10 Best Tips on how to promote online as a freelancer in Dubai

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To promote yourself online as a freelancer, an online presence is a must.  Online presence may be on social media or by having your own website.

 How can I promote myself as a freelancer online in Dubai?

  1. Be an expert in your field
  2. Be active on social media
  3. Ask for recommendations/reviews
  4. Build a website
  5. Use search page optimization
  6. Start a blog
  7. Email marketing
  8. Create free profiles on freelancing websites
  9. Networking
  10. 10.Forums

1. Be an expert in your field

The best way to outrank your competitors is by providing an exceptionally good service at an appropriate price. Clients don’t hire freelancers because they are cheap; they hire them because they’re experts in their respective fields. To portray yourself as an industry expert, you need to build and demonstrate your authority within your industry.

2. Be active on Social media

Be socially active not only on your personal accounts but also on business accounts on social media. Create a Facebook business page, an Instagram handle, and a Linkedin profile. Keep each one updated and promote your freelancing service there. Depending on your field of work, use each one optimally. 

Instagram can be used to share stories, make reels while doing work, share customer reviews, and go live to discuss new developments or technologies in your field. 

Facebook communities should be used to find work. There are several communities on Facebook where people post-hiring requirements from photographers to writers and designers and so on. make use of these social media platforms to find more work.

Similarly, Linkedin can be used where you can promote your business by sharing your services via messages on Linked In. Linkedin is mainly for professional networking where clients ought to find a suitable candidate. 

If you are too busy, you can find another freelancer in Dubai who can manage your social media marketing in Dubai at a reasonable price.

3. Ask for recommendations/reviews

A happy customer can be a source of trust for your future clients. They are the ones who can advocate brand loyalty. Ask your customers to leave you a review for the service you provided. 

This can be achieved by sending them a survey along with an invoice at the end. Mailchimp can be used to make surveys and can also be automated.  google forms can also be used for this. You may have to ask them more than once to achieve a testimonial. 

4. Build a Website

A website is a one-stop shop or your virtual space where clients can find all the information about you.  Whether you are a photographer or a writer you have got to have a website. The website speaks about you and builds trust in the client. The website should have an about us page, portfolio page, contact page, and customer reviews among others.

 The language used on the website should be simple and direct. An SSL certificate would be preferred. Use a domain name related to your field.  You can make it yourself or hire a freelance web designer in Dubai to do the same. 

Homepage – This is the landing page which has to be attractive as it may resemble a book on a cover. It is important because it could be the deciding factor whether a client further looks around for more information or closes the website altogether.  The homepage usually consists of the services you provide. You may also have a list of previous clients along with a few testimonials.

Portfolio – The portfolio showcases your work and gives a better understanding of the services you provide to the client. Make sure you put up the best of your work here. 

About us  The about us page may include a small description of yourself along with experience and work principles dear to you. 

Contact us    A contact form may be added here through which a client would contact you. If not, You can directly add your email or phone number. A call to action button should be added. There are several chat services that could be used. 

5. Use Search page optimization 

Creating a website may not be enough. you also need it to rank on the top pages of google to make it visible. For this, you need to do on-page optimization for your website including the correct keywords, title tags, meta tags, etc. a blog page would definitely help you rank higher. If this sounds too complicated you could hire a freelance SEO specialist in Dubai

6. Start a blog

Blogging is one of the best ways to market yourself by building an online presence. This also in turn helps you rank your website better on google. Write blogs on topics that you relate to using the right keywords. If you are well established as a freelancer in Dubai you could also outsource blogging to content writers in Dubai who could do it for you. 

7. Email Marketing

Email marketing is one of the oldest forms of digital marketing. However, it should be used wisely. You must compile customer data such as email addresses so that you built an email list with time. Send emails about the services you provide along with any new offers or promotions to the client. There are several email templates available online that could be used. 

8. Create free profiles on freelancing websites

There are several freelancing websites where you could showcase your work for free. This gives you an opportunity to work with international clients as well. Bawabba is one of them.  It directly connects freelancers to their potential clients with no hidden costs. 

9. Networking 

Networking can be done in person or via social media as well. Connect with freelancers not only in the same field as yours but also in related fields. for instance, if you are a photographer you might as well connect also with videographers, designers, etc so that you could get work through them as well. Attend online networking events through meet-ups.

10. Forums

You can also connect with others through different forums available online. Quora and stack overflow are a couple of them. Here experts usually reply to queries posted by individuals in a particular field. This could also be a source of learning and keeping up with new trends. you may ask questions or answer questions posted by others. 


Marketing is one task of your freelancing business. You may not be able to implement all the above tips. However, make use of whatever you can to promote yourself online. Freelancers need to focus on multiple tasks which makes it challenging Sticking to a schedule is the best way out. 

Frequently Asked Questions – 

How can I get freelance work in Dubai?
You can find freelance work in Dubai through multiple freelancing platforms such as Bawabba, word of mouth, networking, and online presence on social media platforms.

How do I pitch myself as a freelancer?
– Keep it simple and brief
– Give you a unique selling proposition or why should it be you?
– Be professional
– Communicate well
– Be aware of the competition

Is it legal to freelance in U.A.E?
You can now apply for a freelance license and visa in the United Arab Emirates to work as a freelancer. Freelancing brings in the opportunity of finding more work.

Do I charge VAT as a freelancer?
You will be required to add value-added tax on top of your charges before invoicing a client. 

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