4 Things To Help You Negotiate A Value Offer With A Freelancer

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Hiring freelancers is an effective strategy that startups can use to build a robust team. It helps lower operating costs while giving you access to the best skills. Freelancers in Dubai offer greater value to businesses as they only charge for the work done as opposed to monthly pay, irrespective of the completed tasks. Clients do not have to worry about paying for extra time and benefits, which are a significant selling point when hiring employees. Hiring freelancers is also more economical as startups do not need to let a big working space or invest in tools.

However, finding the right freelancer for the job is not a straightforward process for most startups due to the large number of remote workers. You need to have a winning job description, conduct a comprehensive selection, and perform a thorough interview to find a suitable candidate. You will further need to negotiate and give your freelancers a good offer to build a highly qualified team. Determining the best offer is usually very tricky as it depends on many factors. Paying more does not necessarily translate to higher returns while paying low fees does not mean you are getting more value. In this article, we will help you get more from your investment by giving you tips on how to negotiate an offer with a freelancer.

Tips To Help You Negotiate An Offer With A Freelancer

1. Determine the scope of your project

Before you can give an offer, you must establish several critical things about your project. The complexity of your work will have a big influence on the project. A job that requires a lot of time and resources to complete will make you pay more for the right skills. The quote on a freelancer’s profile is an average cost. A freelancer with an AED 250/hour rate can submit a quote of AED 200/hour for a job that requires a lower effort to complete. The same freelancer can charge AED 300/hour for a task that requires extensive research. To determine the scope of your work, you need to answer these questions;

  • What do you want the freelancer to complete? Should a freelance content writer in Dubai only write the article or the duties should also include posting it to a blog?
  • When do you want the project completed?
  • What is your total budget?

When determining the timeframe, you need to include the allowance for revisions if needed. You can save costs if you are short on budget by requesting the freelancer to work on the difficult part of the project. Asking a content writer to write an article and post on your blog will cost more due to the additional duties.

2. The market

It will likely cost more to hire a local talent than you will need to pay an international remote worker for the same work. If you have special requirements like hiring a local freelancer, you should be ready to pay a higher fee. The availability and competitiveness of the skill will affect the cost. Readily available skills will be cheaper to acquire due to high supply. If you are looking for an expert in a niche that does not have many contractors, you may have to pay more. Tasks that require the use of new, cutting-edge technology will be more costly than those that use a popular technology to complete.

3. Experience and skills

Freelancers with many years of experience will charge higher than those with less experience. Experience usually translates to quality and the ability to deliver a final piece of the project without excessive revisions. It is beneficial to look for a highly experienced freelancer in the UAE when you need a flawless job delivered within a short time. The skills of the freelancer will also affect the amount you will pay. A freelancer with fewer skills will be cheaper.

4. Payment method

Are you willing to give a down payment? Clients that offer down payments are seen as reliable and caring, an advantage they can use to negotiate lower fees. Those who pay at the end of the project are riskier and are likely to attract higher charges than clients who pay in milestones. Your favorite form of payment, whether fixed or hourly, will determine the amount you will pay for the job. The hourly rate requires setting up regular milestones to ensure the freelancer remains committed to the task. A fixed budget requires more guesswork as you have to come up with a fee upfront. However, hourly pay is not ideal when you have a tight budget as the cost depends on the hours. A fixed price eliminates time restrictions and prevents the project cost from spilling over your budget.


Estimating the amount you will pay freelancers in Dubai requires a lot of balancing. You need to ensure that you are not paying more than necessary for the project. Your budget should also not be too low as that can keep off experienced candidates. You must balance the quality, experience, and skills needed to attract the most suitable individuals.

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