4 Ways Businesses Can Enhance Customer Experience In 2020 

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In today’s world, there is a need to look beyond the product or service you are offering to succeed as a business person. There is no substitute for a good quality product or the best service, but how you relate to customers as well as the impression the customers have on your business will determine the success of your company. Furthermore, unless you have a monopoly of products, you will also be competing with other businesses and thus, your products will need to be competitively priced to win customers. It is increasingly becoming common for companies to hire freelancers in Dubai in an attempt to reduce costs and maximize value in their production chain.  

If you are struggling with high production costs, you can give your company a competitive edge by hiring a freelancer in DubaiHiring a freelancer improves the economy of scale by ensuring that your company gets a better return on investment (ROI). Once you have a quality product and reduced the cost of production, you can now embark on the next step in your company’s growth, improving customer experience. To reach the next level, you must give your customers their desires without subjecting them to additional hassles. Today’s customer is highly informed and demanding and will not shy away from criticizing your business if they feel they are not appreciated enough.

Customer experience management has become an integral part of day-to-day business management. Businesses are not only expected to enhance interactions with their customers but they are required to exceed their expectations. Poor customer experience is considered one of the reasons why freelancers don’t get repeated business. To try and improve customer engagement and increase sales, companies have been turning their efforts into social media marketing in Dubai. In this article, we will look at how businesses can enhance the customer experience to gain customer loyalty.

Why it is Essential to Improve Customer Experience

1. Get More Customer Acquisitions

Before social media and TV, word of mouth was the most important marketing strategy. While most businesses are focusing their effort on digital marketing platforms, the most successive marketing strategy in 2020 is making people talk about your brand on social media platforms as well as word of mouth with their friends and family. Customers are more likely to trust a product that is recommended by someone they know, which explains why businesses are investing in endorsements.

2. Increased engagement

A successful business has high customer engagement as customers try to find information on the latest products as well as company information. It is during those engagements that customers are likely to find something interesting they can purchase. It also helps to build a better relationship, which makes customers more willing to share their needs with companies.

3. Increased conversions

An existing customer who is already satisfied is more likely to purchase than a new prospect. Enhancing customer experience helps to build a life-cycle of feedback, increasing conversion rates. To increase conversions, businesses must focus on building long-term relationships with customers through campaigns and interactions.

4. Reduced marketing costs

A company with satisfied customers spends less to market its products. For example, on a social media platform, a regular post will likely be shared by customers reaching a large number of potential customers without much effort.

5. Better Crisis Management

When customers have a great experience with a company, they are more likely to trust problem-solving and avoid crisis management. A good example is, if a customer with previous good experience encounters a problem in the future, they are likely to wait a few days to get the problem solved without accelerating the issue to a crisis.

Ways Every Business Should Adopt To Enhance Customer Experience

1. Take Advantage of Artificial Intelligence

While it is expensive to maintain customer service operational 24 hours a day, seven days a week, the use of tools like chatbots can help manage customer interactions and, thus, transform customer experiences. Chatbots can help businesses minimize the time and resources it takes to resolve a problem. They are available 24/7 and can handle a large number of customers without getting distracted. They are not driven by emotions and fetches information directly from related product pages, always offering accurate, consistent information. Furthermore, the best WordPress Live Chat Plugins are customizable to match the needs of each business.

2. Always seek to satisfy the needs of your Customers

Your everyday aim should be to make your customers fall in love with your business, which can only happen if you satisfy their needs. You can satisfy your customers by ensuring that you deliver products and services in the shortest time possible once customers make a purchase. You should also make the checking process less cumbersome to ensure a quick checkout process. There are many creative ways a web designer in Dubai can increase customer engagement, such as quizzes, badges, and rewards. You should always encourage customers to share feedback whenever they receive a product.

3. Streamline Communication

Without streamlined communication, a business will struggle to survive in today’s competitive business environment. It is paramount for every company to invest in the right communication channels. Some of the tips for effective communication that you should adopt include the use of proper language, on-time replies, and ensuring clarity in your messages. In addition to streamlining external communications with customers, you should also ensure internal communication channels are clear to ensure information quickly moves from bottom to top and vice-versa.

4. Focus on Customer Security and Safety

People will not buy from a business that does not take their security seriously. With increasing cases of hacking and identity theft, people will not enter their credit card details on a site that is not encrypted or a business that has a history of getting hacked. You should invest in the latest technology and always ensure that your apps, software, and plugins are up to date. It is also necessary to ensure that your employees take customer data very seriously.


In today’s complicated market, customers will not buy from you because you have quality products. The quality of your product is important, but it will not make customers return to your store unless it is combined with the overall customer experience. Hiring an expert in social media marketing in Dubai can help you create customer engagement for an enhanced customer experience. When customers are satisfied, they turn into brand advocates helping the company reach more potential customers without an increased marketing cost.

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