4 Career Lessons For Starting Female Freelancers From Successful Women In The Industry 

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Starting your freelancing career can feel intimidating at first as you familiarize yourself with the realities of freelancing. Most people choose to become a freelancer in Dubai for the flexibility of schedules and a chance to be their own boss. However, deciding to join the freelancing world is the easy part, especially if you do not have a mentor. You must understand the do’s and don’ts of freelancing as well as the freelancing traps that can hinder your success.

Starting your career as a freelancer is tricky if it is your first job as you do not have the skills or relevant experience that will help boost your career. The most confusing part is deciding on the area or tasks that you should look for as a beginner. Finding the top freelancing jobs for women in the UAE can help you quickly start making money as a freelancer. In this article, we bring you the freelancing tips from successful female freelancers that will help you become a successful freelancer in the UAE.

Freelancing Tips From Successful Female Freelancers For Beginners

1. Find your niche

According to Rachel Sobel, you will need to find your niche to build a successful freelancing career. Rachel’s journey to freelancing was not straightforward. She began her career in public relations, where her writing skills were natural. She was not good at public relations, and all she wanted was to use her strongest skill, writing. Eventually, she quit her job to become a freelancer. She built her blog and freelance tunnel, the platforms she used to build her name, and find clients. In addition to maintaining her blog, she also writes for several publications like Today Parents and Scary Mommy. Rachel’s freelancing career took a positive turn when she found her niche. Today, she spends most of her time creating content that educates on motherhood.

2. Keep networking

As a freelance journalist and a health coach, Locke Hughes attributes her success to networking. She started writing for an alumni magazine and local publications while at the University of Virginia. During the first few months, while working at a paid internship at a publishing house, Hughes would ask anyone and everyone she met and knew to meet for a cup of coffee or a drink. It was through meeting people that she found her first job as an assistant editor at Woman’s Day Magazine. After working for several years at the Magazine, she found her passion for health and wellness. Locke Hughes has worked for several publications, including ShapeGreatistHuffPostOprah Magazine, and NBC News. Hughes explains that you need to create robust networks with editors and other freelancers to find new opportunities and grow your freelancing career.

3. Keep improving your skills

After graduating from journalism school, Caitlin Collins realized that content and advertorial tasks pay more than editorial tasks. The realization prompted her to work as a writer for eight years for various brands until she decided to start working for herself. At first, she found it challenging to balance freelance journalism and branded content, but she eventually found a balance. Today, she spends most of her time working on branded content and content strategy, but she also has time to grow the freelance editorial side of her career. Caitlin’s advice is that you should continue doing what you have to do even when you feel like it is not what you should be doing, as you continue to work on the skills that you need to grow your career.

4. Have persistence and patience

Cathy Cassata started writing poetry at the tender age of 11 years from her parent’s kitchen table. During the early days, erasing and re-writing her pieces were part of her job to make sure the words perfectly express her feelings. She was determined from the early days to make writing her livelihood, which is why she majored in English in college. After working for eight years as a staff writer and editor for a medical association, she began her freelancing career. Today, Cathy focuses her writing on health, mental health, and human behavior. She also writes biographies as an interviewer. Cathy Cassata attributes her longevity in the industry to patience and persistence. She explains that there are topics you may like writing about, but you may have to take jobs that will pay and give you the experience to grow as a freelancer.


Working as a freelancer in Dubai is highly rewarding and flexible. It lets you have a balance between work and leisure as you choose your working hours and days. However, it is necessary to note that it requires a lot of patience and persistence to become a top freelancer. You will need to keep working on your skills and broaden your experiences to have a long freelancing career.

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