous, including responding to customer queries for higher returns on investment.

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