Top 5 Cost-Effective Free Zones in the UAE

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Freelancing is a business on its own. Venturing into it requires capital and other resources. In any business, you must fulfill your tax obligations. However, there are special free zones expressly set up for freelancers in the UAE as well as other entrepreneurs. Here, any freelancer gets to enjoy full profits since they don’t pay taxes. This is just one reason why you should start your freelancing career in the UAE. 

There are several free zones you can choose from as an upcoming freelancer in the UAE. A business consultant can help you with all the information you need for free zones. The good thing is that you can always compare free zones in terms of costs, amenities, environment, location, benefits, regulations, and other factors. Thousands of foreign and local investors are making a killing out of free zones in the UAE. To increase your chances of success, choose among the top well-paid freelance professions with low competition.

Do you need help with finding economical, free zones in the UAE? Don’t worry. Here is everything you need to kick off your career as a freelancer.

5 Affordable Free Zones in the UAE

1. Jebel Ali Free Zone in Dubai

Also known as Jafza Free Zone, it is a place situated in Dubai and offers fantastic opportunities for starting freelancers. Foreigners from over 100 countries have set up trading and manufacturing companies in this zone. This zone gives a perfect environment for everyone who aspires to become a freelancer in Dubai. Among other benefits, Jafza offers the following:

  • Global connectivity platforms are customized to your needs and preference.
  • Chances to connect with veterans and successful entrepreneurs.
  • An appealing environment in which you can grow your business to the top.
  • Dynamic Dubai Market which gives support to business enterprises and promotes development.
  • A comfortable place to stay.

The average trading cost for a Limited Liability Company in this zone is AED 21,480, while the general one is AED 40,500. It costs AED 21,480 to get a professional license, and this includes application fees, government licenses, registration fees, and establishment card fees.

2. Sharjah Airport Free Zone

SAIF Zone is a fantastic place strategically located next to the airport. Freelancers in the UAE can grab opportunities that come with the airport. For example, international investors land all the time, creating jobs for freelancers. Quitting your 9-to-5 job to venture into freelancing requires external support for you to grow your financial roots. This is what the SAIF zone does. With just AED 25,800, you can set an entire business up. This cost includes a licensing fee and a Flexi desk.  

Apart from the cost-effectiveness, you also get to enjoy a strategic location, a variety of plots of land to choose from, offices, jewelry manufacturing units, warehouses, banks, financial services, immigration and customs services, and client services among others.

3. Creative City Free Zone in Fujairah (FCC)

The government of the UAE owns this free zone. The government set it up expressly to provide a place in which media investors can set up their businesses at meager costs and enjoy full profits for enterprise development. It houses local and international TV broadcasters and radio providers as well as provides them with creative media facilities. 

Licensing is given for business activities like Publishing, consultancy, broadcasting, IT Services, and many more. AED 22,050 is the starting cost that covers licensing and the Flexi desk.

4. Ajman Media City Free Zone

This is the latest free zone set up to help freelancers in the UAE. It has a list of packages that favors different levels of investors. The incorporation start cost is AED 8,610, covering license fees and Flexi desk. Signing up in this free zone as a freelancer gives you some benefits, which include: 

  • Easy registration process.
  • You don’t have to be in Ajman physically for you to register.
  • You can get your business license in just one day.
  • There’s a variety of packages to choose from, including shared offices.
  • You get to own the business entirely.
  • You get exposed to the world of global investments.

5. Ras Al Khaimah Economic Zone

This zone is also called Rakez-Rak Economic Zone, located in Ras Al Khaimah. It is a business and industrial hub housing over 15000 companies owned by investors from over 100 countries. More than 50 industries are running in 5 free zones within this economic zone. Freelancers can enjoy different packages and world-class services at very affordable costs. The incorporation start cost is AED 14,835, and it covers your business license and Flexi desk.

Also, there is a comforting environment for freelancers to settle peacefully and make money. 

Benefits You Enjoy From Free Zones

  • Zero import and export duties.
  • The free zones are open to all foreigners.
  • 100% ownership of your business.
  • Freedom to lease your premises.
  • No corporate tax.
  • No restriction on capital repatriation.
  • 0% tax on income earned.
  • There are no restrictions on the currency.
  • Furnished and comfortable workstations.
  • Storage facilities that suit your needs.
  • On-site accommodation that gives you absolute comfort.
  • Plots of land


Setting up your business in a free zone as a freelancer in the UAE gives you more than just space. You get to enjoy many more benefits that don’t cost much. Above all, you get to enjoy your total profits without paying taxes. This means becoming a freelancer is a perfect idea. Freelancing gives you a chance to enjoy the freedom and make a living at the same time. What you need to do is find your preferred free zone and sign up. Before that, find out all the information and secrets of becoming a freelancer in the UAE Next, you can learn some skills in managing money to make sure that you’re financially stable at all times.

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