21 Best Chrome Extension for Freelancers in 2021

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Fulfilled productivity is a dream of freelancers in the UAE. But the bigger question is. How do you attain consistency in productivity as a freelancer?

It is not an easy journey. However, to attain the freedom that comes with freelancing, you need extra inputs, including skills, time, freelance tools, and a working environment.

Besides, you can create a better working environment by adding a few working spices that progress your freelancing career, and skills and propels productivity.

One fantastic tool that is at the heart of the freelancing world is the chrome browser. But, did you know chrome has additional tools that can assist you to have consistency, save your working hours, and improve productivity?

Well, this article seeks to highlight the 21 best chrome extensions for freelancers in 2021 that you can add to your chrome browser. These tools not only boost your productivity but also help you to make better use of your time.

1.      Noisli Chrome Extension

2.      Boomerang for Gmail Chrome Extension

3.      One Tab Chrome Extension

4.      Grammarly Chrome Extension

5.      Google Dictionary Extension

6.      Google Translate Chrome Extension

7.      Save to Google Drive Chrome Extension

8.      Taco Chrome Extension

9.      Google Keep Chrome extension

10.  Stay Focused Chrome Extension

11.  Nimbus Chrome Extension

12.  Pocket Chrome Extension

13.  Pushbullet Chrome Extension

14.  ColorZilla Chrome Extension

15.  Web Developer Chrome Extension

16.  Scribe Fire Chrome Extension

17.  Toggl Track Chrome Extension

18.  Ad Block Chrome Extension

19.  Blipshot Chrome Extension

20. Chrome Extension

1. Noisli Chrome Extension

Every freelancer knows that the biggest threat to productivity is distraction. You cannot achieve much when you are in an environment with distractive noises rather than your working environment.

How do you get rid of environmental distractions? Noisli

It is a fantastic chrome extension that only delivers white noise to your working environment. In addition, the extension comes with features that help you block out unwanted noises and only focus on what is important to you.

That is not all; the Noisli extension comes with unique features that allow you to access different functionalities such as volume control, a timer to schedule your working sessions, and much more.

Interestingly, you can have this extension plugged into your chrome browser for free.

2. Boomerang for Gmail Chrome Extension

What official channel do you use to communicate with your clients? You can agree with me that as a freelancer, distractions from your mailbox can be annoying. But, sure enough, you don’t have to miss that important message or reply to an important client.

But, this keeps taking much of your time.

Boomerang for Gmail is a chrome extension that lets you have peace while working. This extension allows you to schedule your mail, write a mail, and program it to be sent later.

You can track your sent email to know if the receiver has read it. The extension also comes with reminder and snooze features to enable you to focus on the work you are doing at the moment.

Get this chrome extension for free and enjoy more features at your disposal as a freelancer.

3. One Tab Chrome Extension

Any successful freelancer has to learn the art of multitasking. While on your computer, you keep juggling between different tabs on your browser.

To some, this is a way to stay focused. But you will realize that many opened tabs slow down your computer speed.

A slow PC is the biggest stumbling block to your work as a freelancer, and it takes much of your time while handling multiple tasks.

But, the One Tab Chrome extension gives you a solution by combining all those opened tabs into one tab, each with its distinct category. As a result, it saves up to 95% of your computer’s memory.

4. Grammarly Chrome Extension

Well-crafted messages and information with proper grammar, sentence structures, and punctuation prove to your clients that you are good at what you do.

 However, not every freelancer has mastered the art of writing. Besides, as a freelancer, you need help to horn your writing skills.

Grammarly chrome extension is a fantastic writing tool that you can include as an extension in your chrome browser. Once installed in your browser, it provides quick access to finding grammatical errors and readability mistakes.

Moreover, it has an extended premium version that comes in handy when checking plagiarized statements in your writing. Installing this chrome extension to your browser is free and a must-have tool for you as a content writer.

5. Google Dictionary Extension

Google dictionary is a chrome extension created by Google to help content writers with word definitions. Freelancing involves going through heaps of words. But, unfortunately, not all these words are familiar to you.

Instead of putting the words down and searching them in Google, why not install the Google dictionary as an extension to your chrome browser?

Once installed in your browser, the dictionary keeps track of the new words by popping up the meaning and definitions from the internet.

It is a valuable extension to you as a freelancer because it saves you the time to juggle your dictionary and work. Besides, it is a free tool for you.

6. Google Translate Chrome Extension

One advantage of freelancers is the freedom to work in different places. However, this presents a challenge when one faces new clients with diverse languages.

But not to worry because Google translate is to help you when faced with a new client with a specific need for a particular language.

It is a free chrome extension that helps you translate a word or an entire page into over 100 languages. Amazingly, the extension has an automatic option that enables you to translate on the go.

7. Save to Google Drive Chrome Extension

Freelancers have access to tons of information on the internet. Besides creating more content and saving on PC, many use Google drive to save documents, images, HTML5 audios, and videos.

However, it is time-consuming to move between tabs to save your information on Google drive.

Therefore Google drive extension enables you to save your web information to your Google drive directly through a context menu.

 Moreover, the extension has a progress dialog button that allows you to open the files, view the files, and rename or edit the files in your google drive directly from your chrome browser.

8. Taco Chrome Extension

Taco chrome extension is a new chrome tab that helps you access over 40 services under one tab on your computer screen.

That means you can retrieve any service you want with a single click. Taco extension is faster, more private, and more productive for freelancers.

How about you allow the Taco extension to access all your tasks by deciding the most important task, drag it and drop it on the Taco website.

It is simple, and instant, and allows you to have an effortless focus on other tasks.

Nevertheless, you can have the Taco chrome extension directly on your phone, tablet, and computer for free.

9. Google Keep Chrome extension

As a freelancer, future references play a more significant role when creating content. How about having a tool that makes it easier to retrieve the document, images, videos, and audio at a click of a button?

Google keep chrome extension helps you to save that webpage, quote, or image easily. Furthermore, you can have all these synchronized across all other platforms such as PC, the Web, and phones.

All you need is to create a note, add labels and comments to your helpful web page, and then add it to Google keep with a simple click.

10. Stay Focused Chrome Extension

It is not surprising that you cannot get your eyes off the social media temptation while working.

These include updating your Facebook status, checking the trending person on Twitter, watching videos on YouTube, and much more. Besides, it is a problem we face as freelancers.

All these social media distractions contribute to a massive loss of precious time hence lowering your productivity.

But, the Stay Focused Chrome extension is a free tool that allows you to stay focused as a freelancer. Besides assigning specific time for certain social media sites, the extension also makes the sites inaccessible during your working hours

Therefore with the stay-focused chrome extension, you reduce the time that you lose on these time-wasting sites.

11. Nimbus Chrome Extension 

Have you ever wanted to share information with a client as if you are talking to them? It is the most fulfilling experience. Unfortunately, freelancing is a remote industry, in meeting your client is almost impossible.

But, with the Nimbus Chrome extension, you can capture the information as a screenshot, a whole web page, or even your video.

Interestingly, you can easily share all this content with your client through Google drive, dropbox, mail, or even YouTube.

Notably, the nimbus chrome extension is a free tool that allows you to highlight and fix comments on the captured screenshots.

12. Pocket Chrome Extension

That crazy feeling that makes you want to save every valuable information or video is expected while working. However, it can quickly derail your workflow and hamper your productivity.

Pocket Chrome extension works almost the same as Google keep extension. The pocket extension permits you to save a link, video, or any other document to your Pocket account for later use with a click of a button.

Moreover, it is a free, straightforward tool that you can install in your chrome browser, then create an account, and you are good to go.

13. Pushbullet Chrome Extension

As Freelancers in UAE, you need to keep everything you need at your fingertips. It involves staying connected at all times.

You are sending, receiving, and replying to your messages from your popular apps, not missing your notifications from your computer or phone, and texting your clients from your phone or computer.

A pushbullet chrome extension is a freelance tool you must have if you want to stay close to your clients.

Besides, it not only allows you to share files, images quickly, and links between devices, but it permits you to add friends and share with them essential content.

14. ColorZilla Chrome Extension

For web graphic designers and developers, colorzilla chrome extension is a fantastic Chrome extension that reads the RGB color formats and works well in interpreting hexadecimal format from any website.

Besides, it has different features such as a color picker, eyedropper, and gradient generator. All these features and much more enable you to pick different colors from flash objects and any color despite the zoom levels with a single click.

15. Web Developer Chrome Extension

Web developer chrome extension is a simple freelancing tool for web developers who want to get quick fixes while creating content. The chrome extension version of the web developer adds a toolbar tab to the chrome browser while working.

What is more, the toolbar also includes other tools displayed in one place.

It is a free, fast, secure, and responsive freelance extension that enables you to check the resulting layouts, style, and other outline elements.

Interestingly, you also have the freedom to disable all these features with a click of a button.

16. Scribe Fire Chrome Extension

Working for multiple blogs as a freelancer is a fulfilling achievement. However, it comes with its pressure to satisfy all of them.

Scribe Fire is a blog editor extension with a full writing feature that you can incorporate into your chrome browser.

The extension allows you to manage and post your content on all blogs quickly. Whether using a type pad, windows live space, or word press, scribe fire helps you edit and update the existing posts.

Best of all, this chrome extension is free and easy to install in your browser. Simply put, it has a simple user interface that saves the content you are working on for future use.

17. Toggl Track Chrome Extension

Toggl track chrome extension formerly known as Toggl Button is an excellent chrome extension that helps freelancers keep track of their time on any project while working online.

Freelancers use other tools to track their time. However, none is simple like the Toggl Track. Adding this chrome extension to your browser has benefits.

You can increase your productivity by marking the time spent on your work, times spend online, and the period you take on your offline activities.

Significantly, you can add the Toggl Track on your favorite devices, such as your desktop, your web setting, or your android phone.

18. Ad Block Chrome Extension

Ad Block extension works wonders by blocking the unnecessary advertisements that keep popping up all the time. It is a simple and free online tool that you can integrate with your chrome browser.

As a freelancer, this increases your productivity by focusing on the relevant content displayed in your working space.

Notably, you can use the Ad Block extension on your website, desktop, and Android phone.

19. Blipshot Chrome Extension

As freelancers, we hold time as a precious commodity. Therefore, you don’t need to waste time explaining everything to your clients when they need a screenshot.

 Install Blipshot extension on your chrome browser to help you take full-page screenshots and share them with your customers with just a click.

The extension comes with various features such as faster drag and drop, click to save images, and much more. Unfortunately, blipshot only works on specific devices, which are Mac, Linux, and windows.

20. Chrome Extension

A productive and successful freelancer knows how to manage tasks and projects. Therefore to have a tool that helps you handle almost everything is an answered prayer. chrome extension enables you to stay organized by seamlessly synchronizing all your work and projects across all devices.

In addition, it helps to search lists, attach files, share and assign tasks, and add a timer to all recurring reminders.

It turns out; extension is your diary assistant which is a must-have as a freelancer.

21. Keyword Everywhere Chrome Extension

If you want to build a blog that will focus on a specific keyword, consider keywords everywhere to be your best partner. It is a good course because most established freelancers in the UAE understand the need to have a well-researched keyword. It is a free google chrome extension that will help you with keyword finding. Besides its inclusion in your chrome browser, keyword everywhere has other inbuilt tools meant to help you research.

For example, you can achieve the following by using keywords everywhere.

  • Finding and researching the seed keywords
  • Finding the trending keywords
  • Finding primary and long-tail keywords
  • Helps to identify the organic traffic and top keywords.

It is a straightforward tool that you can easily use for free to save on creating content. However, you can have more features with a paid version.

Features include:

  • Search volumes
  • CPC and competition data.
  • Volume metrics of the keywords.
  • Historical keyword searches.

All these features will cost you $9 per year.

Bottom Line

Well, boosting your productivity and work efficiency does not involve taking much time away from your browser. Besides, don’t let workload overwhelm you when you can be among the best freelancers in UAE by using these tools.

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