10 Project Management Tools for Freelancers

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Freelancing - Project Management

You have just finished talking to a client whose project you are yet to finish; then, client B sends an email asking you to send an invoice of the work done.

There is a nagging reminder of a revision you need to tackle for client C at the back of your mind. But wait a minute; did you ignore a call from client D, whose project your team member did a poor job on?

 Don’t forget; it is past midnight you need to go to bed and wake up at 4 am.

This is the lifestyle you will have as a freelance in UAE if you do not have a clear path for their work.

Settle down. The following is a list of project management tools for freelancers that you can depend on to have a successful career.

1. Asana

Top on our list is the Asana project management tool that makes your content development straightforward through a clean and straightforward user interface.

As a starting freelancer, don’t be overwhelmed by the number of projects to tackle; Asana perfectly fits you.

Besides, it is ideal for business freelancers because you can handle everything from small projects to complex ones in the easiest way possible.

Asana makes you and your team look organized and connected.

You can

  • List, Plan, and assign projects to individual team members. Through Asana, each member can see the project that needs attention.
  • Stick to a project timeline to ensure timely submission
  • Customize the job board to indicate each stage of a project. That means you can track a project from the start until you get paid.

The job boards also indicate to you the project that needs more attention, which requires more time, and which one you should let go of.

Moreover, you can determine which project suits your working style. The design of the job boards makes them accessible to each member of your team.

2. Trello

Are you a freelancer dealing with creative design and marketing? Trello has your back. It is a freelance project management tool that is easy to use with a straightforward user interface. Using Trello, you will achieve the following.

  • manage your project from start to end,
  • organize the work of your freelancing team
  • Set a project board, create, and assign tasks to your team
  • Built a successful team that has access to your task cards
  • Using Trello enables you as a freelancer to start a project, communicate, collaborate, and coordinate your team at every phase of the project, all in one place.

Besides, Trello enables you and your team to enjoy its visual capabilities to understand the project’s perspective and contribute to its success.

 Therefore, an editorial calendar or a whiteboard enables you to have a clear road map that includes templates and drag-and-drop functionality.

Trello is a free project management tool with a basic structure to accomplish an ideal project with all these features. However, you can have a business plan or the enterprise plan for more advanced features.

3. Wrike

Freelancing needs a goal-oriented tool that is customizable to suit your project needs. Wrike covers a team of one or a freelancing team and takes your project management to the next level.

You can automate your project and tailor it to your client’s needs. Besides, Wrike forms a good platform for communication and collaboration with your team of freelancers. Thus you can act quickly on any project that needs attention.

Here is the Hook. Whether you are a simple user with little experience or a well-experienced freelancer with a bigger team, Wrike has customized features to accommodate both.

With Wrike, your projects fall in line with the set timelines. Because using Wrike enables you to

  • Receive notifications from your emails.
  • Comment and edit emails.
  • Send feedback in real time, all in one place.
  • Respond to multiple clients all at the same time.

What is more, all your project updates are easily traceable in real-time, pushing you to complete more.

So, accelerate your freelancing career in Dubai today by unlocking all the possibilities of accomplishing your projects using Wrike.

4. Thrive

To have a perfect project that has a smooth process is the hardest part for a freelancer. But using thrive turns everything around to a better working process that is smoother than you think.

For starters, thrive has features that enable you to manage your time effectively. Using the timesheets included in Thrive, you can

  • Set the time for each project you are doing
  • Determine the hourly rate for each project so that you get paid.
  • The timesheet reminds you of the project that comes first and which one goes last.

Besides, it becomes easier to coordinate and manage projects using thrive because you can keep track of your project from beginning to end, check and restructure your workload, and check the deadlines met and those that require more time and attention.

That is not all. With thrive, you can keep your invoicing procedure at your fingertips. As a result, you ensure accurate, precise, and timely payment of your completed project.

Having all the project details in one place makes it easier for you to use not as much effort and time to fill in your details.

Therefore, using thrive puts you ahead of your projects because you can quickly reduce your operating cost by setting and monitoring your recurring expenses.

5. Podio

Are you tired of endless meetings and sending status reports to your clients? Don’t worry.

Podio is a project management tool for freelancers like you. With Podio, you can achieve much because it puts you ahead of the project by ensuring you remain focused.

This tool puts all your project files, communications with your clients, and project deadlines in one folder for easy accessibility.

How does it work?

Podio is an entirely customizable project tool because

  • You can add all your files, project briefs, and project data in one folder.
  • If you have a freelancing team, you can assign a task to your team and manage the entire task on one workspace dashboard.
  • using the dashboard on Podio, you can keep track of your project and determine which is lugging behind for a quick review and action
  • using Podio helps you to highlight any updates from your clients concerning the project
  • For future reference, use Podio to store all the information on the completed projects and the client’s data.

In addition, you can integrate Podio with other essential services you use in your projects. Services like Dropbox or Google drive.

That is not all; you can use this tool on the go by downloading the app directly to your mobile phone.

6. Redbooth

It is a project management tool formerly known as Team box. It is one platform that offers project content, files, history, and project feature all in one place.

Therefore if you are a freelancer looking for a platform that will ensure you have a well-communicated, coordinated, and collaborated project result.

Consider Redbooth because you can do the following

  • Start or assign a project using to a team of freelancers using Redbooth
  • Manage the tasks.
  • Communicate with the team to stay organized and keep track of the project to ensure timely submission.
  • Share files with the team, and have discussions to increase team performance and thus higher productivity.

How much does it cost?

Interestingly, you can sign up with Redbooth and use the platform for free if you are a starting freelancer. But, we have Redbooth pro, which will cost you $9 per month, and Redbooth business will cost you $15 per month.

Above all, it is a tool that has a simple user interface to fit on your mobile device. Therefore, you can download this tool from the Google store for your android device or from the app store for your iPhone or Apple TV.

7. nTask

The simplicity of the nTask project management tool makes it falls among the top 10 platforms used by freelancers in Dubai.

With this tool, you can do much more within the shortest time. It helps you to lay down a simple plan for your project by:

  • Cutting down on project resources
  • Reduce task dependencies.’
  • Having a proper budgeting and financial discipline
  • Also, you can allocate resources for each project using the nTask platform.
  • You can focus on a project that best suits your working style
  • Using nTask helps you track your project from the start to the end
  • Managing each project separately at every level.

Besides, if you are a freelancer with a team that handles your projects, nTask best suits your plan.

  • nTask has ways that help you communicate with your team to ensure they concentrate on their assigned tasks
  • assign and track the time that each member spends on a project
  • organize team meetings through the features available on nTask

On the other hand, you can integrate nTask with other freelance tools to get more done in the easiest way possible.


Unfortunately, the nTask platform will cost you $2.99 per feature every month. Meaning the platform does not offer free versions. However, to have a taste of their features, they have a free trial version that you can take advantage of once you sign up with them.

8. Taskboard

How about using a project management tool that can handle all your Google tasks? Starting from a to-do list, doing and done tasks. Using Taskboard makes your work more accessible as a freelancer because

  • You can list and organize all your work on the mainboard displayed on your screen.
  • You can share your project’s progress with your clients using a single link generated by Taskboard. Again, all this happens in real-time.
  • Whether you are using Gmail, Google Sheets, and Google Drive, you can integrate Taskboard into all your services.
  • Moreover, Google Drive, Google Sheets, and Gmail are available on mobile. Therefore using Tasksboard makes it easier for you to synchronize your work in real-time with your phone.

Interestingly, Taskboard allows you to access your projects while offline because it stores all the project files, data, emails, and communications on your device.

What is the cost of using Tasksboard?

On signing up with Tasksboard, you have access to a free plan limited to several features. However, there are premium plans tailor-made for you but at a fee. Using premium plans offers you more features compared to the free plan.

We have a monthly plan that goes for $5.99 per month. While the yearly license will cost you $39.99


Consider for visual support of any project. It enables dealing with a client that requires detailed and complex content. Or a simple project that needs effortless commitment.

Using this tool enables you to bring all your clients and your team together on a single platform. This brings flexibility to your project by eliminating communication breakdown and aligns everybody with your project.

Besides, you can track all the stages of the project from the start to the payment. Remember, the best freelancers are good managers of time and resources. Thus, makes you more creative and productive with your work.

Nonetheless, has features that will help you to plan, analyze and execute your workflow.

Like other project management tools, you can integrate with other exciting tools in seconds.

Cost of offers a 14-day free trial plan. After that, it will cost you $24 per month for three users. However, this changes as your team of freelancers increases.

10.  Kanban Tool for Project Management

Planning to take your freelancing career to a higher level will include building a team that ensures you stay ahead in project delivery.

If that is your dream, then the Kanban tool should be your assistant. This tool allows you to improve team performance;

  • Kanban helps in Tracking and managing time spent on a project using the Kanban board.
  • Kanban board also ensures real-time planning, coordination, and collaboration of your team. Besides, using Kanban enhances communication by sharing tasks and information about the project in real time.
  • Using the kanban tool will also enable you to analyze the workflow of your team. Furthermore, you can limit or increase your team’s work and handle any challenge during work. That is possible because the kanban tool has features such as analytics and metrics.

Cost of Kanban tool

Kanban tool takes care of every freelancer. First, you have a free trial plan that you can use for 14 days. After that, you will have to select a plan that best suits your budget and team.

The team plan will cost you $5 per month for every user, while the enterprise plan will cost you $9 per month for each team member.

Finally, there is a free plan that will cost you $0 every month. However, you will have limited access to the features.


The importance of project management tools to any freelancer in UAE goes beyond productivity. Using these tools will help you look organized, be efficient in resource utilization, and become more effective.

Moreover, accomplished freelancers use these tools to define the workflow and have clear objectives while executing the projects.

The question is, what project management tools are you using to be the best freelancer in UAE?

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