10 Ways to Manage Distractions While Working From Home as a Freelancer in the UAE

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A majority of freelancers prefer working from home. What they don’t tell you is that there’s a lot more to deal with at home apart from working. If you stay alone, the situation can be manageable, and you’ll only need to deal with interferences from non-living things like your stereo system. Having kids around makes it more difficult, but feasible anyway. You can alternatively find space in one of the free zones in the UAE to stay away from home completely.

Some freelancers in the UAE work from home because of unavoidable reasons and hence, are prone to disturbances. To help them concentrate and make money while still maintaining a perfect relationship with their family, here is a list of suggestions for surviving to work from home.

Managing Distractions as a Working-From-Home Freelancer in Dubai

1. Follow a Set Schedule

Working under no specific schedule can make you vulnerable to distractions. For instance, if a friend came over, you won’t have the guts to tell them that you’re at work. As a result, you may end up abandoning your job to attend to them, which in turn will mess up your schedule.

It is advisable to set a schedule, outlining your objectives for the hours you spend working. This will help you avoid attending to other things until you achieve your goals for the day or hour.

2. Writer Your Distractions Down

You can only solve a problem if you know it exists. Kids hanging on your shoulder may be fun but distractive. Using your phone to text your friends, play games, and call people may seem like a regular thing. However, mobile phones are a significant distraction in the digital world today.

Outlining all your possible distracters can help you figure out how to deal with them. If you like taking a nap after every task, you can find a way of compensating for your sleep some other time.

3. Have a Helper

There are a lot of things at home that need your hands on. The truth is that you cannot manage to do everything and work at the same time. It may be worse if you have babies or children in the house. Toddlers are the most disturbing human beings ever as they require your attention.

Finding someone to help you control them can be fulfilling. You can hire a house-help or call your relative over. However, make sure you reward them well so that they can take care of your babies ideally.

4. Play Low Music

Research has shown that playing low background music helps people to focus. If you want to reduce distractions like using your phone or login into Netflix, earbuds with quiet, soothing music can help. Note that this doesn’t work for everyone since some may end up singing along, and hence getting distracted.  

5. Turn off Entertainment Electronics

When working from home, you should try your best to maintain a schedule as if your boss was watching. Do not watch television when you should be working. Similarly, listening to loud music can get you carried away, forgetting that you’re at home but at work.

Make sure you switch off all radios, TVs, woofers, phones, and all entertainment electronics you have. This will help you minimize distractions and concentrate on your work.

6. Create a Work Space

Working from the living room can create too many disturbances. If you have an extra room in your apartment, consider converting it into a workstation. It should not be different from a standard study room. Knowing you’re at work, your family will keep off easily compared to if you were working in the living room. You can even lock yourself inside to keep kids at bay.

To make a workstation, you need an office desk and chair, your computer, and a few other accessories. A cup of coffee may also help to keep you active. 

7. Block Sites and Turn off Notifications

Sites like YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook can be so addictive. Notifications popping up on your screen can send you to open them. You can block the information if you can’t restrict the whole site. Sites like Netflix will always send you updates on the latest movies, and you may get curious to watch them.  

Also, seeing the name of a long-lost friend pop up on the Facebook friend request list can drive you wild. Gaming sites, video games, and other entertaining sites can make your career as a freelancer in Dubai come tumbling down. That’s why you should consider blocking them during work and maybe unblocking them later.

8. Don’t procrastinate

Procrastination is a killer of dreams. Although it’s a whole big problem on its own, it’s a massive contributor to giving in to distractions. A good example is having a friend come over. You are supposed to send them away politely. Nonetheless, if you feel that you can complete your work some other time, you won’t be able to send them away.

Always complete what you started within the time frame you’ve assigned yourself. Avoid procrastinating at all costs. This will help you not to surrender to things that may distract you from work.

9. Dress for Work

There’s a way your dress code can control your behavior and productivity. Most freelancers in the UAE put on pajamas, baggy T-shirts, and sweat pants as they work from home. This dress code might not motivate you to work hard. A minor distraction like sleepy eyes will send you back to bed in the middle of the day.

To make yourself productive, take a bath in the morning and dress as if you’re going to work. It will enhance your mood and give you a sense of purpose. This way, you can work and beat all your deadlines.

10. Have all Essential Supplies in the House

Working from home doesn’t involve much. Even so, you’ll need some things to keep yourself moving. A few snacks, food, drinks, toiletries, and backup power are essential. Experiencing an outage in the middle of a task can send you looking for alternative energy outside. Hunger may also send you to your local grocery store or fast-food restaurant. If you have food stocked in the house, you won’t need to go out during the day. Make a list of what you need and stock them to avoid unnecessary movements during work.


Even with lots of interruptions, working from home is still an excellent option. You don’t spend time and money on transport, and you also get to enjoy some freedom. You can save your traveling time for more work and hence, earn more money. Many freelancers are managing to work from home comfortably. It’s upon you to follow the tips for working-from-home freelancers in the UAE for a booming freelance career.

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