5 Benefits Of Hiring A Freelancer In Your Local City

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In today’s highly competitive business world, you can give your company a competitive edge by hiring freelancers in Dubai. In the UAE, the digital world is bringing new possibilities and flexibility to the job market. Businesses are increasingly hiring independent workers to assist in the running and operations of companies without the costs and commitments that come with traditional employment. In a gig economy, there is less commitment and greater flexibility as freelancers can be hired to complete a single project or for an ongoing project. The tasks are completed digitally rather than on-site.

The fact that most work is completed digitally makes hiring freelancers in the UAE an effective strategy for startups. Since most startups struggle with capital constraints, outsourcing tasks to freelancers can free the resources, enabling you to manage costs as you focus on critical business functions. The gig economy enables organizations to save on costs by minimizing overhead costs. Some of the expenses startups avoid by hiring freelancers to include:

  • Training – Most freelancers already possess the necessary skills and qualifications
  • Workspace – There is no need to let a large working space as freelancers work digitally
  • Benefits – Businesses do not need to plan for healthcare, paid sick leave, and retirement among other benefits

It is worth noting that the cost of hiring a freelancer is directly related to the tasks. There is no risk of paying more than the value you are getting, which can cut into your productivity and profitability. It would be costly to maintain an internal accountant if your business has only a few financial records in a month. On the other hand, outsourcing your jobs to a freelance accountant in Dubai means that you will only pay for the tasks you need the accountant to complete. Furthermore, you do not have to worry about not meeting your clients’ deadlines as a result of backlogs. You will always have the right amount of workforce at your disposal as you can increase and reduce the number of freelancers accordingly.

Another highlight of freelancers is their flexibility to work beyond the traditional working hours. For example, it will not feel odd to ask a freelance web designer to carry out website maintenance over the weekend or late at night. It will not cost you extra such as overtime hours, to get your tasks completed beyond the regular working schedule. You can even add value to your company by hiring a freelancer in your local city. Although every qualified freelancer can get the job done, choosing a freelancer in your local city brings a new dimension to your company.

Need to Hire a Freelancer? Reasons Why You Should Choose a Freelancer in your Local City

1. Build relationships

Dealing with a local freelancer means that you can have a face-to-face meeting. Discussing your project face-to-face with a freelancer offers a greater understanding of the project, increasing the value while minimizing undesired outcomes. It also lets you learn from the freelancers how they can add value to your project through candid, inspiring conversations, which may not be possible through email conversations. At the end of the meeting, you will have both invested in the project and, thus, built a relationship.

2. Accountability

It is easier to establish accountability with a local freelancer. Most local freelancers have an already existing reputation, which you can quickly establish by connecting with past clients, a fate that may be difficult with international freelancers. A local freelancer is also less likely to subcontract a less skilled individual to carry out your tasks.

3. A better understanding of your business

In a situation where you have to hire a person to assist in an internet marketing campaign, looking for a local freelance professional will offer greater value to your team. Although you can use emails and video chats to give as much information as possible to a freelancer, a local person will walk to your business to get a glimpse of how it operates. Meeting team members and understanding their vision adds another dimension to the job as it empowers the freelancer to put in personal experiences.

4. It solves payment issues

Many professional freelancers face different issues with payment for their work. A client and a freelancer must agree on the most convenient mode of payment, which can be costly. Some of the ways freelancers get paid in Dubai include Paypal and Payoneer. A client may need to put in a huge down payment before an international freelancer can start work. However, with a local freelancer, the payment is not an issue as a freelancer can visit the office and solve the underlying issue in person.

5. Better Communication

Communication is not a problem when you hire a local freelancer as you do not have to struggle with language barriers. However, you will need to understand the tips for effective communication to make the time you spend together productive.


Freelancers in Dubai are highly skilled and experienced. They can handle all freelancing tasks whether accounting, writing, web designing, photography, and programming, among others. Hiring a freelancer in your local city comes with additional benefits. You do not have to worry about the payment, reliability, and accuracy of details as they fully understand the local market.

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